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Aged Care Rostering Software

Caregiver and Assisted Living Scheduling

RosterElf is the perfect rostering solution for a range of aged care operations including nursing homes, clinics, assisted living centres, residential care or other care facilities.

Manage rosters across single or multiple locations with ease, ensure time and attendance is tracked, and roster according to staff availability.

Understand your business and labour costs, cover every shift with the best available and qualified staff. Allow staff to update availability and provide leave requests from their smartphones.

Employees Know Whats Going On

Increase Productivity and Performance

Our smartphone app allows staff to check their upcoming shifts and also request a shift swap. Staff will be sent an email and notification with shift details.


Make Quick Changes

Approve or decline shift swaps and leave applications as well as review employee availability to work updates directly from the app.


Find The Best Available Employee

Our clever algorithm automatically suggests perfect matches for each shift based on employees that are both available and qualified for the role. This will save precious time and allow you to focus on other areas of your aged care business.

Availabilities and Leave Requests

Stop Chasing Staff

Place the onus on staff to update their availability and preferred hours. This will allow you to find the best employee, especially if you have multiple sites. RosterElf will narrow it down to the best staff available.

Alternative To Permanent Care

Waratah Respite Services







"RosterElf has been simply amazing for our business. What used to take us hours now takes minutes and the digital time and attendance..."

George Smith, General Manager

Waratah Respite Services provides a unique service model, developing significant health and social impacts for the community of Coffs Harbour. Waratah Respite Services focuses on aged care services and younger adults with disabilities. First opening in 1987, Waratah Respite Services has provided a range of care facilities for people who are frail and, people suffering from memory loss and younger adults with disabilities.

Core Challenges

Edit Rosters

Qualified Employees

Leave Requests

RosterElf Solutions

Smartphone App

Perfect Match


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