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Hospitality Rostering Software

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Hospitality Rostering Tool

Hospitality Rostering and Payroll Software

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Hospitality Rostering Tool

  • Hospitality rostering is the process of creating work schedules for employees or team members in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes. 
  • Effective rostering is crucial to ensure that the optimal number of staff with the necessary skills are scheduled for work hours to meet the demands of the business while considering employee availability and labour laws.
  • The most successful operators carefully adjust their weekly schedule to ensure the seasonal peaks and troughs in sales are reflected in the labour budget to maximise profitability while ensuring high levels of customer service. 
  • Try RosterElf for free to see how it can transform your hospitality staff management. 

Simple and Powerful Hospitality Rostering

Employee Rostering Features Made for Hospo

Hospitality Employee Scheduling

RosterElf's simple scheduling tool makes planning and communicating hospitality work rosters easy.

Managers can publish rosters on either our cloud-based platform or even directly from our free iOS and Android apps on the go. 

Not sure of the best employee or staff member for a shift? Our innovative 'Perfect Match' algorithm will automatically suggest the most suitable employees for each shift, considering a range of data, including employee leave, shift conflicts, availability to work, qualifications and labour cost.

Even easier, at the click of a button, copy a past employee schedule or re-use a roster template to make the process even faster. 

Hospitality Employee Scheduling
Hospitality Roster Budgeting

Optimise Labour Costs to Meet Demand

Live Labour Budgeting

Hospitality Roster Budgeting

Use RosterElf's live budgeting tool to maximise profit in your venue week after week. 

Easily view labour costs, average pay rate and even labour percentage live as you build your employee schedule and then adjust shift times to optimise efficiency based on demand. 

Our drag-and-drop rostering view makes minor adjustments and changes easy to visualise, ensuring sufficient daily coverage. 

Optimise your hospitality roster with a few clicks, review costs, and publish.

Last Minute Changes

Shifts Swaps Made Easy

Hospitality Shift Swaps

We get it; hospitality rosters are very fluid and constantly changing. 

RosterElf makes last-minute changes like employee-requested shift swaps super easy to manage.

Employees can request shift swaps using our free iOS or Android apps, and RosterElf will automatically invite qualified replacements to take the shift for management approval.

Automate the process of employee shift swaps without the hassle and ensure a qualified and approved replacement is always confirmed. 

Hospitality Shift Swaps
Hospitality Employee Availability to Work

Easily Manage Employee Availability to Work

Hospo Staff Availability and Leave

Hospitality Employee Availability to Work

Hospitality workforces tend to be highly casual by nature, and identifying the days and times individual staff are available and aligning with available shifts to work can be a logistical nightmare and time consuming.

Add to this the need to keep track of which employees are on approved leave at any one time, and business owners have their hands full.

With our rostering software, you will spend zero time chasing employees for their availability to work and keeping records.

We put the responsibility on employees to set and update their availability directly into RosterElf, including requests for leave that require approval.

Hospitality Award

Automatic Award Interpretation

Hospitality Award Interpretation Tool

Find yourself struggling with hospitality award interpretation? No more. 

RosterElf's automatic Award Interpretation tool will make processing timesheets and ensuring payroll compliance a breeze. 

We can handle all major modern awards, including the Hospitality Industry (General) Award [MA000009], as well as custom Enterprise Agreements and employee contracts. 

Our powerful award interpretation tool also ensures that managers know, in real-time, accurate labour costs, including any employee penalties, overtime and allowances, in real-time.

Hospitality Award Interpretation Tool
Hospitality Payroll Integration Tool

Timesheet Approval

Payroll Integration for Hospo Made Simple 

Hospitality Payroll Integration Tool

RosterElf integrates with various third-party payroll and accounting software solutions, including Xero, MYOB, Sage and Wage Easy, for the payroll process.

No need to manually enter data again. 

Simply approve timesheets within RosterElf and then export directly to the third party of your choice to finalise pay runs. 

Award interpretation is done automatically as part of the process to ensure payroll compliance against the Hospitality Industry (General) Award [MA000009] as well as any custom Enterprise Agreements.

Very good and simple product with excellent customer service

5 Star Review

The product is simple and very easy to use and the support I have received is amazing. 

The team is super friendly and always available to contact. 

Leon went above and beyond to customize the products to help with our business' need. Stacy and the rest of the team is very knowledgeable of their products and very helpful. Highly recommend!

Jenny Le 

                  RosterElf Testimonial - Jenny Le

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