Automatic Shift Swaps

Staff Requests

They Happen

The reality is, even if the perfect roster is published, all businesses are likely to receive shift swaps requests from employees due to personal reasons

instead of a manual request process, RosterElf’s automatic shift swap feature gives managers full control of the process without the headache

Easy Swap Requests

Via App or Web

Employees can easily request a shift swap with a click by logging into their RosterElf account, finding the shift they want to change and requesting a swap.

Once requested, RosterElf will automatically send a request to all available and qualified employees, seeking a confirmed potential replacement and then sending a notification to managers for approval.

Shift Swap Notifications

Keep On Top Things

In addition to email notifications, managers can easily keep on top of shift swap requests pending or those requiring approval within their RosterElf account.

All shifts swaps are listed in priority order to be approved or declined by managers.

Qualified Replacements

Find The Right Employee

When a shift swap is automatically offered to other employees in the business, the notification is limited only to employees who are both qualified to be rostered on the position and those that are not already working or on leave.

The end result is managers can approve any shift swap with confidence without the need to check staff availability.

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