Time and Attendance

Digital Timesheets

No More Paperwork

Creating and publishing weekly rosters is only half the job when managing staff timesheets. Most businesses need to keep records of actual time and attendance for both payroll and compliance purposes.

RosterElf solves the time and attendance challenge with our range of digital employee clock-in-out tools. Including photo check in, allowing for greater attendance validation.

We offer customers options to record employee time and attendance, either using a tablet or smartphone app.

Time Clock Tablet App

Mount in Your Business

RosterElf's Time Clock app for iOS and Android tablets is the perfect solution for businesses with fixed premises.

Simply mount an iPad or Android tablet in your business, download the app and employees can seamlessly clock in and out of each shift.

The Time Clock app prompts employees to leave comments if they work outside of rostered hours and also include a photo proof option.

GPS Smartphone App

Clock in Out in Your Pocket

RosterElf's smartphone app allows users to access our patented GPS technology to ensure employees are on site, and once verified, allows them to clock in and out from convenience of their personal smartphone. Allowing for accurate accountability for both the employee and your business.

The GPS option is the perfect solution for business who have employees working in multiple locations or businesses who don't have a tablet available like large hospitality venues, festivals or entertainment precincts.

Customers can fully customise the app including setting location co-ordinates and tailor the GPS tolerance to suit requirements.


Review For Payroll

Export Directly

All clock in and out data from employees are recorded in a simple place for RosterElf customers to review and process directly to payroll.

RosterElf displays rostered time, clock in and out times as well as a variance summary by shift.

Employers can also review photo proof and staff comments to help decide on the hours they want to approve for payroll, make their selection and export directly.

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