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RosterElf Glossary

A full guide to RosterElf terms and key features.

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Leave request

A leave request is a formal application that full-time, part-time, and casual employees submit to their managers to request time off work, including sick leave, long service leave, and other types of leave. By submitting a request in advance, employees can give their managers sufficient time to review and approve their leave and help team members plan their work schedules accordingly. When an employee requests leave, it helps the manager plan for the absence and find qualified staff to cover their work. This ensures that the organisation continues to operate efficiently and without any disruptions. 

The manager can review the employee's request and decide whether to accommodate their absence based on workload, staffing levels, and business needs. Submitting a leave request is a critical process that allows organisations to manage their workforce effectively, maintain productivity levels, and ensure that employees receive their required time off work.