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For a call centre to be run smoothly, you need to be able to spend your time on what matters, on call and interacting with customers.

Chasing staff for availability their to work, handling shift swap requests and managing paper timesheets are just some of those time consuming jobs that can make retail management a challenge.

RosterElf makes rostering and payroll simple for call centre managers through our easy-to-use rostering tool, range of mobile apps, and full payroll integration.

Staff Availability

Take Away The Stress

Keep track of each employee’s availability and leave requests. Roster according to availability and if a staff member is qualified for the shift. Staff can update their availabilities at any time with our clever smartphone app.

Fully Costed Rosters

Adjust For Your Sales

Keep an eye on what your published shifts are going to cost your business. Managers can enter in projected sales figures and understanding labour cost to revenue.

Clock In Out

No More Timesheets

Have staff clock in and out of their shift and keep track of time and attendance. If staff happen to work outside of rostered hours they will be able to leave a note and details. You will be able to approve hours for payroll based on clock in and out information.

Payroll Intergration

Award Interpretation Done

Once you are happy and have approved the hours worked - you can then send this information to your payroll provider with full award interpretation calculated.

Passion For Food

Fresh Provisions







"RosterElf has been simply amazing for our business. What used to take us hours now takes minutes and the digital time and attendance..."

George Smith, General Manager

At Fresh Provisions our passion for food is all about helping customers meet their dietary of ethical food requirements. Our speciality products include seasonal locally produced fresh foods, a range of organics, fermented, gluten free and vegan goodies to mention a few. Fresh Provisions emphasis is on making fresh quality food available to suit our customer's needs and that customers to get value beyond the price at the checkout. Boasting an extensive range of gourmet and everyday products we want to encourage our customer's passion for food in the kitchen.

Achieving our WHY is not possible without the network of businesses we have established since 1989. Fresh Provisions has a strong reputation for supporting Western Australian growers and small batch manufacturers and we have dealings with hundreds of suppliers on a monthly basis.

Core Challenges

Smart Budgeting

Attendance Records

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Award Interpretation

Clock In-Out

Payroll Approved Add-Ons

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