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Focus on The Kids Not Paperwork

Ensure you have the best qualified staff available each week, and notify staff of any roster changes. Staff can access their upcoming roster schedule from their smartphone app.

Manage rosters across single or multiple locations with ease, ensure time and attendance is tracked, and roster according to staff availability.

From managing staff availability and leave requests, costing and publishing rosters, making easy updates, recording time and attendance and paying your hospitality employees, RosterElf has you covered.

Roster According To Staff Availability

Narrow Your Search

"Staff can provide you with updated availability from their smartphones, and you can roster accordingly. Any leave requests or unavailabilities will pop up when rostering in staff. "


Find The Best Available Employee

Our perfect match tool will help find the best available employee for each shift based on if they are available and qualified for the role. This will save precious time and allow you to focus on other areas of your aged care business.

Payroll Integration

Pay Staff Accurately

Select from rostered vs clock-in-out times in a single view including a variance calculator to display differences between rostered hours planned and actual hours worked.

Award Interpretation

Stick To Budget

With award interpretation setup, the costs for each shift and the week overall will be super accurate, taking into account different base rates of employees as well as penalty loadings and overtime allowances that apply.

Engaging School Workshops








"RosterElf has been simply amazing for our business. What used to take us hours now takes minutes and the digital time and attendance..."

George Smith, General Manager

Bricks4Kidz provides young children with an after school, creative science LEGO workshop. With over 40 locations all over Australia, Bricks4Kidz has become a consistently excellent experience for kids and parents. Their mission is to become the preferred external provider of STEM education for students and the school systems.

Core Challenges




RosterElf Solutions

Perfect Match

Payroll Approved Add-Ons

Award Interpretation

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