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How does the free roster template work?

If you run a business and are using excel to roster your employees, then you know just how difficult it can be to build an excel scheduling template that's user friendly.

To help, we’ve created two free excel roster templates, and they are just what you need. We have a Simple Free Roster Template for quick use and weekly overview and an Advanced Free Roster Template with greater detail and functionality.

By downloading the free employee roster templates, you’ll be able to create and publish employee schedules easily. You’ll also be able to view when staff members are working and in what positions across your business.

Our free roster template even lets you forecast your labour costs to make sure you stay within budget. Now you can enjoy free company rosters for life.

Advanced Roster Template

Advanced Free Roster Template

Advanced Roster Template
  • Weekly roster template view
  • Daily and weekly wage cost calculations
  • Free excel roster templatate
  • Suitable for shift work and 24x7 rostering
  • Easily upload the free roster template to Google Sheets
  • Copy worksheets to make monthly roster templates
  • Employee scheduling software that's free and in excel

How does the advanced free roster template work?

Step 1

Download the Free Rostering Template.

Step 2

Populate staff Hourly Rates, Names, and Position Descriptions.

Step 3

Copy and Paste the coloured cells into the cells where each relevant staff member is to be rostered on.

Step 4

Print the Free Roster Template or simply screenshot and send out to the staff.

Simple Roster Template

Simple Free Roster Template

Advanced Roster Template
  • Weekly roster template view
  • Easy to use print and clear functions
  • Free pdf roster template
  • Suitable for shift work and 24x7 rostering
  • Quick and easy staff rostering system

How does the simple free roster template work?

Step 1

Download the Free Rostering Template.

Step 2

Set the date of the roster in the top left corner

Step 3

Click on each cell you wish to edit and enter details such as employee name, position and roster times.

Step 4

Once you’ve finished creating your roster, click ‘Print’ or save as a PDF to send an email to all your employees.

Need to create a new roster? Click ‘Clear’ and the data will be removed.

Manager’s online dashboard view

Looking for an Automated Rostering System that will save you hours?

Rostering your team, no matter the size, with RosterElf's online employee rostering software.

Advanced Roster Template
  • Set business targets and save 4% on labour
  • Reduce time theft with a digital clock in and out
  • Eliminate human payroll error
  • Integrate payroll systems like Xero and MYOB
  • Keep employees up to date with Push Notifications and E-mail communication
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Free Roster Template FAQ’s

Can this be used as a Shift Roster template?

Our Advanced Roster Template works perfectly as a 24x7 shift roster tool. The free download version comes as an Excel download and can be both populated for or modified to suit particular applications. 

Is this suitable for a Cleaning Roster template?

Both the Advanced and the Simple Schedule templates are perfect for setting up a Cleaning Roster. If the roster is small and does not need a lot of detail, then the simple pdf version will be fine. However, if your Cleaning Roster has some complexity or you would like to calculate costs e.g., running a cleaning business, then the Advanced Cleaning Roster Template is the one for you.

Can I use this to make a Roster Online?

Absolutely! The Advanced Roster Template comes as an Excel (*.xlsx) file which can be easily uploaded to Google Docs. Think Google Roster Management or an eRoster! Once you’ve uploaded the file you can invite other people to collaborate or view the Staff Schedule so your team can access and update the roster from anywhere in the world. With our roster template and Google Docs combined you probably have the best free online rostering system you’ll come across. You can now enjoy free online employee scheduling for life.

Does it function as a Work Roster generator?

It’s good but it’s not great. Whilst our free roster templates will help you schedule your employees it is not automatic. If you are looking to automate your Staff Scheduling, why not try a free 30-day trial of RosterElf. You can save templates, copy rosters across days and weeks, and automate many of the mundane features of rostering.

How do you create a roster in Google Sheets?

To save you the trouble of building a staff schedule manually in Google Sheets we’ve kept our Free Advanced Roster Template as an Excel (*.xlsx) file that you can easily upload. Once uploaded to Google Sheets you can create your rosters and send out links for all your team to check.

Is this better than a Free Staff Roster Program?

Well free doesn’t get you far these days but our PDF and Excel staff rosters are pretty great. Probably the best free employee scheduling tool you will find. If, however you’re looking for something more powerful without the big fixed monthly costs of other Rostering Software providers why not try RosterElf? There’s no minimum spend, no lock in contracts, and no hidden costs. We can guarantee that time it saves alone will more than compensate for the very affordable price!

Is your Weekly Roster Template in Excel and a free download?

It certainly is, we started out Rostering staff in Excel long before the idea of RosterElf came about. Over the years we perfected our Roster Templates and added features that allowed us to track costs and manage budgets. When RosterElf launched we thought people would still benefit from our experience, so we decided to give away the Roster Template as a free download.

Is the Free Roster Template Printable?

Sure is, we’ve auto formatted it to easily print on an A4 page, but you can also easily save the file as a PDF to send out to the staff. If, however you’re tired of emailing staff the rosters or juggling staff availability come and try a free 30-day trial of RosterElf our staff apps on iOS and Android paired with our online rostering portal make the job a breeze.

Will the free templates work as shift roster a calculator?

It will work as a Shift Roster Calculator, a Weekly Duty Roster Calculator, Hospitality Roster Calculator, a Health Roster Calculator and more. And if you find that it needs to do more just let us know. Our team of experts are great at solving complex scheduling problems and would love to help. Just let us know by getting in touch here.

How do you make a 24/7 shift roster?

Our Free Roster Templates are both suitable for the creation of 24/7 Shift Rosters. Simply download the pack, choose between the Simple or Advanced template, and start creating your 24x7 Rosters. The budgeting and costing functions will all work perfectly, and you can manually adjust the column width if you need more space in the late night hours.

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