Pay staff correctly with automatic award interpretation

Calculating staff awards is now simple with RosterElf's award interpretation software tool and staff scheduling system. Forget spending hours ensuring each employee has the right rates and overtime allowances, we’ll do the work for you.

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How can RosterElf help with award pay rates?

Online customisable pay template

Fully customisable pay templates

Every industry and occupation have a unique award, and your business may even have a non-standard enterprise agreement. Either way, using RosterElf’s innovative award interpretation tool, you can easily set up your pay templates and assign them to employees for which they apply.

RosterElf will do the rest of the work.

Control costs with accurate budgeting

With award interpretation setup, the cost for each shift will calculate, taking into account the wage of employees on rostered days as well as penalty rates and public holidays. This will help to ensure compliance with Fair Work Australia.

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Fast and easy payroll processing

With RosterElf's payroll integration, your modern award rules are automatically applied. You then can import the data directly into your chosen accounting or payroll software. This saves considerable time and minimises any potential data entry errors in one easy process.

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What is 'Award Interpretation'?

All Australian businesses must undertake an award interpretation to determine the minimum legal pay rates and conditions for their workforce and industry, as determined by Fair Work Australia - the Australian industrial relations tribunal. There are around 122 different awards which cover a range of other industries and sectors.

Every industry and occupation should have an award, and your business may even have a non-standard enterprise agreement. For example, a retail clothing outlet would fall under the MA000004: General Retail Industry Award 2010 or an aged care business service would fall under the MA000018 Aged Care Award.

RosterElf offers full award interpretation within our software to ensure your budgeting is accurate and that your payroll is compliant with Fair Work Australia legislation.

When exporting to payroll, specific award interpretation rules are imported directly to your chosen accounting payroll software. By setting up pay templates and including all award interpretations for your industry, and it removes the need to manually having to enter each award for each staff.

Which award are you?

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What is Award Interpretation

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