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Education Staffing Software

With different classes every day of the week plus group meetings, staff changes and student turnover; scheduling can become difficult. RosterElf gives you full control over scheduling education staff.

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Empowering Educators: Benefits of Roster Software in Education

Streamline Class Management with Roster Software

Effortlessly Organise Classes, Teachers, and Staffs 

Education Industry | RosterElf
  • RosterElf is helping schools and universities manage their schedules more efficiently. This means that teachers can focus more on teaching and less on administrative work

  • With RosterElf, schools can easily create schedules, match teachers with the classes they are available and qualified to teach, and notify staff in real time about any changes. This helps ensure that students always have access to qualified teachers. 

  • RosterElf is easy to use and has a mobile app, so all staff members can stay informed and work together more effectively. By using technology like RosterElf, schools can spend more time on teaching and less time on logistics.
Education Industry | RosterElf
weekly roster view


weekly roster view

Rostering software making scheduling education staff, including teachers and assistants fast and easy.                           


  • Manage staff rosters for multiple education facilities and schedules.
  • Roster quickly using our roster templates.
  • Keep staff up to date with roster changes using SMS and email notifications.

Time and Attendance

Approved hours for payroll

Making tracking time and attendance fast and easy.


  • Manage education staff attendance across multiple education facilities.
  • Our digital clock in and out provides managers with live updates.
  • Keep staff responsible for updated availability and finding replacements for open shifts.
Approved hours for payroll

Meet Bricks4Kidz

How can RosterElf help you manage better?

Bricks4Kidz provides young children with an after school, creative science LEGO workshop. With over 40 locations all over Australia, Bricks4Kidz has become a consistently excellent experience for kids and parents. Their mission is to become the preferred external provider of STEM education for students.


Core Challenges

  • Availability
  • Payroll
  • Budgeting

RosterElf Solutions

  • Perfect Match
  • Payroll Approved Add-Ons
  • Award Interpretation

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