RosterElf Glossary

Qualified Employee

As a business owner or manager, you will need your best staff on for each available shift. This will allow your business to perform at its best ability and meet the needs of customers. RosterElf allows managers to narrow their search for staff and find the best qualified and available staff to find for each shift. RosterElf calls it the perfect match which highlights to managers the best-qualified staff for each shift and at each business site.

In order to find the best-qualified staff, managers will need to set up their RosterElf account accordingly. Firstly, ensure you have imported or added in your staff list. Once you have populated your staff list, you can set up your sites and positions for your business - and assign your staff to each site and position they can work.

Once you have allocated your staff to their sites and positions they can work, publishing rosters become an easier task. When publishing a new roster, and adding a shift RosterElf will recommend staff you can roster.

Staff who can work at the position and are available will be highlighted in green as a perfect match. Staff who aren’t available for a specific shift will be highlighted in grey. Staff highlighted in red means they are on leave or working at a different site within your business.

In order to see the best results and cover all of your shifts adequately, ensure staff are constantly updating their availabilities. Staff who realise they can’t work a specific shift can opt to request a shift swap (providing the shift is more than 48 hours away).

By consistently rostering your best-qualified staff ensures every shift is covered and within budget.


The Best Investment You Will Make.


Save 8 Hours A Week.

Take the pain out of chasing staff for availability, building and communicating rosters, keeping timesheets and entering payroll data.

Save 4% on Labour.

Set your business targets and view actual costs in real time as you build your roster as well as eliminate time theft through photo recognition clock-in-out.

Employee Accountability.

Make employees responsible for keeping their availability and leave requests up to date and ensure they are always aware of rostered shifts.
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