Employee Rostering

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Magically Simple

RosterElf is the simplest most powerful staff rostering tool on the market.

Our aim is to save you both time and money, so you can get back to running a successful business rather than struggling with paperwork and staff communications.

The scheduling module has a range of clever features to make the process of building,budgeting and communicating employee rosters seamless and efficient.

Daily View

Beautiful Sliding Bars

The “Daily View” uses beautiful slide bar technology to enable you to visually adjust shift times to meet your budget and business needs.

Simply drag the start and finish time of each shift in line with your business requirements and watch while the clever budgeting tool updates all the core statistics live on screen.

This perspective makes it easy to see gaps and overlaps on each day allowing forperfect staff coverage across the week all whilst staying within budget.

Weekly View

Simple Overview

RosterElf also offers users a Weekly View which is a powerful way of viewing the week on screen.

This snapshot is a fantastic way to review how available shifts have been shared across available employees to ensure you are managing fatigue effectively.

The Weekly View also provides additional statistics including total hours and estimated wages for each employee for the week which can be filtered for ease of use.

Super Algorithm

Always Select the Best Match

With RosterElf, you don’t need to self-manage your staff availability, RosterElf does all the thinking for you based on the information submitted by your employees into their account.

Finding the best available employee is easy as our clever algorithm automatically suggests perfect matches for each shift based on employees that are both available and qualified for the role.

Mobile Apps

Roster On The Go

We get it, sometimes things change in an hour or a day, particularly when you’re running a business, you need to be able to update employee rosters quickly and communicate changes with your employees without delay.

RosterElf's iOS and Android smartphone apps makes it easy to both build and update your roster anywhere, anytime.

Need to change a shift time, add a new shift, switch employees? All you will need is your phone, with RosterElf’s push notifications enabled on all mobile devices as well as email, your employees will know instantly when there’s been a change.

Smart Budgeting

Your Accountant Will Be Happy

Know your wage costs before you publish and save up to 5% on wages.

Our roster budgeting tool is designed to be both simple and powerful to use, calculating costs live as you build and update your weekly employee schedule.

Simply set your business targets and then adjust your roster to meet all your KPI's including total hours, labour cost, average pay-rate and even labour percentage to sales. This allows you to forecast expenses and save time in the long time trying to manually calculate your staff costs.

Cut and Paste

Copy Weeks and Templates

If you roster is similar week to week, you can use RosterElf to simply copy any previous roster or upload a template you have saved.

All you need to do is make and small changes and publish.

RosterElf's clever algorithm will also do a quick check to make sure all your employees are still available based on their most up to date leave requests and availability to work data and warn you if there are conflicts.

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