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Employee Leave Management Software

Request, approve and track staff time-off with ease.

  • View leave balances live from Xero
  • Approve or decline employee time-off requests
  • Manage sick leave and absenteeism 
  • Roster without conflicts 
  • Approve time off with timesheets for payroll
  • Employees request leave using our mobile apps 

Employee Leave Management Software

A seamless task with RosterElf!

Employee on Leave

Make Things Simple

Employee leave management

Employee on Leave

Managing employee time-off requests and absenteeism can be challenging in a fast-moving business. 

The first hurdle is finding a simple system that easily allows employees to request leave for approval. 

Managers then need to check leave balances to ensure enough accrued leave exists, think about which other employees are already on leave at the same time to ensure sufficient roster coverage and then, during roster planning, be careful that employees on approved leave are not accidentally put on the roster

RosterElf simplifies staff leave management with our online tools and seamless reporting and approval workflows. 

All The Data

Employee leave balances

RosterElf Xero Leave Balance

For RosterElf customers connected to Xero, management can view, in real-time, employee leave balances.

Sick leave, annual leave, and custom leave items will also be displayed so employees understand how much leave they have available before submitting new requests. 

Live leave balance data, synced directly from Xero, gives managers confidence that they have the complete picture when reviewing leave applications with leave balance and leave conflict reports available at a glance. 

Know the facts and approve or decline leave applications in a flash within the rostering software

RosterElf Xero Leave Balance
accurate budgeting done online

Manage Your Team

Quickly record sick leave for payroll

accurate budgeting done online

Whether a team member doesn't show up or has an emergency, RosterElf makes it easy for managers to quickly note the sick record using their staff rostering app

Sick leave records, including comments and details, are ready for review during the payroll process. 

Then, with our perfect match algorithm, managers can find and contact a replacement in a flash to cover the shift. 

RosterElf allows you to track staff attendance in real time and ensure that staff are on-site and on time.

Staff Availability

Always roster staff who are available

RosterElf Leave Warnings on Roster

Never worry about accidentally rostering employees who are on approved leave again.

RosterElf's rostering platform automatically suggests the most suited employees for each shift and warns of any conflicts, including employees on leave. 

If there is a conflict, find an alternative employee who is qualified and available for the shift and re-publish. 

Stay on top of staff leave balances and availability to work requests, and let RosterElf do the work for you. 

RosterElf Leave Warnings on Roster
Leave Approved to Payroll

Leave to Payroll

Integrate approvals directly into payroll

Leave Approved to Payroll

With RosterElf's smart tools, approved time-off can be easily included in payroll exports to save time and hassle. 

A range of leave types, including annual, sick, unpaid, and careers leave, can be easily managed and prepared for payroll. 

Simply confirm the type of leave and export any approved leave applications to various payroll systems, including Xero, MYOB, Sage and WageEasy.

No more manual data entry for payroll; RosterElf makes the process seamless.

RosterElf's iOS and Android Apps

Handle everything on the go

Our range of smartphone apps makes RosterElf even more powerful. 

Handle last-minute updates and approvals, and view notifications, all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

                              RosteElf Mobile Apps

Discover more of RosterElf’s Features

Very Neat Program

5 Star Review

One of our young staff members suggested I look into a 'roster app' instead of sharing an excel spreadsheet with staff. 

RosterElf has saved me time and errors by importing all the hours into Xero. 

The app works brilliantly, and the staff are happy with the easy access to their roster and making time-off requests.

Owen Baily Kruger | Furry Friends Pet Stays

Manager’s online dashboard view

Employee Leave Management


What is employee leave management?

Employee leave management involves a range of processes, including employee submitted time-off requests, management review and approval, rostering considerations to avoid conflict, payroll approval process, and logging absenteeism or sick employees on shift records.  

How does leave management software help employees?

Leave management software is great for employees as well as managers. Employees can easily submit time-off requests, update availability to work, plus more from the convenience of their smartphone. Employees love the ease of managing their time-off requests and availability to work digitally. 

What is the purpose of leave management?

Leave management are business systems to control the process of applying for time-off and changes to employee availability to work. This includes the employee application process, approval process and business reporting.

How can employees request time-off from a browser?

All employees have their own RosterElf account and can apply for, update and cancel time-off requests from a computer. Read about how employees can apply for time-off from a browser HERE

How can employees request time-off from their smartphone?

Employees can quickly request, edit and cancel employee time-off requests from the convenience of their smartphone by using RosterElf's iOS and Android apps. Read about how employees can request time-off from a smartphone device HERE

How can managers approve or decline employee time-off requests from a PC?

Users with the manager permission level can quickly approve or decline employee time-off requests from their PC by logging into their RosterElf account and actioning requests. Read more HERE

How can managers approve or decline employee time-off requests from RosterElf app?

RosterElf's iOS or Android smartphone app enables managers to view and action employee requests on the go. Read about how managers can approve or decline time-off requests from their smartphones HERE.

How can managers record employees as sick from the time clock App?

If businesses use RosterElf's time clock app, employees who call in sick can be quickly recorded using the tablet device. Read more about recording employees as sick from the time clock app HERE.

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