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Catering requires planning and organisation. RosterElf rostering solution helps you manage your staff across multiple event locations. Track time and attendance, leave requests and staff availability.

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Manage catering staff across multiple locations simultaneously

weekly roster view


Roster your catering business with RosterElf’s rostering software.

  • Roster catering staff for multiple events across different locations in one place.
  • Our roster templates make it easy to schedule the same roster from event to event.
  • Use our SMS and email notification feature to keep staff updated.

Time and Attendance

Manage hourly workers using our time and attendance feature.

  • Track time and attendance using the digital clock in and out.
  • Receive live updates when staff are late or work overtime.
  • Approve leave requests on the go and notify staff of changes immediately.
Shift swapping capabilities

Meet Weigh N Pay

How RosterElf can help your catering staff

Weigh n Pay became the first-ever dedicated bulk food store in Western Australia. A family operated business, Weigh n Pay has grown into providing a vast product range of over 4500 high quality and locally sourced products. Their staff are highly knowledgable, friendly and hard-working.


"RosterElf has been simply amazing for our business. What used to take us hours now takes minutes and the digital time and attendance..." George Smith, General Manager

Core Challenges

  • Accurate Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Budgeting

RosterElf Solutions

  • Clock In - Out
  • Payroll Approved Add-Ons
  • Award Interpretation

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