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Employee Scheduling Software for Gyms and Fitness Centres

Enjoy fast and efficient employee scheduling for your gym that allows you to build more intelligent, smart rosters or schedules so you can make more time for growing your business and improving the customer experience.

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Gym And Fitness Team Rostering Software

Manage staff for your gym across multiple locations using the complete gym management tool that lets you build conflict-free schedules, budget for fitness class demand, and process payroll.

Innovating Fitness with RosterElf: Beyond Scheduling

RosterElf's Role in Gym Profitability

Gym and Fitness | RosterElf

RosterElf is an amazing scheduling tool that can make things run smoothly in gyms and fitness centres.

  • With its user-friendly interface, gym managers can easily create, handle, and adjust staff schedules to ensure that trainers, receptionists and maintenance staff are assigned to the right shifts.
  • The real-time notifications keep staff updated about their shifts, reducing absences and last-minute scrambles to find replacements.
  • The software takes into account staff availability, qualifications and leave requests when creating schedules, which helps maintain a higher level of service quality and member satisfaction. 

Gym and Fitness | RosterElf
weekly roster view

Improve Gym Staff Retention

weekly roster view

Managing gym staff can be challenging and unpredictable. From Personal Trainers to admin staff and cleaners, there’s a lot to focus on. With RosterElf's smart rostering capabilities, you can update staff in real-time with last-minute scheduling changes and improve employee morale.                             


  • Employees set their availability preferences using the online portal.
  • Gym staff can trade shifts without manager involvement using the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm.
  • Update staff of last-minute schedule changes immediately via email or SMS notifications. 

Manage your Gym’s Budget and Finances

Shift swapping capabilities

Make managing labour costs painless with RosterElf’s smart roster budget tracking and time clock app. With these, you can reduce time theft, overstaffing, and manual admin tasks.                             


  • Smart scheduling using the live budget tracker to reduce overhead costs  
  • Reduce time theft using the digital clock in and out app that produces digital timesheets.
  • Custom reporting allows you to track and monitor impacts on your bottom line in real-time.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Conflict-free Scheduling

Approved hours for payroll

Eliminate the heavy lifting in scheduling with custom roster templates, live budgeting to manage costs and specific rules to fill shifts with the right staff.                           


  • ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm that allows skill and certification-based scheduling.
  • Manage employees across multiple gym locations.  
  • Cut down the scheduling process using scheduling templates and forecasting.

Remain Fair Work Compliant

Seamless Payroll Integration

With overtime, missed breaks, time theft and award calculations, you need to keep on top of admin tasks to remain fair work compliant. That’s where RosterElf's smart rostering system gets to work, and you can focus on building your gym’s member numbers.                           


  • The time clock app can help you avoid overtime, missed breaks and create digital timesheets. 
  • Automatic gym and recreation centre award interpretation. 
  • Seamless payroll integration reduces human error and ensures your paying staff on time.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
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Gym Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your gym staff?

RosterElf enables you to build smart schedules, process payroll without manual data entry, schedule employees, based on qualifications and location and monitor time theft to stay on budget.

Core Challenges

  • Last-minute roster changes              
  • Employee retention
  • Budget tracking based on demand

RosterElf Solutions

  • Update staff with last-minute schedule changes via SMS, push notifications, or email.             
  • Improve employee retention by empowering them to manage their availability and swap shifts.  
  • Build schedules based on demand using the reporting and live budgeting feature. 


We have the answers.

Does RosterElf allow me to schedule gym employees based on fitness certifications?

With RosterElf’s online portal, you can assign custom roles, skills and certifications to ensure you always have the right staff in the right place, ensuring that your customers receive the right level of service.

My gym has multiple departments. Can I schedule for all of them using RosterElf?

RosterElf’s flexible online scheduling software allows you to schedule staff in multiple departments all from one place. Whether customer service, food and beverage or personal trainers, assign roles and build dynamic shifts.

Can I integrate my chosen payroll solution?

Through our painless payroll integration, you can seamlessly integrate your chosen payroll solution in just a few clicks.

Is there a mobile app where I can approve staff requests quickly?

The RosterElf mobile app allows you to manage your staff, approve leave requests, track staff hours quickly and easily from the palm of your hand.

Can my gym staff swap shifts without the need for a manager?

You can assign custom roles, skills and fitness certifications, allowing staff to swap shifts with other qualified staff with minimal management input.

Can I build my schedule based on when my gym is the busiest?

Plan with RosterElf’s reporting tool that helps you create schedules based on demand for certain fitness classes and times of the day. Not only that with our budgeting and forecasting tools your staff coverage and budget numbers will now be much easier to hit.

I have more than one gym. Can I schedule across all locations?

Like scheduling across multiple departments, you can schedule numerous gym locations to ensure you have conflict-free scheduling across your business.

How long does it take to get my gym set up with RosterElf?

No matter the size of your gym or the number of locations, our RosterElf scheduling experts can get you set up on the RosterElf free trial in less time it takes to enter hours into your excel timesheet manually.

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