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RosterElf Glossary

A full guide to RosterElf terms and key features.

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Gantt Chart

A tool commonly used to manage and schedule projects is called a Gantt chart, which visually represents the project timeline. It displays tasks or events on a timeline as bars, representing their start and end times. This helps track progress and identify overlapping tasks. 

RosterElf uses this format to display daily shift rosters for managers and their team members. It allows managers to adjust shift times and allocate staff while identifying potential scheduling conflicts or gaps. The Gantt chart style also enables managers to keep track of their employees' worked hours visually and copy one day's shift to another. With RosterElf's daily view, managers can publish a roster that displays each employee's shift with a Gantt chart, providing a comprehensive outline of each shift's start and end times. RosterElf is a powerful management solution that simplifies the process of scheduling shifts.