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A medical staffing software built to help you schedule the right mix of doctors, nurses, caregivers and support staff. The perfect Health Roster solution. Features to help you manage better include rostering, time and attendance, and updated staff availability.

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weekly roster view

Health Roster

weekly roster view

RosterElf is the perfect addition to managing your healthcare team. Our seamless electronic rostering software (eroster) makes scheduling staff fast and easy.                           


  • Manage healthcare professionals across multiple healthcare facilities.
  • Roster templates allow you to publish the same roster week-to-week, saving you admin time.
  • Notify staff of updated and publish rosters immediately with SMS and email notifications.

Time and Attendance

Shift swapping capabilities

Use our time and attendance feature to ensure your staff are always on location when they’re supposed to be.


  • Healthcare staff are responsible for updating their availability and finding replacements for open shifts.
  • Track time and attendance using the digital clock in and out with live updates.
  • Manage healthcare staff attendance across multiple locations. 
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Staff Availability

Approved hours for payroll

Healthcare staff scheduling can be challenging when there are multiple locations and availabilities. Our staff availability feature allows you to manage better.                           


  • Staff can update their availability on the go using the RosterElf mobile app.
  • Using our ‘perfect match’ algorithm, healthcare staff can swap shifts with the most qualified available staff.
  • Our staff availability feature allows you to manage better.

Meet Event Medical Plus

Why choose RosterElf for your healthcare team?

Event Medical Plus is based South Australia, and provide medical support amongst the events and entertainment industry. Their staff provide reliable and professional medical and clinical care.

Health Care

Core Challenges

  • Attendance                                             
  • Payroll                            
  • Budgeting

RosterElf Solutions

  • Clock In - Out                                          
  • Payroll Integration and Award Interpretation                 
  • Budgeting Tool

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