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The art of workforce management

With businesses operating under a new normal, managers struggle to find ways to keep employees engaged and on-track. By integrating labour management solutions, the company is utilising a set of processes that optimises a businesses performance and increases employee effectiveness.

Most importantly, the best workforce management tools increase employee engagement as it requires all the tasks needed to run an engaged and efficient team.

Today, employee management makes communicating, budgeting, awarding and rostering your team fast and easy. Gone are the days of unnecessary administration time and human error. Now you can use that time to engage with employees to increase customer service and company morale.

Workforce Management Team Processes

RosterElf’s online rostering software functions as a workplace management software with key processes included in its functionality.

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Forecasting and budgeting

Optimize staff rosters to meet labour demands

By forecasting, businesses can foresee the demand and staff needed to meet at that demand at any given point. Your sales forecast can then be added to your budget. RosterElf enables you to budget how many staff the business can afford to have on.

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Staff Scheduling

Automate staff scheduling and save time

RosterElf’s staff scheduling feature allows companies to automate scheduling with consideration for staff availability, absences and vacation. Using our staff scheduling tool, you can save time and always ensure you are never understaffed.

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full customisable pay template

Time and Attendance

Manage unplanned time and attendance issues

Time and attendance before workforce management required constant follow-up with employees, pushing approval for payroll. With our time an attendance tool, you can better track absences, improve payroll accuracy and address lateness.

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Payroll Integration

Quick and easy payroll processes

RosterElf’s seamless payroll integration allows you to pull payroll data from our workforce management software. Managers can now approve payroll at the end of the shift and sync timesheets for any payroll changes.

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Staff Roster App

The easiest roster management app for you and your business

RosterElf’s mobile app allows small businesses to manage staff availability, publish rosters, approve staff requests and request shift swaps.

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