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Aged Care Scheduling Software

One simple place to manage your team work hours

Aged Care Employee Scheduling and Payroll Software

Save time while you manage staff shift schedules across multiple locations

Aged Care Employee

Aged Care Rostering and Payroll Software

Easily manage your teams and organise shifts

Aged Care Employee
  • If you run an aged care facility, we salute you. Not only is it one of the most complex operations to run with diverse demands and legal requirements, but it also cares for some of the most vulnerable and deserving in our community. 

  • RosterElf is a fast and reliable staff rostering solution for various aged care operations, including nursing homes, clinics, assisted living centres, and residential care facilities.


  • The tool is easy to use, will cut your paperwork, boost efficiency and give you and your support providers more time for what matters. 

Simple yet Powerful

Support Worker Rostering

weekly roster view

RosterElf's clean design makes planning and communicating aged care work schedules a breeze.

Drag and drop to create schedules, manage rosters for your support teams, and help them maximise their time with clients.

The scheduling tool automatically suggests the most suitable employees for each shift, considering a range of data, including employee leave, scheduling conflicts, availability to work and qualifications to ensure you get the right mix of skills on any given shift. 

Alternatively, copy a past employee schedule or re-use a roster template to make the scheduling process faster. 

weekly roster view
RosterElf Time Clock

Aged Care Time Clock

Digital Clock in and Out for your Aged Care Facility 

RosterElf Time Clock

RosterElf's time clock apps will make recording time and attendance within your aged care facility a breeze. 

Simply download our free apps, and employees can instantly clock in and out for shifts.

With a dedicated time clock tablet app for iOS and Android tablets or our GPS smartphone option, RosterElf's real-time and attendance solutions are flexible to suit all types of aged care operations. 

Clock-in and out data is stored on your account and ready for review during payroll approval

Staff Availability

Support Worker Availability

With a busy 24-hour schedule, managing employee leave and availability to work can be challenging in aged care. 

RosterElf will empower your support workers to submit their own availability to work information and request leave or time off requests, both of which can be done directly on our employee smartphone app

Our system automatically suggests the best employees based on qualifications and availability to ensure you always publish the optimal roster for your aged care facility. 

With RosterElf, your aged care operation will spend zero time chasing support workers for their availability to work and keeping records during social activities.

Support Worker Availability

Aged Care Staff Scheduling Software

Top Tips For Aged Care Employee Rostering

Aged care staff rostering is the process of scheduling and assigning shifts for the staff members working in an aged care facility. 

Aged care facilities, such as nursing homes or assisted living centres, require round-the-clock staffing to provide personal care and support to elderly residents. Read our top suggestions for optimising the rostering process.


Aged Care Employee Rostering System

Core Challenges

  • Edit Rosters                                         
  • Qualified Employees               
  • Leave Requests

RosterElf Solutions

  • Mobile App                                            
  • Perfect Match                           
  • Availability

Best Rostering Tool For Aged Care Services

5 Star Review

RosterElf has not only revolutionised our rostering processes from the perspective of roster costing, budgetary management, and the integrity of published rosters but also greatly improved team member satisfaction with rostering processes.

Bronwyn Beadle | Nagambie HealthCare CEO 

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