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Our Story

The RosterElf company founders

Our Mission

RosterElf was built by business owners, for business owners. We understand the challenges that present managers and business owners alike when it comes to chasing staff for available hours, building weekly rosters, and keeping up on payroll.

As a business owner, RosterElf allows you to save time, create a business budget you can stick to and make more time for engaging your employees and building excellent customer service.

How can RosterElf help?

Founder Simon Ingleson, left the corporate world to start his business journey. His small businesses lead to discovering the pain point that all business owners with staff are too familiar with: rostering seamlessly. RosterElf exists to relieve this pain. With features such as rostering, payroll integration, shift swapping and time and attendance, managing staff has never been easier.

Making time for the things that matter.

  • Customer service
  • Employee engagement
  • Staying on budget
  • Cutting down on labour costs
How can RosterElf help?

We’re here to help

Our excellent team is here to help! Together, through an initial consultation, we’ll learn what your pain points are. From there, we’ll take you through our software and show you exactly how easily we can help. If you love the sound of saving time and cutting back costs, then we’ll show you exactly how to sign up for your 30-day free trial where you’ll have access to the ‘Pro’ plan including SMS notifications.

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Key Benefits

Top 6 Benefits of a Roster Management Tool


Save Up To 8 Hours a Week

Save time with updated staff availability, simple roster building, communication updates instantly, approving time-sheets and entering payroll data.


Save 4% on Labour

Set financial business targets, view labor costs in real-time and approve staff hours by reducing time theft through a digital clock in and out.


Employee Accountability

Using the staff roster app, employees are responsible for keeping their availability up to date and are always aware of rostered shifts through clear staff communication.


Reduce Time Theft

Stick to your business budget and save money by reducing theft by tracking attendance and using our digital clock in/out.


Roster By Skillset

RosterElf’s unique ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm will ensure that the most qualified and available employees are rostered on for each shift and shift swaps.


Award Interpretation

With payroll software integration and award interpretation automatically calculated, you can ensure you are staying Fair Work compliant no matter the changes that occur in your roster.

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