RosterElf Glossary

Permission Levels

Permission levels relate to the access different users have within a software or login. Permission levels are helpful in limiting access to certain people and departments. RosterElf allows account owners to change permission levels for the account and also assign managers to different sites.

An account owner will have full access from adding staff, publishing rosters and processing payroll. An account owner also has access to view and update billing details for basic or pro accounts.

A general manager is assigned to have the same permission as an account owner - except a general manager does not have access to billing information or change permission levels.

A payroll manager is usually an accountant within your business. Payroll managers will only have access to process payroll and adding/removing staff. Payroll managers will not have access to publish rosters or see billing information.

Managers can be assigned to the different sites in the account. This will allow managers to focus on their staff list and can roster, add staff, and process payroll for their site. Managers won’t have access to other sites’ rosters, staff or payroll information.

Assistant managers are assigned to only publish rosters and view only staff, positions and sites without being able to edit or change this. Assistant managers will not have any access to payroll information or budgeting.

General staff will have access only to view their shifts, request leave or shift swaps and a very limited view of settings where they can update their personal contact information.

Please speak to a support representative to help with setting permission levels. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 353 000 or



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