Easy, Reliable Online Scheduling for Swim Schools

RosterElf makes managing your swim school staff a breeze. Swim schools of all sizes across Australia use online rostering software to schedule staff across multiple locations, process payroll and build smarter rosters with a live budget tool.

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Swim School Scheduling App Features

With RosterElf, you’ll spend less time organising staff across multiple schedules and more time to help you run a modern and industry-leading swim school.

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Real-Time Staff Availability

With our staff availability feature, scheduling your driven and passionate swimming teachers is fast and easy.

  • Swimming teachers whether full-time or part-time have complete access to keep their availability up to date
  • Your team can make quick changes to their schedule on the go using the online swim school roster app.
  • Our ‘perfect match’ algorithm quickly matches you with qualified swimming instructors available for open shifts.

Automatic Shift Swaps

Save time on manual and time-consuming tasks when scheduling staff every week and quickly roster with RosterElf schedule templates.

  • Adjust your swim instructor roster to match your weekly labour cost budget with live updates as you build.
  • If you’re swim school class schedule is the same every week, use our roster templates to save time and schedule better.
  • Make changes to the staff schedule as bookings come in and update your team immediately with SMS and email notifications.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Transparent Time and Attendance

Make it easy for staff to clock in and out of shifts using RosterElf’s touchless digital time clock app. It’s a fast and reliable way for staff to track hours worked.

  • Swim school staff can clock in and out of shifts hygienically using the mobile friendly app.
  • View real-time attendance including who’s late, who’s on break and who’s teaching a class.
  • Approve timesheets and verify hours worked at the end of each shift with one click.

Seamless Payroll Integration

Save administrative time with RosterElf’s innovative payroll integration feature.

  • See award calculations as you build your staff schedule.
  • Export timesheets to your payroll solution to ensure staff are paid on-time and accurately.
  • Remain fair work compliant with automatic award calculation when employees submit their timesheets.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
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Swimming School Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your swim school staff?

RosterElf is an affordable cloud-based swim school scheduling software that helps streamline administrative tasks so that you can focus on growing your business and helping your clients. Scheduling staff across multiple swim school centres is now as easy as the click of a button.

Core Challenges

  • Paper timesheets and manually counting staff hours
  • Keeping track of wage costs and business budget
  • Finding the best available swim teachers for each class

RosterElf Solutions

  • Accurate digital timesheets and time tracking app
  • Real-time business data to make informed decisions
  • ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm to match rosters with qualified staff


We have the answers.

Can I track staff clock in and clock out data?

Using the RosterElf time clock app, you have full transparency into when staff clock in, clock out, take a break, arrive late and work overtime. Staff can leave a comment explaining why the hours worked are different then what they were scheduled for.

How long does it take it to set up?

Your RosterElf account can be set up and saving you time on manual administrative tasks in less than 10 minutes.

Can I get rid of paper timesheets?

With RosterElf’s digital time and attendance feature, you no longer need paper timesheets. With the click of a button, staff can submit hours worked, you can approve hours on-the-go and then export approved hours to your integrated payroll solution.

Are swim school awards automatically calculated?

Using the 122 awards found on the Fair Work Australia website, swim school awards are automatically calculated when applied to your account.

How can I schedule specific swim instructors to certain classes?

After uploading your staff into the RosterElf portal, you can assign specific locations and roles to each swim instructor. That way when you’re building the schedule or when staff request a shift swap, only staff that are qualified are shown as an option.

Can swim teachers submit leave requests on the app?

Swim teachers can submit leave requests directly in the app. You can then send SMS or email notifications of the decision.

How many swim centre locations can I schedule to?

With RosterElf, you can schedule to an unlimited number of locations and across an unlimited number of roles.

How much does a swim school rostering software cost?

RosterElf only charges you per swim instructor that you schedule each week. For example, if your team has a total of 50 swim teachers but you only schedule eight, you will only be charged for 8 staff that week. If you have to re-publish a roster, you won’t be charged twice.

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