Time and Attendance Software to help ease staff management

Replace staff timesheets with a digital clock in and out software.

  • Simplify time sheet attendance management
  • Get live updates of employee work time
  • Live reports on wage costs vs sale costs
  • Automatically calculate award interpretation
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Key Features

The Easiest Employee Time and Attendance Tracker

staff attendance check-in on tablet

Employee Attendance

Live employee attendance updates

With RosterElf’s timesheet software, you can see staff that are on shift, on break or late and at which venue.

As the manager, you’ll have full visibility into when staff start and stop their shift. You can also ensure that employees are taking the right breaks.

Payroll Integration

A work attendance app that works with your payroll software

At the end of each shift, you’ll be able to approve all hours worked. Once staff timesheets are approved for payroll, you can export to your preferred payroll software with our seamless payroll integration. Our integrations will help to prevent any timesheet compliance issues.

Our payroll integration feature also automatically calculates award interpretation and overtime to ensure that you remain Fair Work compliant.

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Staff Hours

Real-time staff hour verification

With RosterElf’s app, you can track employee time worked with our patented GPS location stamp technology. You then can verify their employee timesheets once verified that they are on-site and on-time.

Digital Timesheet Record

Keep digital records of timesheets and attendance

Gone are the days of time cards and a manual employee tracking system. With RosterElf’s timesheet management app, employees can record their shift which accurately produces a digital timesheet.

online timesheet for managers
staff comment feature in-app

Digital Clock in and Out

The easiest time and attendance app

RosterElf's timesheet app allows staff to seamlessly clock in and out of shifts on-site with their mobile devices. It prompts employees to leave a comment if they work over rostered hours or clock in late for a shift and include a photo proof option.

This app is great for multiple employees and can replace your current timesheet calculator.

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Budget Report

Live updates on wage costs

With RosterElf’s live budget report, you can ensure that your staff roster is built with wage costs in mind. Managers can compare wage costs vs sales costs, alone with timesheet hours vs rostered hours.

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Work Attendance App

RosterElf's clock in apps for your business

Keeping track of time entries and worrying whether employees have completed their timesheets is no longer a worry. With RosterElf's free time clock app for Android and ios, you're able to implement an easy attendance system

Our attendance tracking app was built for business owners, by business owners.

RosterElf app for iOS

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