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Key Features

Staff Rostering Software to Replace Your Excel Spreadsheet

Magically Simple

Practical, Easy to Use, Online Employee Scheduling Program

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Take back your time with RosterElf’s complete roster software

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Simple Online Roster Software

Created by business owners, for business owners

RosterElf is built with you in mind. Our online staff scheduling tool handles all your employee rosters and scheduling needs.

  • Set business targets and save 4% on labour
  • Reduce time theft with a digital clock in and out
  • Eliminate human payroll error
  • Integrate payroll systems like Xero and MYOB
  • Keep employees up to date with Push Notifications and E-mail communication
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Key Benefits

Top 6 Benefits of a Roster Management Tool


Save Up To 8 Hours a Week

Save time with updated staff availability, simple roster building, communication updates instantly, approving time-sheets and entering payroll data.


Save 4% on Labour

Set financial business targets, view labor costs in real-time and approve staff hours by reducing time theft through a digital clock in and out.


Employee Accountability

Using the staff roster app, employees are responsible for keeping their availability up to date and are always aware of rostered shifts through clear staff communication.


Reduce Time Theft

Stick to your business budget and save money by reducing theft by tracking attendance and using our digital clock in/out.


Roster By Skillset

RosterElf’s unique ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm will ensure that the most qualified and available employees are rostered on for each shift and shift swaps.


Award Interpretation

With payroll software integration and award interpretation automatically calculated, you can ensure you are staying Fair Work compliant no matter the changes that occur in your roster.

Online rostering system built for your business

Rostering Software Reviews from our customers

Bert Mondello

What used to take us 8-10 hours per week is now taking under 5 minutes. Staff love the system too as they feel they have control over when they can work and we find we can now easily share available shifts amongst the team.


Purl Bar

Tim Arnold

We have been using RosterElf to handle rostering Team Holiday's 250+ and growing casual workforce for some time. We love being able to easily manage their ability to work live and action any changes with ease. Thanks, RosterElf!

-Tim Arnold

Team Holiday

Bronwyn Beadle

RosterElf has not only revolutionised our rostering processes from the perspective of roster costing, budgetary management and the integrity of published rosters, but it has also greatly improved staff satisfaction with rostering processes.

-Bronwyn Beadle

Nagambie Healthcare

Staff Rostering App

The easiest staff scheduling app for you and your business

RosterElf’s mobile app allows small businesses owners to manage staff availability, publish rosters, and approve staff leave and shift swap requests.

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Only Pay For What You Use

Find out why RosterElf has the fairest pricing model for small and medium businesses. No hidden costs. Pay as you go. Cancel anytime.

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Online Roster Support

RosterElf has a dedicated team of Account Managers to assist you 7 days a week.

RosterElf’s scheduling software experts are here to help you and your business with unlimited support.

RosterElf Offices


Perth, Sydney, Melbourne


We have the answers.

What is Rostering Software?

Rostering software is a tool for businesses to plan and communicate shifts with employees. RosterElf’s scheduling software also offers features such as employee availability management, digital time and attendance, and payroll integration to popular accounting software services.

What are digital time and attendance?

With electronic devices such as tablets and mobile, employees can record attendance at work. Clock in, break times and clock-out times can all be digitally captured and stored eliminating the need for manual paper time-sheets.

What is Award Interpretation?

Award Interpretation is the process of calculating the minimum legal amount of pay for hours worked, during a specific period, based on the relevant legal agreement (this legal agreement is called an 'Award').

What makes RosterElf different?

Business owners have designed RosterElf staff roster system for business owners. We understand the pains of managing a team manually and have built software that’s simple and powerful.

What is Roster Management?

Roster management refers to employee schedule management or workforce management. Managing a roster typically includes scheduling employees based on their position, location, availability, and responsibilities. After the schedule has been built, roster management requires publishing the schedule and managing any shift swaps or sudden changes.

Does RosterElf work with other software?

We sure do! RosterElf offers seamless payroll integration with accounting software including Xero, MYOB, Sage and EasyPayroll.

Is customer support available?

Our scheduling software experts are available via phone, email, or live chat. Feel free to send us an email at if you have any questions.

Where is RosterElf based?

RosterElf, a scheduling software in Australia, has offices in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

How much does RosterElf cost?

RosterElf's pricing is a pay-as-you-go system. Credits are deducted as you roster employees which means you only pay for what you use. Please visit our pricing page for more info.

What is Employee Roster?

An employee roster is a schedule that shows the days and times employees are required to work. An employer will publish an employee roster once staff have been scheduled according to their position, availability, day, and location. Reliable employee rosters help improve employee engagement and company morale.

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