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Health Roster: Advanced Healthcare Scheduling Software

Create an efficient staff schedule with RosterElf.

Our medical staffing software is designed to help you efficiently schedule the right mix of doctors, nurses, caregivers, and support staff for working hours. Experience the ultimate Health Roster solution with RosterElf. Our key features simplify your Health Roster management, including advanced rostering, time and attendance tracking, and real-time staff availability updates.

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Heathcare Industry RosterElf
  • RosterElf is particularly useful in the healthcare sector for its ability to simplify the complicated task of staff scheduling and time off requests.

  • By using RosterElf, healthcare administrators can easily manage shift rotations, accommodate staff preferences, and handle last-minute challenges without compromising patient care.

  • Features like time tracking, payroll integration and compliance with working hours regulations support healthcare facilities in managing their workforce efficiently and following legal and operational standards.
Heathcare Industry RosterElf
weekly roster view

Health Roster

weekly roster view

RosterElf is the perfect solution for your Health Roster needs. Our seamless electronic health rostering software simplifies the scheduling process, making it fast and easy to manage your healthcare team's Health Roster.                   


  • Manage healthcare professionals across multiple healthcare facilities.
  • Health roster templates allow you to publish the same roster week-to-week, saving you admin time.
  • Immediately notify staff members of updated and published health rosters with SMS and email notifications.

Time and Attendance

Shift swapping capabilities

Leverage our time and attendance feature within the Health Roster management system to ensure your staff are always on location when they’re supposed to be, enhancing the efficiency of your Health Roster management.


  • Healthcare team members are responsible for updating their availability and finding replacements for open shifts.
  • Track time and attendance using the digital clock in and out with live updates.
  • Manage healthcare staff attendance across multiple locations. 
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Staff Availability

Approved hours for payroll

Health Roster scheduling can be challenging when managing employee schedules across multiple locations with varying availabilities. RosterElf simplifies this process.                  


  • Staff can update their availability on the go using the user-friendly RosterElf mobile app.
  • Healthcare staff can swap shifts with the most qualified available staff using our' perfect match' algorithm.
  • Our Health Roster staff availability feature makes managing your healthcare team's schedule becomes more cloud-based, efficient and less time-consuming.

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Why choose RosterElf for your healthcare team?

Event Medical Plus is based in South Australia and provides medical support in the events and entertainment industry. Their staff provide reliable and professional medical and patient care.

Health Care

Core Challenges

  • Attendance                                             
  • Payroll                            
  • Budgeting

RosterElf Solutions

  • Clock In - Out                                          
  • Payroll, Award Interpretation                 
  • Budgeting Tool

We have the answers.

Health Roster FAQs

How does RosterElf streamline the Health Roster process in healthcare settings?

RosterElf streamlines the Health Roster process by offering intuitive scheduling tools, real-time staff availability updates, and automated shift schedules, ensuring efficient healthcare staff management.

Can RosterElf's Health Roster be used across multiple healthcare locations, and does it offer repeatable templates?

Yes, RosterElf's Health Roster can be used across multiple healthcare locations, offering repeatable templates for easy employee scheduling and consistent rostering across different sites.

How does RosterElf's Health Roster handle staff availability and shift swapping?

RosterElf's Health Roster manages staff availability and shift swapping with a 'perfect match' algorithm, allowing healthcare staff to update their availability and swap shifts seamlessly through a mobile app.

What Health Roster features does RosterElf offer for managing time and attendance of healthcare staff?

RosterElf provides digital clocking in and out, live attendance tracking, and shift swapping capabilities for managing healthcare staff's time and attendance efficiently in Health Rosters.

How are healthcare staff notified about their Health Rosters in RosterElf?

Healthcare staff are notified about their Health Rosters in RosterElf through instant SMS and email notifications, ensuring they are always informed and up-to-date.

What are the core challenges in Health Roster management that RosterElf addresses?

RosterElf addresses core Health Roster management challenges such as attendance tracking, payroll integration, and budgeting, offering solutions like digital clock-in and out, payroll integration, approving timesheets, and budgeting tools.

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