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Hospitality Rostering Software

RosterElf is a popular online hospitality scheduling software solution for restaurants, cafes, and bars. We make it easy to schedule servers, bartenders, cooks, and baristas in seconds. If you're looking to roster staff in hospitality venues we have the best staff scheduling software solution for you.

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Restaurant Staff Schedule Features

Hospitality rostering is a fluid process, with successful operators carefully adjusting their weekly schedule to ensure the seasonal peaks and troughs in sales reflect in the labour budget.

weekly roster view

Bar and Restaurant Staff Availability

weekly roster view

Hospitality staff have availabilities that are continually changing. So stay organised with our staff availability feature even when a team member calls in sick.                           


  • Restaurant and Cafe staff can update their availability on the go using our free Mobile Roster Apps. Hospitality staff have availabilities that are continually changing. So stay organised with our staff availability feature.
  • RosterElf’s unique ‘perfect match’ algorithm matches managers with qualified and available staff for open shifts when creating work schedules. 
  • Staff are made aware of changes immediately with communication via SMS and Email notifications.

Rostering Hospitality Staff

Shift swapping capabilities

The perfect way to manage staff for your restaurant, bar, or cafe. Save admin time when it comes to scheduling staff every week. 


  • When creating rosters, schedule staff that are available and most qualified across each location.
  • Use our roster templates if rosters continue to stay the same to save you time.
  • Notify staff of roster changes and leave approval by SMS and email notifications.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Hospitality Payroll Integration

Approved hours for payroll

Process payroll quickly with RosterElf’s seamless payroll integration.                           


Time and Attendance Tracking

Manager’s online dashboard view

RosterElf understands the importance of being able to manage time and attendance across multiple hospitality venues.                           


  • Manage restaurant and bar staff attendance across multiple locations in one place.
  • Keep track of time and attendance using the digital clock in/out kiosk to help process payroll faster.
  • Staff are responsible for updating their availability and finding replacements for open shifts.                              
Manager’s online dashboard view

Meet Eagle Falls

Why choose RosterElf for your hospitality business?

Eagle Falls is a family-friendly restaurant and have provided great-tasting food for families for over 50 years. Their passion for food and family meals have earned themselves a warm and friendly reputation amongst the community. But they needed an update when it came to managing their staff roster.


Core Challenges

  • Attendance Tracking 
  • Time Management of Staff            
  • Award Interpretation

RosterElf Solutions

  • Digital Clock In-Out 
  • Replicate previous rosters       
  • Custom Pay Templates

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