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Staff Scheduling Software for Pharmacies & Chemists

For small, medium, and large pharmacies, RosterElf helps make scheduling your pharmacists, technicians, and clerks fast and easy.

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Pharmacy Scheduling Software Features

Your all-in-one workforce management tool for pharmacy rostering is here to help you spend less time on scheduling staff and reduce employee turnover.

Redefining Pharmacy Operations: The Digital Revolution

Best Medicine for Pharmacists

RosterElf software for Pharmacies
  • RosterElf is a platform that simplifies the complex task of scheduling pharmacy staff. It allows pharmacies to manage employee availability and preferences, leave easily, and shift requests in one place. With its 'perfect match' algorithm, RosterElf effortlessly matches shifts with qualified and available employees. 

  • This software streamlines the process of tracking the hours worked by pharmacy staff. It accurately logs the times when employees clock in and clock out, eliminating the need for manual timesheet entries. The feature also helps flag discrepancies for review, streamline payroll processing, and enhance accountability.

  • Our platform enables seamless communication between managers and staff through instant email and SMS updates. With mobile app support on Android and iOS (latest version), employees can update their availability, request leave, and manage shifts on the go. This fosters a culture of accountability, empowering employees to take ownership of their schedules.
RosterElf software for Pharmacies
weekly roster view

Fast, Reliable Scheduling

weekly roster view

Scheduling Pharmacy staff is fast and easy. With RosterElf you can build schedules that fulfill your pharmacies needs and instantly send the latest version to your staff with the click of a button.                           


  • Availability, preferences, leave requests and shift requests are all in one place with the ability to make immediate changes.
  • The ‘perfect match’ algorithm matches you and staff with qualified and available employees for open shifts and shift swaps.
  • Avoid scheduling mistakes with easy contingency management, conflict-free scheduling and a live budget tracker as you schedule. 

Online Timesheets

Shift swapping capabilities

When your pharmacy staff clock in and out of shifts, their hours worked is precisely logged, automatically updated and keeps track of all changes.                           


  • Late and early time entries prompt staff to leave a comment explaining why so you’re notified of any discrepancies. 
  • Approve hours worked at the end of each shift to avoid double checking and wasting time.
  • Quickly export approve timesheets to your chose pharmacy payroll solution.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Digital Clock in and Clock out

Approved hours for payroll

Your pharmacists and front-end staff can now clock in and out of their shifts from their mobile device with RosterElf’s digital time clock.                           


  • As staff clock in and out, timesheets automatically update making it easy to quickly approve hours.
  • Avoid manually processing payroll by quickly exporting all timesheet data to your chosen payroll solution. 
  • A modern and simple time clock system that can integrate with your pharmacy without the headache.

Schedule Multiple Job Sites

Seamless Payroll Integration

With RosterElf, you can schedule pharmacists, chemists, technicians, and clerks across multiple pharmacy and chemist locations.                           


  • Full transparency into when staff clock in and out of each location so you don’t have to be there. 
  • Assign specific locations to each employee so their only made available for shifts at that pharmacy.
  • Record every worked by your staff no matter what location with digital clock in out and timesheets.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Pharmacy rostering software

Pharmacy Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your pharmacy team?

RosterElf gives you all the tools necessary to better connect with your staff, avoid human errors and save time on administrative tasks, and track employees hours across more than one location no matter the size of your pharmacy.

Core Challenges

  • Scheduling staff and communicating updates.
  • Manual time tracking.
  • Organising multiple locations.

RosterElf Solutions

  • Fast and easy scheduling with instant updates to staff via email and SMS.
  • Precise time tracking using digital timesheets. 
  • Schedule staff across multiple pharmacy locations all in one place.


We have the answers.

Can I track when employees clock in and out at different pharmacy locations?

With RosterElf’s digital time clock app, you can track when employees clock in and out across multiple pharmacy locations.

Can I assign specific pharmacy locations to staff?

With each staff member you can assign specific roles, available times and locations to ensure they are made available for those schedules when rostering.

What payroll solutions integrate with RosterElf?

RosterElf integrates with major payroll solutions including Xero, MYOB and Sage. For custom integrations with specific Pharmacy Accounting systems please contact our development team on help@rosterelf.com

Does the RosterElf app work for Android and iPhone?

RosterElf’s mobile app and time clock app is compatible for both Android and iOS.

Can I schedule pharmacy staff using a budget?

Our live budgeting tracker will change as you schedule pharmacists and front counter staff to make sure that you are on track to meeting your weekly labour costs.

How can I communicate changes to my staff in the Pharmacy?

You can immediately update your pharmacy staff of any shift changes, new schedules and leave request approvals via email or SMS notifications.

Do I still need a third party software to track time and attendance?

You do not need a third party software to track time and attendance at your chemist or pharmacy. RosterElf is your all-in-one workforce management tool that allows you to track time and attendance, process payroll, schedule staff and build a business budget.

Can I see when employees are late or missed a break?

Using the digital time clock app, you can get live updates of when employees clock in and out of shifts across multiple locations giving you peace of mind for when you can’t be there.

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