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Doctor and Staff Rostering Software for Medical Centres

Helping managers and administrators schedule medical centre staff, including physicians, front desk staff and on-call doctors, all across multiple locations without the need for manual paperwork or excel spreadsheets.

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Physician Scheduling Software for Medical Centres and Family Practices

With RosterElf, you can build conflict-free schedules, store digital timesheets for payroll and improve employee engagement with hassle-free communication for your practice.

Keeping Your Medical Centre Fully Staffed Around the Clock

Ensuring Optimal Staff Levels 24/7

Medical Centre | RosterElf
  • RosterElf allows for the creation of conflict-free rosters and manages the schedules of managers, administrators, doctors, and physicians across multiple locations.
  • It enables shift filling based on required skills and positions offered and prevents scheduling conflicts.
  • RosterElf's mobile app enhances communication within the medical team. It allows for sending SMS and email notifications regarding schedule changes, leave requests and open shift bidding.
  • It drives employee accountability and reduces time theft with a digital clock in and out
Medical Centre | RosterElf
weekly roster view

Quick and Easy Staff Scheduling

weekly roster view

Now you can build conflict-free rosters for your team of managers, administrators, doctors, and physicians across multiple family medical practice locations.                           


  • Fill shifts based on required skills and positions.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts with real-time employee availability and leave requests.
  • View the number of medical staff scheduled in each shift by position and skill.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Shift swapping capabilities

Stay on top of time attendance with the help of a digital time clock app and digital timesheets to keep track of hours worked and attendance for accurate payroll.                           


  • Time clock app so staff can clock in and out of shifts digitally.
  • Hours worked are recorded digitally and can be exported to payroll solutions.
  • Manage medical centre break and rest compliance.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Employee Communication App

Approved hours for payroll

Keep your team of medical staff in sync with the RosterElf mobile app. Send SMS and email notifications when schedules change and alert managers when staff request leave.


  • Provide multiple options to identify when physicians can bid on open shifts. 
  • Notify physicians and medical centre staff when schedules have changed.  
  • Alert schedulers when employees request time off or a shift swap.  

Labour Cost Control System

Seamless Payroll Integration

Manage your family practice labour costs with real-time budget tracking and reporting on hours worked vs hours scheduled across all your medical centre locations.                           


  • Manage all types of regular, on-call, overtime and shift premium pay awards.
  • Export timesheets to your chosen payroll solution.
  • Compere employee hours worked to scheduled hours.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Medical Centre Staff Scheduling Software RosterELF

Medical Centre Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your medical practice?

With RosterElf, it’s easy to quickly implement and request changes for your staff schedule, keep your employees informed, and drag and drop shifts to meet your practices labour cost budget. Now you can keep all of your admin tasks in one place.

Core Challenges

  • Scheduling by skills and positions.
  • Recording accurate attendance for payroll.    
  • Conflict-free scheduling.

RosterElf Solutions

  • Define skills and certifications to associate with medical centre staff. 
  • Time clock app produce digital timesheet for accurate hours worked data.
  • Drag and drop schedules and avoid accidentally scheduling staff on-leave.


We have the answers.

Can I schedule staff based on their skills?

Using the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm, you can define skills and associate them with employees, so when you’re building the schedule, you assign the right staff to specific GP medica, nursing, or administration services.

Is RosterElf a complete medical centre management software?

RosterElf is not built to manage a whole medical centre but it works with your existing systems to make scheduling staff a breeze. As a leading workforce management software, RosterElf helps you keep organised all in one place, giving you more time to provide high-quality healthcare to your patients.

What if I have more than one family medical practice?

Luckily RosterElf allows you to schedule across multiple locations within one account. So you can see labour costs, schedule conflicts, and employee leave requests for each location all at the same time.

Do doctors and medical centre staff have the same access as managers?

Within each staff members profile, you can designate the access they have within their RosterElf profile.

Can GP staff update their availability?

Avoid scheduling conflicts with employees being able to update their availability and leave balance on the go.

How can I ensure there is enough coverage for each shift?

While you’re building the medical centre staff schedule, you can see the number of staff scheduled in each shift by position and skill. Then you can drag and drop positions to account for under or overstaffing.

Does RosterElf automatically calculate medical staff awards?

Once you set up the relevant staff awards in RosterElf the system will automatically calculate the medical centre awards amounts so you can remain fair work compliant.

Can I process my family medical practice payroll using RosterElf?

With RosterElf’s payroll integrations, you can get your payroll set up in just a couple of minutes and then start processing payroll to your chosen accounting system with the click of a button.

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