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RosterElf Glossary

A full guide to RosterElf terms and key features.

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Labour Percentage

Labour percentage is a measure used to evaluate a business's financial health over a period, such as a month, quarter, or year. This metric helps to assess whether a company's labour costs are proportionate to its sales revenue, which is important for effective management of human resources. By monitoring the percentage of working hours spent on labour costs, businesses can efficiently manage their budget and control overall costs by monitoring this percentage. This measure is especially beneficial for companies whose labour expenses comprise a significant part of their expenses.

Labour percentage provides a way for businesses to ensure that they spend their money wisely and are right on track to achieve their financial goals. RosterElf's live staff budgeting feature can help you do that by showing you the percentage of labour costs compared to your sales. This way, you can stay on budget and manage your business expenses more effectively for the long term.