Big Business

We Get You

RosterElf understands your business, regardless if it employs 5 or 5000 staff.

Whilst some of the rostering, time and attendance and payroll challenges are the same, we also know that enterprise customers often have unique, business specific challenges that asoftware solution needs to address.

In addition to the standard cloud version of our software, RosterElf offers larger organisations the opportunity to customise our software platform to suit their specific needs.

From custom algorithms to reports, API integrations and notifications. RosterElf provides enterprise customers to ability to perfectly tailor RosterElf to their needs in a cost effective way.


Connect Your Tools


RosterElf’s powerful API is a REST oriented service designed to be completely open and easy to access.

We have invested heavily into our API, so much so that our own apps work on the same API.

For enterprise customers, this API can provide a simple yet powerful way to connect other internal software to RosterElf.

Contact us for our full set of API documentation.

Custom Features and Workflows

Unique to You

If you love what you see with RosterElf but need additional custom features or revised workflows to suit your organisation, we can help.

RosterElf offers enterprise customers the ability to add new functionality or alter the system to meet specific requirements.

To inquire about custom features and workflows, please contact us.

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