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Reliable Hairdresser and Beauty Salon Rostering Software

Build efficiencies in your beauty salon with the complete stylist scheduling solution. Process payroll, build a budget for your salon, and save time on admin tasks with digital timesheets and templates.

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Hairdresser Scheduling Software

Finally, you can manage hairdressers with different qualifications across multiple salon locations, without the headache.

Lead Your Salon to Success with Superior Roster Technology

Crafting the Perfect Schedule for Unmatched Service Delivery

Hair Salon | Roster Software
  • Roster software can be used in hair salons to create and manage staff work schedules. This can be helpful for businesses with multiple stylists or staff members who need to be scheduled for different shifts.

  • It also helps hair salons track employee availability and preferences, which can be helpful when creating schedules that meet the needs of both business and employees.

  • Roster software can help ensure that staff are not working too many hours or taking breaks required by law.
Hair Salon | Roster Software
weekly roster view

Build smarter, conflict-free schedules

weekly roster view

With RosterElf, you can build smarter schedules that consider all the needs of your beauty salon.                           


  • Roster available hairdressers or admin staff with a few clicks.
  • Compare wage costs against your booked appointments to stay on budget.
  • Instantly update staff with new rosters and changes via the RosterElf mobile app, SMS notifications, or email.

Make payroll a breeze

Shift swapping capabilities

Seamless payroll integration means you can process payroll for your salon staff with the click of a button.                           


  • Export digital timesheets to your payroll software in less than a minute.
  • Avoid frustrating timesheet mistakes and manually counting hours worked with digital timesheets.
  • Automatic award wage calculations based off employee timesheets. 
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Multiple locations and qualifications

Approved hours for payroll

With multiple salon locations and hairdressers with different qualifications, you can use RosterElf’s Rostering Software to get a bird's eye view of your business.                           


  • Using RosterElf’s ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm, only staff with the right qualifications will be available for specific schedules and locations.
  • Add as many salon locations as you’d like staff can then be set to work across multiple sites.
  • Staff can swap shifts with staff who have the right qualifications, so no clients are left with a bad experience.

Fast and Easy Digital time clock

Seamless Payroll Integration

Gone are the days of paper timesheets or excel spreadsheets. Go digital with your clock in and out methods.                           


  • Using the RosterElf time clock app, staff can clock in and out digitally. Use an app at the front desk or allow staff to use their own device with GPS login verification.
  • Receive an immediate notification when hairdressers are late or work over-time. 
  • Approve hours at the end of each shift and then export hours to payroll.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Hair Salon Staff Rostering

Hair Salon Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your Hair Salon?

Manage your hairdressers with ease using a complete hair salon staff management tool that makes scheduling easier, processing payroll simple and keeps you on track to meet your business budget.

Core Challenges

  • Scheduling across multiple hair salon locations
  • Processing payroll each week
  • Meeting client needs vs Salon requirements 

RosterElf Solutions

  • Upload as many salon locations as you need and see everything in one place. 
  • Integrate your chosen payroll solution so you can process payroll instantly. 
  • ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm ensures that the right staff are scheduled to meet your client needs.


We have the answers.

How do I know what hours my salon staff worked?

With RosterElf’s digital time clock, you receive a notification when staff clock in and out of shifts. If they arrive late or work over-time, they’re prompted to leave a comment explaining why.

How much will RosterElf cost for my hair salon?

With RosterElf, you pay per hair stylist that’s active on your account. For more on pricing, click here.

Is the RosterElf mobile app for Android and iOS?

Both the RosterElf mobile app and time clock app are Android and iOS friendly.

Can our salon staff swap shifts with anyone?

Staff can only swap shifts with qualified hairdressers using RosterElf’s unique ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm. You set the parameters and the system takes care of the matching.

How can I stay on budget?

With our budget tracker, you can see you wage costs as you build your schedule. Using slide bar technology you can then adjust shifts to meet the needs of your business and budget.

Can I communicate real-time schedule changes to my hair stylists?

You can immediately update your hair salon staff on any shift changes, new schedules, or leave request approvals via email, SMS, or straight from the RosteElf mobile app.

Does RosterElf have a free trial?

We sure do, Sign up for RosterElf’s 15-day free trial Hairdressing Salons that gives you access to all of our features. No credit card needed.

How long does it take to set up RosterElf in my Salon?

With the help of our rostering experts, you can get your RosterElf account set up and start saving time within minutes.

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