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Key Features

Manage employee hours digitally

staff attendance check-in on tablet

Modern Time Clock

staff attendance check-in on tablet

RosterElf's digital sign-in kiosk is the perfect solution for small businesses and large venues to replace outdated time cards and punch clocks.

The time clock mobile app is built for Android tablets and can be installed onto your job site to create a seamless arrival for employees, whether late or working overtime.

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Digital Clock in and out

Check-in and out digitally

RosterElf's time tracking and rostering software enables employees to clock in digitally and out of their rostered shifts.

The mobile app also uses patented GPS location technology, allowing employees to sign in from their smartphones once on-site. The GPS option is the perfect solution for businesses with employees working in multiple locations.

Businesses without a tablet, such as extensive hospitality or entertainment venues, are encouraged to download the app to track employee attendance.

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Check-in and out digitally
staff comment ability in app

Workforce Management

staff comment ability in app

More than just an easier way for employees to sign in, now, when employees arrive late or work overtime, they can leave a comment and a photo for managers to review when processing payroll.

All clock-in and clock-out data makes approving timesheets and processing payroll faster. Also, staff rostering time and attendance are monitored live with push notifications and email updates.

Managing your team just became a whole lot easier.

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Questions about RosterElf’s scheduling software?

RosterElf’s customer service experts are located in Australia and are here to help you answer questions, provide feedback on optimising your employee online roster, and solve any technical issues.

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"Easy to use. Great support."

5 Star Review

"The time clock app is a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform. I've used RosterElf for over 6 years now over 2 different venues, and its ease of use and smooth integration make it suitable for any business."

Jeremy Read | Butterfly 73

Manager’s online dashboard view

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