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Supermarket Staff Scheduling Software

RosterElf provides magically simple rostering software for supermarket and grocery managers to schedule staff and manage the day-to-day operations on the go.  

No more chasing staff for availability or missing labour targets.

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Easy Employee Scheduling for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Whether you manage a small local supermarket or a big box store, RosterElf makes it easy to schedule grocery store staff, track real-time attendance, communicate changes with your team and manage labour operations.

Embrace the Digital Transformation of Staff Management

Supermarket Scheduling Revolution: Why Roster Software is a Must

Roster software for supermarket | RosterElf
  • Supermarkets often have many employees working shifts that cover early mornings, late evenings, and weekends. RosterElf allows managers to easily create and manage shifts, taking into account peak hours, staff availability, and leave requests. This ensures that the supermarket is adequately staffed at all times, improving operational efficiency.

  • The Software allows employees to clock in and out of shifts using a smartphone app, reducing time theft and payroll errors while simplifying overtime management.

  • It helps manage labour costs in supermarkets by providing tools to forecast labour needs based on sales data. This prevents overstaffing during slow periods and understaffing during peak times, thereby controlling labour costs without compromising on customer service.

  • RosterElf allows supermarket employees to manage their work schedules, availability, time off, and shift swaps using their mobile devices. This improves employee satisfaction and retention while reducing managers' administrative workload.

Roster software for supermarket | RosterElf
weekly roster view

Build staff schedules to meet demand

weekly roster view

Efficiently manage the demand in your grocery store or supermarket by scheduling staff based on your roles, qualifications, availabilities and location.                     


  • Build schedules according to staff availability and budget
  • Send the roster to your team from anywhere.
  • ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm ensures conflict-free schedules every time.

Accurate time and attendance tracking

Shift swapping capabilities

RosterElf’s time clock tablet apps or staff iOS / Android Apps make it easy for staff to clock in, record their exact hours, take breaks and clock out.                     


  • Managers can view real-time attendance updates, including who’s working, on break or late. 
  • Verify, approve and export timesheets to process payroll instantly
  • Grocery store staff can clock in and out hygienically using the RosterElf app.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Manage last-minute changes easily

Approved hours for payroll

With multiple locations and dozens of staff, it can be challenging to ensure things run smoothly. But, even when circumstances change, RosterElf makes it easy to adapt to the changes.                     


  • Employees can swap shifts without the need for a manager. 
  • Take communication on the go with the RosterElf mobile apps
  • Managers receive a notification when staff are late or sick to fill the shift immediately.
  • Find replacements using the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm and mobile-friendly notifications. 

Integrate payroll with your grocery accounting software

Seamless Payroll Integration

RosterElf’s supermarket scheduling software ensures you can push staff payroll data through to your accounting system with ease.                     


  • Direct API connect with Xero for Rostering and payroll data transfer.
  • Export Payroll data files to many accounting and payroll systems like MYOB, Sage, or anything accepting a CSV import.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Supermarket Staff Rostering Software

Grocery Store Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf to manage your supermarket?

RosterElf makes managing the day-to-day operations of your grocery store fast and easy with staff scheduling, communication and time and attendance all in one place. With the help of RosterElf, you can focus on the things that matter - running a smooth operation.

Core Challenges

  • Building conflict-free schedules across multiple locations.                                
  • Updating staff with changes immediately. 
  • Processing payroll and hours worked.   

RosterElf Solutions

  • Update staff qualifications and schedule easily across more than one location. 
  • Use SMS and email notifications to update staff immediately. 
  • Digital time and attendance connect with your chosen payroll provider.


We have the answers.

How does the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm work?

The ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm ensures that staff are available for the correct positions based on qualifications,  availability, and location. 

It takes the guesswork out of getting the right staff, in the right roles, for the right shifts.

Can I save my grocery store staff weekly schedule?

If you use regular weekly schedules, you can use roster templates to make your job easier. Simply save your preferred template and apply it to future weeks.

You can also quickly copy and replicate days on the roster to any other day of the week to speed up your staff scheduling.

How many staff and locations can I use with my RosterElf account?

You can have an unlimited number of supermarket locations on your RosterElf account. In addition, you only pay per active employee monthly, so if you have seasonable staff, you can mark them inactive in months they don't work.

Can supermarket employees swap shifts with staff at other locations?

Using the 'Perfect Match' algorithm, staff can swap shifts with their team without a manager getting involved (outside of approvals). When staff members want to swap, they can only trade with other staff members that meet the same criteria requirements of their shift.

Does RosterElf automatically calculate grocery store staff awards?

With our automated Award Interpretation feature, awards are automatically calculated based on the role, qualifications, and pay template to ensure you can remain Fair Work compliant.

Does RosterElf integrate with my payroll software?

RosterElf offers payroll integration with significant payroll software, including  Xero,  MYOB and  Sage.

Can I schedule staff based on the demand of the grocery store?

Using the live staff budgeting tool and the reporting features, you can build schedules and manage staff to meet the demands of your supermarket and your P&L.

Is this a good Rostering Solution for IGA stores?

It certainly is; we have many Independent Grocers using RosterElf to manage their staff rostering,  calculate and apply enterprise awards, and manage staff on the go.

Does RosterElf have a free trial?

Yes! We’d love to give you the chance to try our supermarket employee scheduling software first before you commit, so we’ll give you  15 days with no credit card needed to sign up.

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