RosterElf will save your business money and drive profit

How our rostering tool will save your business money

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Save Money With RosterElf

Our rostering software will save you money and help your business increase profit

Improved business efficiency

Improved business efficiency

Our roster tool with make your business more productive

Running a business is hard, so many things to do, not enough time.

Our rostering tool will make your business efficient by streamlining many of your HR processes and improving employee communication.

Get on RosterElf and get back to growing your business.

Live Roster Costings

Always know your roster cost before you publish

Our roster tool includes a live roster costing module that provides labour cost estimates during the rostering process.

Managers can see, before publishing, the expected labour cost per shift, per day and for the week to help ensure costs are in line with business expectations.

Never publish a roster without knowing your labour costs again.

Live Roster Costings
Labour Percentage Budgeting

Labour Percentage Budgeting

Set your sales targets and know your labour percentage

In many industries, labour cost as a percentage of sales is one of most important business metrics needed to ensure profitability.

RosterElf gives managers the ability to set sales target by site, by day and then track the labour percentage by day and for the full week to ensure labour costs reflect expected sales.

Set your sales targets and let RosterElf do the rest.

Digital Time and Attendance

Eliminate time theft

Small discrepancies in employee hours can make a massive difference to the bottom line.

Our rostering platform offers both a tablet kiosk app and a GPS smartphone app to record employee start and finish times on shift.

RosterElf’s range of digital time and attendance tools will help eliminate time theft, keep employees accountable and minimise payroll mistakes.

Digital Time and Attendance
Happy Staff

Happy Staff

A happy workplace is a productive one

RosterElf helps businesses improve their employee communication, resulting in more happy employees that know what is going on at all times.

Our rostering platform includes an employee centric app where staff can easily view their future shifts, apply for leave, adjust availability work and even request shift swaps in the case of emergencies.

Happy employees are more productive which will drive your profitability.

Minimise Payroll Errors

No more costly human payroll mistakes

The process of payroll approval can be complex for businesses and human mistakes, especially relating to incorrect award interpretation, are common.

Our rostering tool includes an automatic award interpretation module which will help ensure payroll is super accurate and compliant.

RosterElf take away the stress and cost of payroll forever.

Minimise Payroll Errors

"Fantastic App and Customer Support"

5 Star Review

"RosterElf has really helped our business and significantly lowered the amount of time we spend rostering and approving payroll."

Marie Offenburg

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Rostering To Save Money?

We have the answers.

How can a rostering software save my business money?

Online rostering tools like RosterElf can be one of the best investments businesses can make. Accurate rostering budgeting, increased productivity and reduction in time theft using digital time and attendance are just some of the ways online rostering software can help businesses save money.

How much money can I save with an online rostering tool?

Many businesses report saving between 4-6% in labour costs as a result of using online rostering software.

What is labour percentage in roster budgeting?

To calculate the labor cost percentage, divide your labor cost by gross sales. Multiply the result by 100. For example, if the gross sales for a given week in your business is $50k, with a total labor cost of $14K. Divide $14K by $50K, then multiply by 100. Your employee labor percentage is 28%.

What is time theft?

Time theft can be a big issue for business that can really hurt profitability. Examples includes unscheduled brakes, doctored timesheets, lateness or leaving early.

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