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Employee Scheduling Software for Fitness Studios

Schedule fitness centre employees without the headache of juggling staff availability. RosterElf’s online rostering tool makes building team schedules fast and easy.

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Fitness Centre Employee Rostering Software

Manage your fitness centre staff and last-minute schedule changes without the headache using key features like online staff scheduling and the RosterElf Mobile app.

Transform Your Fitness Studio with Dynamic Staff Management

 Why Top Fitness Studios Choose Us 

Fitness Studio | RosterElf
  • The powerful rostering system allows fitness studio owners to easily create and publish employee schedules, enhancing efficiency and communication. 

  • Our Software offers flexibility for instructors, allowing them to indicate their availability and request time off directly within the system.

  • The Scheduling features save time for managers by quickly matching staff with the required slots, considering their availability and positions allotted.

  • RosterElf leads to a better experience for the studio's clients. With classes running smoothly and instructors fully prepared, customers enjoy high-quality fitness sessions.
Fitness Studio | RosterElf
weekly roster view

Simplified Scheduling

weekly roster view

Save hours on admin with the scheduling feature that makes it easy to build rosters for employees with different availability.                           


  • ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm makes sure you’re scheduling the right employees at the right times.
  • Use roster templates to streamline scheduling and keep class schedules consistent in real-time. 
  • Live budget tracker as you build your schedule so you can stay on budget.

Intuitive Mobile App to stay connected

Shift swapping capabilities

With RosterElf’s mobile app, you can manage your team from anywhere, now that’s flexible. Team members and instructors can also keep on top of their availability.                           


  • Update fitness centre staff on any work schedule changes immediately.
  • Build schedules and process payroll anytime, anywhere.
  • Approve hours worked at the end of each shift to save on admin time.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Process Payroll

Approved hours for payroll

The payroll integration feature allows you to completely streamline the payroll process without the need for inputting data.                           


  • Automatic award interpretation to remain fair work compliant
  • Get set up and process payroll in less time than it takes to open excel. 
  • Approve payroll at the end of each shift and export digital timesheets to your payroll solution. 

Clock in Digitally with the Time Clock App

Seamless Payroll Integration

Now your fitness studio employees can clock in and out of their shifts digitally using RosterElf’s time clock app.                           


  • Get notifications when staff clock in and out of shifts
  • The time clock app prompts your staff to leave a note explaining why they are late or worked overtime. 
  • Digital clock in and out helps reduce time theft and the need to manually input hours worked. 
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Fitness Studio Rostering Software

Fitness Studio Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your Fitness studio team?

RosterElf enables you to build more innovative schedules, simplify the payroll process, manage your team from anywhere and monitor time theft to help reduce labour costs. Managing your employees, no matter the location, shouldn’t be hard. And with RosterElf, it doesn’t need to be.

Core Challenges

  • Scheduling across multiple locations
  • Varying staff availability               
  • Processing payroll

RosterElf Solutions

  • Schedule staff across unlimited locations all in one place
  • Perfect Match’ algorithm so you don’t have to guess if you’ve got it right.
  • Payroll integration simplifies processing payroll.


We have the answers.

What if I need to schedule across more than one fitness studio location?

RosterElf allows you to add more than one fitness studio location and assign specific locations to specific employees, so you’re always building the smartest schedule possible.

Can I build my weekly fitness centre schedules based on my wage cost budget?

The live budget tracker enables you to build schedules around your budget and adjust each shift using slide bar technology until you’re on the money.

How much does RosterElf cost for my fitness centre?

You can learn more about RosterElf’s pricing plans here.

How can my fitness instructors update their availability?

Fitness centre staff can update their availability online through the RosterElf portal or via the RosterElf mobile app.

Can I notify the staff of roster changes?

Update staff of changes immediately using Push, SMS, and email notifications.

When is RosterElf available for support?

RosterElf’s team of scheduling experts is available for support via phone, email, live chat, and video call. Get in touch today here.

How can boutique fitness studio staff swap shifts?

Staff can swap shifts via the online portal and mobile app. Only employees with the same qualifications will be able to take the shift.

Can I build schedules based on when the fitness studio is busy?

RosterElf’s reporting tool gives you insight into metrics that enable you to understand when you’re busiest and schedule based on that information.

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