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Time and Attendance Software

Accurate timesheets and attendance to make payroll easy

Digital Timesheets

No more paperwork with our Staff Time and Attendance Tracker

staff attendance check-in on tablet

GPS Smartphone Time Clock Apps

Live employee attendance updates

staff attendance check-in on tablet

RosterElf's smartphone mobile app allows users to access our GPS technology to ensure employees are on-site. Once verified, it will enable them to clock in and out from the convenience of their smartphone. They allow for accurate accountability for both the employee and your business. Learn more about our time clock app.

The GPS option is the perfect solution for businesses with employees working in multiple locations or businesses without a tablet, like large hospitality venues, festivals or entertainment precincts.

Customers can fully customise the app, including setting location coordinates and tailoring the GPS tolerance to suit requirements.

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Time Clock Tablet App

Real time onsite staff clock in system

approve payroll hours online

RosterElf's  Time Clock app for iOS and Android tablets is the perfect solution for businesses with fixed premises.

Simply mount an iPad or Android tablet in your business, download the app, and employees can seamlessly clock in and out of each shift.

The Time Clock app prompts employees to leave comments if they work outside rostered hours and includes a photo proof option, all within our rostering software.

approve payroll hours online
attendance tracking through app

Shift Time Auditing & Approval

Control your wage costs on the go

attendance tracking through app

As well as displaying live data on the RosterElf dashboard, all employee clock-in and out data are recorded in a simple place for RosterElf customers to review and process directly to our payroll integration.

RosterElf displays rostered time, clock-in and out times, and a variance summary by shift.

Employers can also review photo proof and staff comments to help decide on the hours they want to approve for payroll, make their selection and export directly. All within our rostering software.

Digital Timesheet Records

Keep digital records of timesheets and attendance

online timesheet for managers

Gone are the days of time cards and manual employee tracking systems. With RosterElf’s timesheet management apps, employees can record their shift which accurately produces a digital timesheet.

With accurate time management of employees, not only will your accountant be happy, but so will your bottom line.

online timesheet for managers
staff comment feature in-app

Digital Clock in and Out

The easiest time and attendance app

staff comment feature in-app

RosterElf's timesheet apps allow staff to seamlessly clock in and out of shifts on-site with their mobile apps or tablet apps. It prompts employees to leave a comment if they work over rostered hours or clock in late for a shift and include a photo proof option.

These apps are great for multiple employees and can replace your current timesheet calculator.

Payroll Integration

A work attendance system that works with your payroll software

budget of employee hours

At the end of each shift, you can approve all hours worked. Once staff timesheets are approved for payroll, you can export them to your preferred payroll software with our seamless payroll integration. Our integrations will help to prevent any timesheet compliance issues.

API or Export options include Xero, MYOB, Sage, and CSV export to hundreds of other accounting options.

Our payroll integration feature also automatically calculates award interpretation and overtime to ensure that you remain Fair Work compliant.

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budget of employee hours
staff comment feature in-app

Budget Report

Live updates on wage costs

staff comment feature in-app

RosterElf’s budgeting tool is simple and powerful. Calculating costs live as you build and adjust your roster before processing payroll.

With RosterElf’s live budget report, you can ensure that your staff roster is built with wage costs in mind.

Managers can compare wage costs vs sales costs and review shifts with timesheet hours vs rostered hours.

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Work Attendance App

RosterElf's clock in apps for your business

Keeping track of time entries and worrying about whether employees have completed their timesheets is no longer a worry. With RosterElf's free time clock app for Android and iOS, you can implement an easy attendance system.                    

Our attendance tracking app was built for business owners by business owners. 

                              RosterElf app for iOS

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"Magically Simple!"

5 Star Review

"RosterElf is great for managing a team of people, especially across multiple locations. With the mobile Apps, we can get staff clocking in and out at any site, and all the data feeds into Xero. Their customer support is great and really responsive. I’ve never had trouble getting in touch with them or having any issues solved. Definitely, one of the better staff rostering / payroll systems out there."

John Bozuwa | Lite Gyms

Manager’s online dashboard view

Time and Attendance Questions?

We have the answers.

How can my employees clock in and out?

RosterElf has two options for recording time and attendance - Tablet Kiosk or GPS Smartphone. The Tablet Kiosk can be wall mounted in your business, or the GPS Smartphone option allows employees to clock in and out using their smartphones.

What type of tablet device do I need?

RosterElf offers a free tablet app for both iOS and Android smartphones. Just head to Apple App Store or Google Play and download.

How does the GPS tolerance work?

The administrator can set the GPS locations for each site and the tolerance in metres that staff must be within to clock in or out from shifts. If employees are outside this tolerance, they will be unable to record attendance.

Can I have different locations for different sites?

Yes, you can create as many sites with individual GPS locations as you wish. Each site will require its own clock in and out event, and employees must be within the set distance.

Can employees leave notes if they are late to start or work back?

Employees can be prompted to leave a reason if they attempt to clock in and out outside of the set rostered time. This information is then presented when reviewing timesheets for payroll.

Why do I need time and attendance?

By automating time and attendance tracking, managers can ensure that employees are not working beyond their scheduled hours or taking breaks at the appropriate times. This way, you will ensure that you remain Fair Work compliant

Additionally, RosterElf software can generate reports on employee attendance and performance, providing managers with data to make informed decisions.

Does time and attendance integrate with payroll?

Managers can approve all hours worked. Once staff timesheets are approved for payroll, you can export them to your preferred payroll software with our seamless payroll integration. Our integrations will help to prevent any timesheet compliance issues.

Our payroll integration feature also automatically calculates award interpretation and overtime to ensure that you remain Fair Work compliant.

Is RosterElf the best time and attendance system?

RosterElf is Australia's best-rated time and attendance software. Using RosterElf will increase your staff's productivity, prevent time theft and streamline your payroll process. You will also ensure that you won't over or underpay your staff. Stay always Fair Work Compliant. Learn more about the benefits of a time and attendance system.

Which tablets are compatible for time clock?

RosterElf's Time Clock app is available for both iPad and Android tablets. Learn more

How to set up time and attendance for my business?

Time and Attendance is a feature that allows you to remove paper timesheets from your workplace. The feature is quick to set up and get started with straight away. Your staff can either clock in through a designated tablet at your Site or clock in from their smartphone. Both methods have inbuilt features to protect the business. 

The tablet option requires staff to use a unique pin code to clock in/out and can take their photo as proof optionally. The smartphone app requires staff to be within a radius of the site's GPS Location as determined by you. Learn how to set up time and attendance.

How to add staff to time clock?

Sometimes managers may need to call someone in to work last minute and will need to add them to the roster so they can clock in and out. Rather than needing to edit the roster and republish, in this situation, managers can add additional employees directly via RosterElf's Time Clock app. Learn how to add staff to time clock step-by-step.

What are my time and attendance settings options?

Learn all about the settings of our time and attendance tool.

Can I see a live time clock?

Yes, you can see live if staff is clocked in, late or not working. Learn more about live time clock.

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