RosterElf Glossary

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a project management tool, developed as a visual view of key tasks over a selected period of time.

Gantt charts can be used to plan projects of all sizes and can be useful in displaying what work is scheduled for the day.

RosterElf’s daily view displays a Gantt chart style, where managers can adjust shift times and add employees to the roster. This view is helpful in visually overseeing any gaps or overlaps during the days shift and you can also copy one day’s shift to another.

When publishing a roster, RosterElf’s daily view displays each shift with a Gantt chart style which outlines each shift start and end times.

The Gantt chart style incorporates a horizontal sliding bar, making it easy for managers and business owners to adjust start and finish times of each shift.

The Gantt chart style allows managers to see gaps or overlaps of shifts for the day. Managers can shift between a daily and weekly view to see shifts. When in weekly view, the sliding bar in the Gantt chart gets replaced by a time field to enter start and finish time of a shift.

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