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The 15 Best Quick Team Building Activities For Any Industry - Free PDF Download

We've all sat through countless hours of soul destroying, boring corporate "team building" exercises in former roles and we're sure you have too. 💼 👨‍ 💼

At RosterElf we decided enough is enough. It couldn't be too hard to come up with 15 great team building activities that are quick, easy, and actually add value to your business.

So, if you loved our blog on this topic and wanted an easy to used downloadable, here it is!

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RosterElf - 15 Best Team Building Acitvities Book Preview

Rapid Fire Team Building Activities

Bringing everyone together in a productive way can be challenging. With a natural desire to avoid “hammy” team building activities it is hard to get people in and interested. With these genuine activities, your team will be able to practice working together, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Activities include:            

  • Problematic Building Blocks
  • Two Truths, One Lie
  • Stick it, Make it, Glue it, Break it
  • The Un-Common Book         
  • Show and Hell
  • Ad Lib Mission Statement
  • The Invisible Picture  
  • Wait… Who Am I?                 
  • Fire Sale!       
  • Rapid Interview                  
  • Group It!    
  • Making Problems
  • Talk, Listen, Observe 
  • Describe and Draw   
  • The Problem Tree
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