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Restaurant Rostering Software

Manage labour costs and save time in your restaurant

Hospitality Rostering and Payroll Software

Save both time and money in your restaurant

Restaurant Rostering

Employee Scheduling Tool For Hospitality

Improving Service Quality with Roster Software

Restaurant Rostering
  • It's no secret that running a profitable hospitality operation is challenging. Managing employee schedules, optimising labour costs, and ensuring payroll compliance are probably among the biggest headaches. 

Online Restaurant Rostering

Simple design. Powerful features

weekly roster view

RosterElf's clean design makes planning and communicating hospitality work schedules a breeze.

Using either our cloud-based tool or free iOS and Android apps, restaurant managers can easily create, update and communicate employee rosters. 

The scheduling tool automatically suggests the most suitable employees for each shift, considering a range of data, including employee leave, shift conflicts, availability to work, qualifications and labour cost

Alternatively, copy a past employee schedule or re-use a roster template to make the process even faster. 

weekly roster view
Hospitality Labour Budgeting

Live Budgeting Tool

Maximise profit in your restaurant

Hospitality Labour Budgeting

Minor tweaks to shift start and finish times can mean the difference between an unprofitable and profitable hospitality business.

RosterElf's rostering platform makes it super easy for restaurant managers to see the costs live and adjust shift times to meet budgets.

Our drag and drop rostering view makes minor adjustments and changes easy to visualise, ensuring sufficient daily coverage. 

Optimise your restaurant roster, review costs and then publish.

Award Interpretation for Restaurants

Hospitality Award made easy

Hospitality Award Interpretation

The Hospitality Award is notoriously complex, and it is too easy for restauranteurs to make unintentional mistakes when approving payroll.

RosterElf's award interpretation software has been designed in Australia easily handle the Hospitality Industry Award as well as custom enterprise agreements and employment contracts that are all common in the industry. 

Ensure your business remains Fair Work compliant while minimising payroll errors and saving time

Our rostering and payroll tool also provides accurate real-time roster and payroll labour costs based on the  Hospitality Industry Award to help drive profit and business sustainability. 

Hospitality Award Interpretation
Approved hours for payroll

Hospitality Time Clock

Digital clock in and out for your restaurant 

Approved hours for payroll

RosterElf's time clock apps will make recording employee time and attendance in your restaurant a breeze. 

Simply download our free apps and employees can instantly clock in and out for shifts.

With a dedicated time clock tablet app for iOS and Android tablets or our GPS smartphone option, RosterElf's time and attendance solution are flexible to suit all types of hospitality operations. 

Clock in and out data is stored on your account, ready for review during payroll approval

Payroll Integration Solution

Simplify restaurant payroll

Seamless Payroll Integration

RosterElf's platform integrates with various third-party software solutions, including Xero, MYOB, Sage and Wage Easy.

Integration with payroll will help your restaurant boost efficiency, reduce labour costs and ensure that you pay employees for their work hours.

There is no need to enter data manually. Approve payroll within RosterElf and then export timesheets directly to the third party of your choice.

Complete award interpretation during payroll, ensuring payroll compliance and accuracy. 

Seamless Payroll Integration
Restaurant Staff Rostering Software - RosterElf

Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf?

RosterElf makes managing the day-to-day staffing operations of your restaurant fast and easy with simple staff scheduling, budget and wage ratio tracking, accurate time and attendance and payroll processing

Let RosterElf automate rostering, time and attendance and payroll so you can focus on your great food and happy customers.

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Core Challenges

  • Forecasting and managing labour costs to meet demand.
  • Managing employee leave and availability to work.
  • Ensuring shifts and changes are well communicated to employees.
  • Tracking staff attendance and minimising wage theft.
  • Excessive paperwork and HR compliance.

RosterElf Solutions

  • Live roster labour costings based on the Hospitality Award
  • Automated employee leave and availability to work applications.
  • Employee smartphone apps to improve communication.
  • Simple digital time and attendance solutions.
  • Automatic award interpretation tool to ensure Fair Work compliance. 

Hospitality Rostering Questions?

We have the answers.

What is Restaurant Employee Rostering software?

Restaurant employee rostering software is an online tool that helps restauranteurs manage labour in their operation across building and communicating rosters, leave management, availability management, shift swap requests, time and attendance and payroll. A good restaurant rostering tool should save the business both time and money.  

How does the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm work?

The ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm ensures that you schedule your restaurant staff for positions based on qualifications, availability, and location.

No more last-minute guesses or phone calls to the team. With  Staff updated availability and the ability to roster across multiple sites, we take the complexity out of staff management.

Can I save common weekly schedules?

If you use regular schedules weekly, you can use roster templates to make your job easier.

Simply save a template, then add it to a feature week. With a few minor tweaks, you’ve rostered in minutes.

How many locations can I use with my RosterElf account?

You can have an unlimited number of restaurant locations on your RosterElf account. The best part is you only pay per active employee.

Can my employees swap shifts with staff at other restaurant locations?

Staff can swap shifts with their team without a manager getting involved using the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm. When staff members want to swap, they can only trade with other staff members that meet the same criteria as their shift.

Does RosterElf automatically calculate awards?

With our payroll feature,  awards are automatically calculated based on the role and award details so you can ensure you remain Fair Work compliant.

Does RosterElf integrate with my payroll software?

RosterElf offers payroll integration with significant payroll software, including  Xero, MYOB, and Sage.

Can I schedule staff based on the demand of my restaurant?

Using the live roster budgeting tool and the staff reporting feature, you can build schedules and manage staff to meet the demands of your Restaurant.

Why is roster important in restaurant industry?

Running a sound employee roster is one of the most significant factors in the success of restaurants. It ensures that labour costs are managed, employees are well informed, and payroll compliance.  

What labour percentage should my restaurant run at?

Labour costs are usually one of the most significant expenses in restaurant operations. We recommend the average restaurant should aim to have labour costs at or less than 30% of revenue to ensure profitability. For instance, if weekly revenue is $30,000, total labour costs should be at or below $10,000. 

Can RosterElf handle award interpretation for the Hospitality Award?

Absolutely. RosterElf's simple but powerful award interpretation tool can handle the most common Australian industry award, including the 

Hospitality Industry (General) Award [MA000009]

Can RosterElf handle regular shift swap requests in my restaurant?


RosterElf’s auto shift swap feature empowers staff to manage their shift swaps but gives managers complete control of the process, making filling your roster easier.

What makes RosterElf's rostering software best for hospitality?

We get hospitality and its pain points. RosterElf has been designed as a simple yet powerful tool that helps hospitality businesses drive profit and reduce administration time. 

How can RosterElf's rostering software reduce labour costs?

RosterElf will help reduce labour costs by providing accurate live labour costs during the rostering process and reducing time theft with our smart time and attendance tools.

Why is scheduling important in a restaurant?

Effective staff scheduling is vital in running a profitable and sustainable restaurant. A good employee schedule will ensure that operations get the optimum balance between labour costs and sufficient shifts to provide strong customer service while driving employee morale and reducing administration. 

What is the best scheduling app for restaurants?

RosterElf is an excellent option for scheduling restaurant staff because it was designed for your industry. Our software enables restauranteurs and managers to build and communicate rosters quickly, and efficiency whilst ensuring labour costs are in line with budgets.

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