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Catering Staff Scheduling Software

Catering requires planning and organisation. RosterElf rostering solution helps you manage your staff across multiple event locations. Track time and attendance, leave requests and staff availability.

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Roster Software helps in tracking staff's availability and schedule accordingly. It prevents the hassle of manual scheduling, allowing the managers to easily create and manage staff rosters for any catering.

The Scheduling feature of RosterElf helps in better communication among the catering staff by allowing them to view their schedules easily, request time off, and swap shifts which highly reduces scheduling conflicts.

This Workforce Management Software is designed to scale with the growth of the catering businesses, accommodating a growing staff for increasing event demands. The Onboarding feature helps to store all the new employee's onboarding documents in one place making it easier for the management to track and access them.

weekly roster view


weekly roster view

Roster your catering business with RosterElf’s rostering software.                           


  • Roster catering staff for multiple events across different locations in one place.
  • Our roster templates make it easy to schedule the same roster from event to event. 
  • Use our SMS and email notification feature to keep staff updated.

Time and Attendance

Shift swapping capabilities

Manage hourly workers using our time and attendance feature.                           


  • Track time and attendance using the digital clock in and out. 
  • Receive live updates when staff are late or work overtime.  
  • Approve leave requests on the go and notify staff of changes immediately.                              
Shift swapping capabilities

Meet Weigh N Pay

How RosterElf can help your catering staff

Weigh n Pay became the first-ever dedicated bulk food store in Western Australia. A family-operated business, Weigh n Pay has grown into providing a vast product range of over 4500 high-quality and locally sourced products. Their staff are highly knowledgeable, friendly and hard-working.


Core Challenges

  • Accurate Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Budgeting

RosterElf Solutions

  • Clock In - Out
  • Payroll Approved Add-Ons
  • Award Interpretation

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