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Healthcare Scheduling

Schedule the right mix of doctors, nurses, caregivers and support staff. Coordinate rosters across multiple sites with our clever smartphone app.

Place the responsibility on your staff to update availability, leave requests and shift swap requests. Notify staff via email, SMS and push notifications at the moment rosters have been published.

Save time by copying previous days and weeks’ rosters and use them as templates for similar working conditions.

Roster According To Staff Availability

Narrow Your Search

"Staff can provide you with updated availability from their smartphones, and you can roster accordingly. Any leave requests or unavailabilities will pop up when rostering in staff. "

Time And Attendance

GPS Clock In/Out

For healthcare businesses with a remote workforce, RosterElf On the Go enables your employees to clock in and out for shifts from their personal smartphone.


Payroll Integration

Pay Staff Accurately

Select from rostered vs clock-in-out times in a single view including a variance calculator to display differences between rostered hours planned and actual hours worked.

Award Interpretation

Stick To Budget

With award interpretation setup, the costs for each shift and the week overall will be super accurate, taking into account different base rates of employees as well as penalty loadings and overtime allowances that apply.

Specialist Event Medical Service

Event Medical Plus







"RosterElf has been simply amazing for our business. What used to take us hours now takes minutes and the digital time and attendance..."

George Smith, General Manager

Event Medical Plus are based South Australia, and provide medical support to amongst the events and entertainment industry. Their staff provide a reliable and professional medical and clinical care. Staff at Event Medical Plus have a collective experience of over 50 years in the medical services industry.

Core Challenges




RosterElf Solutions

Clock In - Out

Payroll Integration and Award Interpretation

Budgeting Tool

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