RosterElf Glossary


An algorithm is a set of rules or a process designed by a computer system to help perform a specific set of functions.

All operations you complete on your computer system such as saving a file, or spell checking consists of a set of well defined algorithms. Algorithms help solve a user problem or complete a function for the user.

RosterElf’s staff management software contains an algorithm and feature called the 'perfect match' algorithm and allows managers to find the best available and qualified staff to roster on during a specific shift.

An employee highlighted in green means that they are available and qualified to be rostered on for the specific shift. An employee highlighted in red means the staff member is currently on leave during that specific shift. An employee highlighted in grey means they are unavailable to work during that specific shift.

Our ‘perfect match’ algorithm saves you time trying to narrow down the search amongst your staff list, and allows managers to fill in multiple shifts accurately. This will help managers build and publish set rosters in advance and ensures staff are made accountable for their availability and working the best shifts available.

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