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How does the free roster template work?

If you run a business and are using excel to roster your employees, then you know just how difficult it can be to build an excel scheduling template that's user friendly. To help, we’ve created a free excel roster template, and it’s just what you need.

By downloading the rostering template below, you’ll be able to create and publish employee schedules easily. You’ll also be able to view when staff members are working and in what positions across your business. Our free roster template even lets you forecast your labour costs to make sure you stay within budget.

How does the free roster template work?

Step 1

Download the Free Rostering Template.

Step 2

Set the date of the roster in the top left corner

Step 3

Click on each cell you wish to edit and enter details such as employee name, position and roster times.

Step 4

Once you’ve finished creating your roster, click ‘Print’ or save as a PDF to send an email to all your employees.

Need to create a new roster? Click ‘Clear’ and the data will be removed.

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Rostering your team, no matter the size, with RosterElf's online employee rostering software.

  • Set business targets and save 4% on labour
  • Reduce time theft with a digital clock in and out
  • Eliminate human payroll error
  • Integrate payroll systems like Xero and MYOB
  • Keep employees up to date with Push Notifications and E-mail communication
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