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Easy Staff Scheduling for Your Busy Recreation Centre

RosterElf is built to meet the needs of your rec centre or leisure centre and the challenges you face scheduling a large number of staff across multiple roles, skillsets, and even sites.

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Manage your recreation centre from one single workforce software

Forget hours and hours spent on admin. With RosterElf’s complete workforce management software, you can save time and money running your rec centre.

Recreation Centre's Great Scheduler

Intelligent Roster Software for Recreation Centers

  • Recreation centres can effectively handle their staffing needs with RosterElf. This is particularly important for facilities that operate for extended hours and provide diverse activities and services. The software matches staff availability and qualifications with the center's scheduling requirements, guaranteeing that every activity has the necessary skilled employees to handle it.

  • RosterElf can improve employee satisfaction by enabling simple shift swaps, providing effective communication tools, and ensuring an equitable distribution of work. This is useful for recreation centres where the workforce comprises employees with part-time or seasonal availability. Such features help to create a sense of value, resulting in higher retention rates and a more motivated and committed workforce.

  •  It helps recreation centres control labour costs by ensuring staffing levels align with activity schedules and anticipated demand. By avoiding understaffing or overstaffing, centres can provide a consistent level of service while also managing payroll expenses efficiently. The software's reporting tools enable managers to analyse staffing costs, aiding in strategic planning and budgeting.
weekly roster view

Quick and Easy Schedule Builder

weekly roster view

Build staff schedules that are on budget using our simple slide bar technology. Drag the shift bar, and the budget tracker updates live.                     


  • Shorten, lengthen and move shifts around to suit the needs of your rec centre.
  • Save weekly roster templates to save time when you need it the most.
  • Assign roles to our staff, so you know whether they are qualified for a particular shift.

Digital Time and Attendance

Shift swapping capabilities

Our powerful digital time and attendance feature allow staff to clock in and out of shifts using the RosterElf app. All hours save to a digital timesheet.


  • Eliminates the need for paper timesheets, reduces human error and the need to chase down staff.
  • Export digital timesheets to payroll so you don’t need to spend time manually entering data.
  • Receive live information when a staff member clocks in and out of their shift across all locations.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Keep Track of Staff Credentials

Approved hours for payroll

Your leisure centre staff likely have various credentials, qualifications and awards. Keep them organised with the help of RosterElf.                     


  • Credentials and qualifications are integrated into RosterElf and are a primary scheduling factor.                       
  • Automatic award calculation across all of your recreation employees.
  • Staff can swap shifts without needing a manager (outside of approval) with qualification factors.

Stay on Top of Labour Costs

Seamless Payroll Integration

With our accurate reporting and payroll integration features, you can staff on top of labour costs and payroll. Use this reporting information to build shifts that meet the needs of your recreation centre. 


  • Accurate labour and wage budgeting allows you to track the cost of labour against profit.
  • Build schedules that are never over staff or under staff using the reporting tool.
  • Adjust quickly to changes with easy scheduling and payroll.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Recreation Center Staff Rostering System Rosterelf

Recreation Centre Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf to manage your recreation centre?

No matter the size of your park or rec centre, with rotating staff, multiple departments and various qualifications, you can’t be everywhere and do everything simultaneously. But RosterElf can. We’re here to help schedule, pay and engage your staff so you can continue growing your business.

Core Challenges

  • Find last-minute replacements. 
  • Building conflict-free schedules.
  • Time spent processing payroll.

RosterElf Solutions

  • Staff can find their own replacements using the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm.                                
  • Staff credentials ensure conflict-free schedules.
  • Seamless payroll integration for quick and easy payroll processing.


We have the answers.

How do I know if staff are working a shift in a different department?

RosterElf lets you know when staff are working in other departments, so you don’t schedule them twice. It also tells you whether they’re available for future shifts.

Can staff make last-minute changes without a manager getting involved?

Using the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm, staff can only swap shifts with those who meet the same criteria and qualifications.

How can I stay connected with my staff when we don’t work the same shift?

Staff can stay connected using the RosterElf app. They can receive immediate updates on schedules, leave approval and payroll.

What if I need to run payroll at the last minute?

Export all approved digital timesheets to your payroll system with the click of a button. This feature allows you to save time and avoid human error.

How do I know if staff work overtime?

RosterElf’s digital time clock app provides live information on when staff clock out past the scheduled time. That way, you can approve hours worked with ease.

What if I need features RosterElf doesn’t have?

RosterElf always accepts feedback from our customers on features you think are must-haves. Our designated rostering experts can also help you set up to ensure you use the software to its full potential.

Can I have more than one location in my RosterElf account?

You can have more than one location in your RosterElf account and schedule employees across all locations based on your staff criteria.

Does RosterElf have a free trial?

Yes! We’d love to give you the chance to try our rec centre employee scheduling software first before you commit. Our free trial gives you 15 days with no credit card needed to sign up.

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