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Easy Employee Shift Swaps

Make the process of trading shifts simple

  • Make shift swaps and trades easy for everyone
  • Employees can request directly from smartphone app
  • Automatic replacements suggested for management approval  
  • Ensure everyone is kept informed of changes
  • Customisable shift swap settings

RosterElf’s auto shift swap feature empowers staff to manage their own shift swaps but gives managers full control of the process, making it easier for you to fill your roster.

Key Features

Manage employee roster changes simply

full customisable pay template

Shift Change Requests

An automatic scheduling feature on your mobile

full customisable pay template

Employees can manage auto-shift swapping through their accounts on the RosterElf mobile app. Employees can tap the shift they want to swap and leave a comment about why.

Once requested, RosterElf will automatically select qualified employees who are available to be notified. Once a replacement is found to get the shift covered, a notification is sent for management approval.

Manager Approval

Get roster updates right away

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As a manager, you'll immediately get a notification of any roster change requests. This allows you to keep on top of pending requests or those requiring approval within the rostering software.

You can approve shift changes within your RosterElf account. All requests are listed in order of priority; managers click the shift to show shift details and then click approve.

accurate budgeting done online
full customisable pay template

Perfect Match Algorithm

Fill your roster with the right staff every time

full customisable pay template

When a staff member requests a shift swap, RosterElf automatically selects employees that are a perfect match to fill it. Only those who are qualified to work the change will receive a notification.

Through RosterElf's perfect match algorithm, managers no longer have to worry about finding the right staff to fill the gaps. The shift-swapping software automatically does this for you.

Employee scheduling app

RosterElf's team scheduling software on the go

RosterElf's iOS and Android mobile rostering apps make it easy to build and update your work roster anywhere, anytime.

You can change shift times, add new shifts, and swap shifts all from your phone. With RosterElf’s push notifications enabled on all mobile devices and email, your employees will know when there’s been a change.

                              Staff shifts available to edit on app

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Shift Swaps & Shift Trades


How does auto shift swap work?

RosterElf’s auto shift swap allows workers to simply tap their shift whenever they want to swap their schedule with another employee. As soon as a replacement can cover the said shift, the platform will notify the management to approve the shift swap.

Does this software automate shift swaps?

Yes, our software can automate shift swaps using the auto shift swap feature that allows you to quickly fill up your roster without putting in more work hours.

What features does the best staff shift swap software have?

Our Award Interpretation feature is one of the best parts of the staff shift swap software. With this one, you can easily manage the shift swaps between employees and the Award Interpretation automatically updates the rates and benefits that apply for the new person undertaking the shift. No more rummaging around on payroll day to sort out pay rates.

How do I approve a staff shift swap in the app?

After the staff members have requested and accepted a shift swap, you can simply tap approve on the app once you have agreed to the staff shift swap. The staff will then be notified of the approved new shifts.

How do you decline a staff shift swap in this software?

You can simply decline a staff shift swap with one click on the software. The relevant parties will then be notified of the declined swap and can request an alternative swap or contact management to discuss.

What staff shift swap software should I use for my business?

The staff shift swap software you should use for your business is RosterElf. With our staff rostering software, you can schedule everything while on the go, which gives you more flexibility and time to manage your business.

What is a shift swap?

Shift swap is a business process that allows employees who have already been allocated a shift to request that another employee works their shift instead. Shift swaps often happen when employees realise they can no longer work at a particular time due to personal commitments. 

How can employees request shift swaps?

Employees can quickly request shift swaps using their smartphone by finding the shift they want to trade and clicking 'request swap'. Read more about the feature HERE.

Can I disable the ability for my employee to request shift swaps?

Our shift swap feature is optional. If you do not want employees to be able to trade shifts, the shift swap feature can be deactivated. Learn how HERE.

Should I let employees swap shifts?

At first glance, many business owners don't like the idea of allowing employees to shift swap. However, allowing employees to trade shifts if needed can save managers a lot of time and headaches. The key to making shift swaps work is to use technology to automate the process of requesting and finding a replacement but ensuring managers get complete control to approve or decline any changes. Learn how managers can approve or decline shift trades HERE

How do employees request a shift swap?

Employees can request a shift swap directly through the RosterElf mobile app, selecting the shift they wish to swap and proposing the swap to eligible colleagues.

What happens after a shift swap is requested?

The request is sent to management for approval, and the software automatically generates suggestions for suitable replacements.

Can shift swap requests be automatically approved?

Management has the option to review and manually approve swap requests, ensuring oversight and control.

How are suitable replacements suggested?

The software considers staff availability, qualifications, and work hours preferences to suggest the best replacements.

Are employees notified of shift swap opportunities?

Yes, notifications are sent out to all eligible employees when a swap request is made.

How does the shift swap feature handle overstaffing or understaffing?

The system is designed to maintain optimal staffing levels, preventing overstaffing or understaffing through intelligent swap suggestions.

What are the benefits of shift swapping?

Shift swapping can be beneficial for both employees and employers. 

For employees, it can provide more flexibility in their work schedules and help them to avoid conflicts with personal commitments. 

For employers, it can help to fill staffing gaps and ensure that there are always enough employees on the job.

How can I track shift swap requests in RosterElf?

You can track shift swap requests in RosterElf through the manager dashboard. This allows you to see all pending requests or those requiring approval. You can approve or decline shift changes directly from your RosterElf account.

How can I use the shift swap feature to improve my team's schedule?

RosterElf’s auto shift swap feature allows employees to easily request shift changes and managers to approve or deny them. This can help improve your team’s schedule by:

Filling open shifts: When an employee needs to swap a shift, the software can automatically find another qualified employee to fill it. This can help you avoid the hassle of finding someone to cover the shift yourself.

Accommodating employee needs: Employees can request shift changes for personal reasons, such as childcare or appointments. Allowing employees to swap shifts can help improve morale and reduce absenteeism.

Reducing scheduling conflicts: If two employees want to swap shifts, the software can help ensure that both shifts are covered and that there are no scheduling conflicts.

Overall, using RosterElf’s auto-shift swap feature can help you create a more flexible and efficient schedule for your team.

How can I ensure that shift swaps are fair and equitable?

The managers can ensure that shift swaps are fair and equitable by using the software to automate the process of requesting and finding a replacement and then approving or declining any changes.

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