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Manage your team on the go with RosterElf's staff rostering app.

Shift planning, shift swaps, mobile rostering, staff scheduling, and leave management are all at your fingertips with our free employee rostering apps / roster making app.

RosterElf is an easy-to-use, efficient online employee scheduling app.

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Key Features

RosterElf on-demand mobile app

full customisable pay template

Our roster app

Mobile rostering made easy

full customisable pay template

The RosterElf staff scheduling app allows managers to create, update and re-publish rosters from the convenience of their smartphones.

Australia's easiest rostering app allows managers to edit and update shift planning, break compliance, leave management, and shift swapping. Like our online software, the roster application will give you top suggestions for filling open positions and notify you of any leave requests or shift updates.

With push notifications, employees can better manage their work scheduling and are made aware of available or requested shifts through push notifications. They are then able to confirm in an instant, reducing the hassle of chasing down employees. That's why RosterElf is the best roster application, hands down.

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Clock-in and out system

Digital clock-in-out with our time clock app

accurate budgeting done online

RosterElf's Roster Management Android App and iOS App enable employees to clock in and from their smartphones.

Using GPS location settings in the roster app, employees can only clock in for shifts when they are physically on-site. This is a critical feature, especially for large-scale venues or events.

Employees can also leave comments if they have worked overtime or arrived late for managers to review when processing payroll.

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accurate budgeting done online
full customisable pay template

Free rostering app

Staff Scheduling App

full customisable pay template

RosterElf's iOS and Android apps include several features to help you manage your team on the go, including My Shifts, which is a simple and powerful way for everyone in the business to keep on top of all their upcoming shifts.

Employees can view their rostered shift details, including management comments and break planning. They can set their work hours with the staff availability app function.

They can also request swaps, sync shifts to their smartphone calendar and even get GPS directions to help them get to work on time. With great features and loaded functionality, this is one of the best roster apps you will find.

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Manage your staff with ease

Workforce management made for managers

accurate budgeting done online

RosterElf's roster app for Android and iOS allows both manager access settings and employee access settings. Ideal to use as an employee scheduling app for full-time, part-time, shift workers, casual workers, and contractors.                          

Managers can update rosters, publish and delete rosters, action all push notifications and approve or decline leave requests and shift swaps.

The employee version allows staff to update their availability to work and personal details and view upcoming shifts within our rostering software app.

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accurate budgeting done online

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Questions about RosterElf’s scheduling software?

RosterElf’s customer service experts are located in Australia and are here to help you answer questions, provide feedback on optimising your employee online roster, and solve any technical issues.

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"Best Rostering App! "

5 Star Review

"RosterElf is an excellent rostering software with many useful features to ease the job of team management. The capability for team access via the RosterElf app to view rosters, update availability, request shift swaps and apply for leave is a valuable tool and ensures rostering to be done seamlessly. Integrations of clock cards with our accounting program has reduced our payroll time and potential errors."

Raven Ratana | Aussie Rooster

Manager’s online dashboard view

All about our roster app

FAQs Mobile Apps

What types of businesses can benefit from the RosterElf’s Mobile Rostering App?

Many businesses can benefit from using RosterElf’s Mobile Rostering Apps. We have everything from  Hospitality businesses,  Chiropractors,  Hair Salons,  Medical Centres, and  Swimming Schools. For a full range of industries, see our  Industry list here.

RosterElf is super flexible and designed to help an extensive range of businesses. Start a free 30-Day trial to see if it is right for you too.

Will a staff scheduling app improve workers productivity?

A staff schedule app provides excellent time management for bosses and workers. A lot of needless confusion is cut down with  GPS clock in-out,  staff shift swaps are a breeze, and staff availability management is done at a click of the fingers. All great ways to minimise the administrative burden on all parties.

With live staff management and labour forecasted rosters, managers can cut back costs and use the system to reduce overtime /  over-award payments.

Why do you need a duty roster app?

Managers are assigned duty rosters to prevent over-shift scheduling. A roster like this avoids employing more people than necessary on the same shift. In addition, management uses workforce management software to spot trends in their employees' productivity levels and adjust accordingly.

What can a staff schedule app do to make your life easier?

A staff schedule app can make your life easier as it betters collaboration between workers and managers. It also allows workers to clock in and out digitally and improves efficiency in the workplace because of its seamless scheduling process.

What makes the RosterElf app the best rostering app in the market?

The Magically Simple rostering app we’ve developed is not just functional, it’s easy to use, easy to understand, and very cost-effective.

RosterElf lets you get back to managing your business efficiently, not chasing staff or calculating award rates, making it the best in the market.

Is the RosterElf compatible with Android and Apple / iOS devices?

Yes, the Android Rostering App is compatible with most Android devices running the latest version of the software. We’ve tested the system across many manufacturer devices with no troubles at all.

The iOS Rostering App works perfectly on Apple iPhones across a range of models. Again, we prefer the devices are running the latest version of the software as we are regularly releasing improvements and updates.

We also have both iOS and Android Time Clock Tablet Apps if your staff require.

How does a duty roster app help managers eliminate scheduling errors?

With our RosterElf apps, your managers can avoid scheduling errors as our features, such as  Mobile Staff Availability, allow them to manage the team quickly. We also provide features like the  GPS Clock in-out for highly accurate payroll data.

What is the best employee roster app?

RosterElf is the best-rated rostering software and app based on Google reviews. We are also Xero's Top Staff Pick, making us one of Xero's top 10 apps and Australia's best rostering and payroll integration.

Can I add staff from my smartphone?

Yes, you can. Learn how to add and delete staff from your smartphone.

Where can I download the RoserElf app?

You can download our app from the Google Play store for android phones and tablets or from the Apple app store for iPhones and iPads. Download the RosterElf app.

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