RosterElf Glossary

GPS Technology

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite navigation system used to determine the location or ground position of an object.

Some location-based smartphone apps including RosterElf will have the option to turn on location services.

Smartphones will have a location feature which can be turned off and on when required. This helps gather accurate information and users can find nearby cafes, find traffic information, and directions.

RosterElf’s smartphone app enables employees to clock in and out of their shift - providing more accurate digital timesheets for managers and business owners. Once tolerance and GPS location are set, employees can clock in once they have arrived at their site.

Employees can include comments and photo proof for managers to review when processing payroll. For RosterElf’s GPS Clock In/Out to work accurately, you will need to update the address of the site’s location.

Managers can then see the live clock in/out activity on the dashboard when they log in via the web version or their RosterElf smartphone app. GPS clock in and out is an alternative to RosterElf’s TimeClock tablet app, where business who don’t have access to a tablet, can enable GPS clock in with their smartphones if they prefer.

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