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Accountant & Bookkeeper Partner Program

RosterElf is a preferred solution amongst Accountants and Bookkeepers alike.

By helping your clients streamline staff management and ensuring payroll is quick and easy to process you save everyone time and trouble.

The best part? It’s Magically Simple.

If you have clients that could benefit from using RosterElf join the partner program today to unlock a host of benefits.

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RosterElf Partner Program

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weekly roster view
  • Ensure Award Compliance
    Ensure your clients are award compliant at the base level with RosterElf’s advanced Award Interpretation system                                                    
  • Streamline Payroll Management
    Clients can easily review and confirm payroll before automatically sending the data across to xero (MYOB, Sage, & CSV exports also available)
  • Help Clients Hit Wages to Sales Ratios
    Help clients manage staffing costs at the point of rostering, not weeks after the shifts have been completed

Seamless Payroll Management

Advanced Award Interpretation Saves Hours

Fully Customisable Awards

Every industry and occupation often has its own award, and some businesses may even have a non- standard enterprise agreement. The Smart award interpretation tool allows clients to easily set up their pay templates and assign them to employees for which they apply.    

Rapid Budgeting

With award interpretation setup, the costs for each shift and the week overall are super accurate. Our budgeting tool takes into account the different base rates of employees as well as penalty loadings and overtime allowances that may apply. Customers can publish rosters with confidence knowing all the costs.                           

Shift swapping capabilities

Fluid Connectivity

Payroll Integration with Leading Platforms

Approved hours for payroll

Compare Roster v Actual

The system displays a simple comparison of rostered vs clock-in-out times for customers in a single view including a variance calculator that shows the difference between rostered hours vs actual hours worked per shift. Clients are then able to review any staff comments and quickly approve time-sheets for payroll.                           


Fully Integrated Payroll Solution

Once payroll data has been reviewed and approved hours finalised by management, this information can be exported to the customer’s chosen accounting or payroll provider with award interpretation calculated automatically. The system integrates with a range of third-party software solutions including Xero, MYOB, Sage and Wage Easy which eliminates the need for manual data entry, therefore reducing the chance of potentially costly errors.                           

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And Begin Recommending from Tomorrow

  • Dedicated Account Manager
    Dedicated RosterElf support for your clients. Full onboarding support and technical support.
  • Admin Level Access
    Designated managers in the practice will be added with Administrator access on client accounts. Assist clients with ease.
  • Tiered  Subscription Discounts For Partner Program Clients
    You will be able to offer all clients referred in through the Partner Program a software discount of our already low pricing. Once your Practice has 10 or more clients using RosterElf you will unlock a second tier Discount for all clients using RosterElf. Great incentive for new clients coming across to your practice.                                                               
  • Optional Referral Bonus Program
    Looking to reward your staff for helping clients with RosterElf? Find out more about our Referral Bonus program by applying to become a member of the Partner program today. Friday lunch is on us.                              
Join the Partner Program
Seamless Payroll Integration
Accountant - RosterElf Rostering Software

Why choose RosterElf to help your clients?

RosterElf makes managing the day-to-day operations of managing staff fast and easy with staff scheduling, payroll and budgeting all in one place. With the help of RosterElf, your clients can focus on the things that matter most.

Core Challenges

  • Ensuring Award Compliance
  • Streamline Payroll Management
  • Help Clients Hit Wages to Sales Ratios

RosterElf Solutions

  • Seamless Award Interpretation System
  • Accurate and fast Payroll Processing
  • RosterElf’s Rapid Budgeting Features


We have the answers.

How much does it cost to join the RosterElf Partner Program?

There is no cost to join the partner program and no minimum monthly spends, just like our pricing!

If I already have clients using RosterElf will they be counted / allowed on the program?

Absolutely, all clients you currently have will count towards your tier 2 discount level and will receive any related subscription discounts.

Where can I go to begin referring clients?

Simply apply to become approved as a Partner Program Member using the link and form on this page. Once you’re onboard we have custom forms you can use to refer clients.

Does RosterElf have a free trial?

Yes! We’d love to give you the chance to try our bakery staff scheduling software first before you commit. However, we know you’ll have a hard time saying goodbye, so we’ll give you 15 days with no credit card needed to sign up.