Award Interpretation

Get Your Award Right

Stay Compliant

Award interpretation is the process all Australian business need to undertake to determine the minimal legal pay rates and conditions for their workforce as determined by Fair Work Australia.

RosterElf offers full award interpretation within our software to ensure your budgeting is accurate and that your payroll is compliant with Fair Work Australia legislation.

Fully Customisable

Set And Forget

Every industry and occupation should have its own award and your business may even have a non-standard enterprise agreement.

Either way, using RosterElf’s clever award interpretation tool, you can easily set up your pay templates and assign them to employees for which they apply.

RosterElf will do the rest of the work.

Accurate Budget

Know Your Real Costs

Accurate budgeting when rostering is vital for businesses wanting to control labour costs.

With award interpretation setup, the costs for each shift and the week overall will be super accurate, taking into account different base rates of employees as well as penalty loadings and overtime allowances that apply.

Publish rosters with confidence knowing all the costs at your fingertips.

Export to Payroll

Zero Data Entry

RosterElf makes payroll processing a breeze as our clever exporter will automatically apply your specific award interpretation rules and present data into a format that can be imported directly into your chosen accounting or payroll software.

This saves considerable time and minimises any potential data entry errors all in one easy process.


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