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Roster Employees By Skill Set and Availability

Let our AI tool find the best employee for each work roster shift

  • AI-driven algorithm suggests optimum shift allocations
  • Assign staff to positions they can work and cross train
  • Assign staff to sites and locations they can work to drive flexibility
  • Automatically view available and qualified employees for each  work roster shift
  • Select the perfect employee for each shift and roster in a flash
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Rostering Daily staff schedule view Rostering Daily staff schedule view

RosterElf AI Technology

Always select the optimum employee mix on any roster

Improved business efficiency

AI Driven Rostering

Let our AI algorithm suggest the perfect employee mix

Improved business efficiency

RosterElf's clever 'perfect match' system automatically recommends the most suited employee for each shift.

Our system considers employee qualifications, availability to work and leave applications to suggest the optimum roster.

Just approve and publish.

Cross Train Employees

Assign employees to positions they can work

Live Roster Costings

Employees can be assigned to positions where they can work across the business, enhancing the flexibility of your work roster.

Our system considers employee qualifications, availability to work and leave applications to suggest the optimum roster.

Cross-train your employees and create workplace flexibility for your business.

Live Roster Costings
Labour Percentage Budgeting

Multiple Sites

Assign employees to locations or departments for an efficient work schedule

Labour Percentage Budgeting

RosterElf will help your business easily share limited resources between locations or departments.

Employees can be assigned to work at a single or multiple locations/departments to provide maximum flexibility during the work rostering process.

Our platform will help you share employees across multiple sites without fear of rostering conflicts.

Perfect Match AI

Find the perfect employee for each shift

Digital Time and Attendance

RosterElf’s ‘Perfect Match’ AI system will automatically suggest the best employees for each shift.

The system considers qualifications, availability to work and leave applications to narrow the selection to only the most suitable employees for each shift.

Simply select your choice of employee and publish.

Digital Time and Attendance


5 Star Review

"RosterElf’s scheduling software has made it a breeze to manage a large group of workers. With people starting and finishing in different locations and staff with different pay rates and allowances, moving to electronic rostering has been a game changer."

Jesse Nelthorpe

Manager’s online dashboard view

Rostering By Skillset?

We have the answers.

What are positions on a roster?

A roster position is a function employees serve at a company. It includes the daily tasks and projects they must complete to assist the overall business operations.  Examples include chef, waiter, bar-tender, manager etc.

What are sites on a roster?

Sites within your business can be physical locations (Cafe A, Cafe B) or departments (front of house, bar, kitchen, function room).

How does RosterElf’s 'Perfect Match' AI work?

Our clever little AI tool helps find the optimum employee for each shift based on qualifications, availability, and skillset whilst considering existing roster conflicts.

What are cross-trained employees?

Cross-training involves training your staff to work in several positions or roles outside their everyday responsibilities. A cross-trained workforce gives significant flexibility to businesses and helps cover for employees who are sick or on leave.

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