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Chiropractor Staff Management Software

Focus on retaining clients and building out your practice with an online Chiropractic staff rostering and payroll solution that reduces time spent on administrative tasks.

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Chiropractic Roster Software Redefined for Clinics  

RosterElf highly improves patient satisfaction by making sure that the staff are scheduled accordingly and are available to see and take care of the patients.

The Staff Management software is very useful in controlling labour costs, ensuring that there are no unnecessary overtime expenses and that the clinic is adequately staffed without overstaffing during slow periods.

The integration with Payroll systems can automate payroll processing and reduce errors. It saves a lot of time and money as well. Features like award interpretation and leave management help the chiropractic clinics comply with labour laws ensuring no legal issues.

weekly roster view

Roster your team of Chiropractors in minutes

weekly roster view

Build conflict-free schedules for your team of chiros in just minutes. Save these schedules as roster templates so you can save time rostering.                           


  • Roster staff based on your practice’s budget using the live budget tracker. 
  • Staff can update availability in real-time so you can schedule the right chiro with the right client. 
  • ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm suggests the right chiropractor for the session based on staff qualifications, eligibility and availability.

Build out your chiropractic practice

Shift swapping capabilities

Make more time building out your practise and serving your clients better with RosterElf’s budget tracking and time clock app. With these, you can reduce overstaffing and manually entering data.                           


  • Reduce overhead costs for your chiro practice using the live budget tracker.
  • Cross-check hours worked to hours scheduled using digital timesheets to reduce time theft and wage costs. 
  • Track and monitor impacts on your bottom line in real-time with the custom reporting feature.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Save time on processing payroll

Approved hours for payroll

The seamless payroll feature helps you improve cash flow and process payroll quicker with automatic award interpretations and payroll integration.                           


  • RosterElf integrates with major payroll solutions in less than a few minutes.
  • Export digital timesheets created from the time clock app directly to your payroll software.  
  • Automatic award calculations keep your chiro practice fair work compliant.  

Keep your team of Chiropractors and Office Staff connected

Seamless Payroll Integration

Keep your staff connected with the RosterElf mobile app. Available for both Apple and Android, it’s the perfect solution to empowering your employees.                           


  • Staff have access to schedule information, availability and can submit leave requests at their fingertips.
  • Update your team with last-minute schedule changes via SMS and email notifications. 
  • Build rosters and conflict-free schedules and approve hours worked from the palm of your hand.  
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Chiropractic Clinice Rostering Software

Chiropractor Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your Chiropractic Practice team?

By saving time on administrative tasks like scheduling, processing payroll, approving hours worked and reviewing leave requests, you can make more time for growing your practice and giving your clients the best service possible.

Core Challenges

  • Updating staff with shift times
  • Scheduling based on qualifications
  • Payroll Processing

RosterElf Solutions

  • Use the RosterElf mobile app to immediately update your team of chiros with SMS and email notifications.
  • ‘Perfect Match’ ensures you are matching the right staff with appointments.
  • Payroll integration and automatic award interpretation take the headache out of processing payroll.


We have the answers.

Does RosterElf automatically calculate chiropractor awards?

Yes, RosterElf provides automatic award calculations when processing payroll to keep your fair work compliant.

What access does the chiropractor team have?

Access to features depends on the staff members role. Empower your team of chiropractors to update their availability, swap shifts with other qualified staff, leave comments if they’ve worked overtime, arrive late, or miss a break.

Can I manage my Chiropractic Practice staff budget through RosterElf?

Features like the live budgeting tool, reporting and payroll processing allow you to stay on top of your business operations.

Can I build my staff schedules around appointment demand?

Whether your rostering for appointments is ongoing or one-off, you can build schedule templates that make managing your team of chiropractors easier.

How can I make sure that I schedule the most suitable chiropractors for the right patients?

RosterElf’s ‘perfect match’ algorithm ensures that the most qualified chiropractors are suggested for the suitable shifts as you build your schedule. Factors include staff profile, qualifications, practice location and availability. Staff are also only allowed to swap shifts with other staff that fit the exact requirements for that shift.  

Can I schedule chiropractors across more than one location?

With RosterElf, you can schedule staff to multiple locations. You can also set which practise each staff member can work.  

Is RosterElf a Chiropractic Practice management software?

RosterElf is a workforce management tool that allows you to manage staff, process payroll, keep track of your business budget and monitor time and attendance.

Do I have to pay for every Chiropractor on my roster?

When using RosterElf, you only pay for your active employees. To learn more about pricing, click here.

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