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Rostering Software for Security Companies

RosterElf provides fast and easy rostering for your security teams. You can roster across multiple locations quickly with complete visibility on hours worked, staff availability, and leave requests.

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Security Guard Scheduling & Time Clock Software

Security staff rostering, also known as security staff scheduling or shift planning, is the process of creating and managing work schedules for security personnel.

It involves determining which security officers or guards will be on duty at specific times, on particular days, and at specific locations. This is crucial in ensuring the effective and efficient security of a facility or property.

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weekly roster view

GPS-Based Time and Attendance

weekly roster view

Use our time and attendance feature to ensure you’re staff are on location.                           


  • Oversee multiple job sites with security staff across multiple job sites at any given time. 
  • Track staff time and attendance using the digital clock in and out on iOS, Android, or tablet apps.
  • Staff must keep their availability updated and find replacements for missed shifts.

Staff Budgeting

Shift swapping capabilities

Stay on budget while managing security staff across multiple locations with our live budgeting tool. 


  • Multiple events and locations? Budget for each one to ensure you stay on track. 
  • RosterElf gives you live visibility into the cost of your roster as you schedule staff.  
  •  Approve staff hours worked with digital timesheets and time tracking. 
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Security Staff Availability

Approved hours for payroll

Our staff availability feature allows you to manage better across multiple locations.                           


  •  Security staff can update their availability on the go using the RosterElf mobile app.
  • Ensure security staff can swap shifts with the most qualified available staff using shift swaps.
  • Streamline communication amongst your team using SMS and Email notifications.  

Core Challenges

  • Make Quick Changes               
  • Qualified Staff   
  • Updating Availabilities

RosterElf Solutions

  • Smartphone App                
  • Perfect Match
  • Update Weekly Availabilities

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