Veterinary Clinic Staff Rostering Software

RosterElf’s magically simple Vet clinic staff rostering software ensures your practice runs smoothly with whatever changes come your way.

No more chasing staff for availability or juggling shift swaps to fill gaps in your business schedule.

From Rostering to Award interpretation for your team- we’ve got you covered.

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Schedule your clinics veterinarians and receptionists with an Magically Simple Staff Rostering system

Whether you run a local veterinarian clinic or a vet clinic with multiple locations, RosterElf makes it easy for you to schedule staff, process payroll and broadcast important updates across the team.

weekly roster view

Schedule staff with just the click of a button

weekly roster view

Scheduling your employees should be quick and easy. Fortunately, it can be with our perfect match algorithm, shift swap capabilities, shift templates and more.                     


  • Schedule veterinarian staff based on peak times at the clinic.                       
  • The ‘Perfect match’ algorithm allows you to schedule staff based on qualifications.
  • Use roster templates to schedule staff in minutes. 

Control your labour budget and clinic costs

Shift swapping capabilities

RosterElf makes it easy to control and track your labour costs. You can now get a birds eye view of wage costs, operational costs and your labour budget all live


Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Keep your staff connected

Approved hours for payroll

Staying connected with your vet clinic staff is crucial to ensure that all pets and their owners are taken care of properly.                     


Process payroll without excel spreadsheets

Seamless Payroll Integration

RosterElf wants to make your job easier. So now you can leave your excel spreadsheets in the past and process payroll quickly with simple payroll integration.


  • Automate veterinarian clinic awards to remain fair work compliant.
  • Digital timesheets make it easy to compare hours worked to hours scheduled. 
  • Get updates when staff are at work, arrive late or take a break. 
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Seamless Payroll Integration
RosterElf Veterinary Clinic Rostering Software

Veterinarian Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf to manage your vet clinic?

RosterElf ensures you can schedule, budget, process payroll and communicate updates with vet clinic staff all from the complete workforce management software. That way, you can make more time for the things that matter - like helping animals.

Core Challenges

  • Rostering to meet demand at peak times. 
  • Processing payroll and avoiding data errors.  
  • Connecting with staff instantly.

RosterElf Solutions

  • Roster staff based on demand with the help of our sales forecasting tool.
  • Digital timesheets allow you to process payroll in minutes and avoid manual data entry.
  • The RosterElf app makes it easy to stay connected with staff. 


We have the answers.

What if I need to schedule staff across more than one clinic location?

If you run more than one veterinarian clinic, you can assign specific locations and roles that require certain qualifications for each employee to ensure you build conflict-free schedules.

How do digital timesheets work?

The  digital time clock app or  Tablet Roster App enables staff to  clock in and out of shifts digitally.

The hours staff work save as a digital timesheet that you can compare to hours scheduled and export to process payroll.

How does the shift swapping feature work?

When staff need to  replace or swap a shift, they can shift swap. RosterElf’s ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm will ensure that only staff who fit the same criteria are notified. As a result, the process doesn’t require management outside of final approval.

Can my employees swap shifts with staff at other locations?

Receptionists and veterinarians can  swap shifts with co-workers at other locations as long as management allows this setting in their account and the staff member fits the same position criteria, including qualifications and role.

How do I know when staff are on location?

When staff clock in using the  digital time clock app, management receives a notification with the update.

If staff are late, work overtime or don’t show - you’ll also receive an update.

What integrations does RosterElf allow?

RosterElf allows you to integrate with  Sage,  MYOB and  Xero.

We also manually export a variety of CVS outputs that can be imported to hundreds of different payroll and accounting platforms.

Don’t see the integration you need? Chat with a member of our team to learn more.

How do I schedule staff based on my labour budget?

While you’re building weekly schedules, the  live roster budgeting tool automatically updates the total labour cost. You can then adjust each shift to meet your budget using slide bar technology.

Does RosterElf have a free trial?

Yes! We’d love to give you the chance to try our veterinary clinic   employee scheduling software first before you commit. However, we know you’ll have a hard time saying goodbye, so we’ll give  you 30 days with no credit card needed to sign up.

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