Make managing staff easier with auto shift swapping

RosterElf’s auto shift swap feature empowers staff to manage their own shift swaps but gives managers full control of the process, making it easier for you to fill your roster.

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Key Features

Manage employee roster changes simply

full customisable pay template

Shift Change Requests

An automatic scheduling feature on your mobile

Employees can manage auto shift swapping through their account on the RosterElf mobile app. Employees can tap the shift they want to swap and leave a comment why.

Once requested, RosterElf will automatically select qualified employees who are available to be notified. Once a replacement is found to get the shift covered, a notification is sent for management approval.

Manager Approval

Get roster updates right away

As a manager, you'll get a notification right away of any roster change requests. This allows you to keep on top of requests pending or those requiring approval.

You can approve shift changes within your RosterElf account. All requests are listed in order of priority, managers click the shift to show shift details and then click approve.

accurate budgeting done online
full customisable pay template

Perfect Match Algorithm

Fill your roster with the right staff every time

When a staff member requests a shift swap, RosterElf automatically selects employees that are a perfect match to fill it. Only those who are qualified to work the change will receive a notification.

Through RosterElf's perfect match algorithm, managers no longer have to worry about finding the right staff to fill the gaps. The shift swapping software automatically does this for you.

Employee scheduling app

RosterElf's team scheduling software on the go

RosterElf's iOS and Android mobile rostering apps make it easy to build and update your work roster anywhere, anytime.

You can change shift times, add new shifts, and swap shifts all from your phone. With RosterElf’s push notifications enabled on all mobile devices as well as email, your employees will know when there’s been a change.

Staff shifts available to edit on app

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