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Work Roster Software

A simple yet powerful solution

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RosterElf's staff rostering platform provides business owners with a simple yet powerful all in one employee scheduling solution.

Our platform is fully cloud based giving managers the ability to build and communicate rosters from anywhere 24/7 using either a computer or our range of iOS or Android apps

Live roster costings ensure managers always know the real cost of each roster before publishing and can optimise shift times to maximise profitability, all while ensuring sufficient coverage at the busy times. 

Employee apps ensure staff always know when and where they are working and are kept up to date with any last minute changes. 

Roster Planning Software

Simple design, powerful features

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RosterElf's clean design makes planning employee schedules a breeze.

Simply add shifts, set start and finish times, and then let RosterElf automatically suggest the best employees based on qualifications and availability. 

Alternatively, copy a past employee schedule or re-use a roster templates to make the process even faster. 

Managers can also use our suite of apps to update and re-publish rosters from the convenience of their smartphone. 

New and updated employee rosters are communicated to employees by email, SMS or in-app push notifications.

Daily View Rostering RosterElf
RosterElf Labour Budgeting

Labour Budgeting

Know your wage costs before you publish

RosterElf Labour Budgeting

RosterElf's live budgeting tool automatically calculates labour costs as you build your employee roster, in real time. 

No more surprises on pay day or when reviewing the financials weeks later with our team rostering tool. 

Managers will always know the real labour cost before publishing and have time to make any adjustments. 

Now with simple employee rostering software you can easily meet your business KPIs including total hours, labour cost percentages and average pay-rates.

Staff Roster System

Drag and drop

RosterElf's staff roster system includes a heap of powerful tools including copy shifts, copy weeks, roster templates and more.

Colour code your shifts to help make the process of creating and tweaking shifts easy to visualise. 

Our employee scheduling tool is designed to make the process of staff scheduling simple and fast.

Get in, build the optimal roster and then get back to running your business. 

RosterElf Perfect Match System

Manage Rostering Stress

AI-powered employee rostering

RosterElf Perfect Match System

Rostering is quick and stress-free thanks to RosterElf's AI-powered 'Perfect Match' system. 

The scheduling tool automatically suggest the most suitable employees for each shift taking into account a range of data including employee leave, shift conflicts, availability to work, qualifications and labour cost

Let RosterElf do all the work for you. Simply select from the suggested employee list and the shift is filled. 

No more guesswork. Build the optimum roster in minutes and communicate easily assigned shifts to employees. 

Employee Scheduling App

Manager your employees on the go

RosterElf includes powerful employee scheduling apps

Download our iOS or Android apps and easily build, update and communicate your shift work roster anytime, anywhere.

Easily update shifts, approve shift swaps and employee leave applications and even call or text employees directly using our smartphone apps. 

                              RosterElf Online Roster App

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5 Star Review

RosterElf’s scheduling software has made it a breeze to manage a large group of workers. With people starting and finishing in different locations and staff with different pay-rates and allowances, moving to electronic rostering has been a game changer.

Jesse Nelthorpe | Hardy Cafe

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Rostering Software Questions?

We have the answers

What is Rostering Software?

Rostering software are online platforms like RosterElf that make it easy to for business owners and managers to create employee work schedules, track time and attendance, control labour costs, manage shift trades, approve timesheets and much more. 

What is roster management?

Roster management is the system of creating shifts and assigning them to available and qualified employees to work. It also includes managing employee leave applications and availability to work as well as time and attendance.  

Can I create rosters on my smartphone?

Yes our software enables managers to create and update rosters both from a PC as well as using our iOS or Android Smartphone apps. Roster on the go, from anywhere.

Can I colour code my roster?

Our rostering platform enables rosters to be custom colour coded. Each position or role in the business can be assigned a unique colour to make visually reviewing rosters easy. Learn how to colour code your employee schedule HERE

How are rosters communicated to employees?

Once a roster is built and reviewed in RosterElf, managers can notify employees of a newly published roster using email, SMS or push notifications. Employees simply need to login to their smartphone app to then view full details of upcoming shifts. Read about how rosters are communicated HERE

Can I use Roster templates?

RosterElf has a simple roster template system. Simply save any past roster as a template and use it again and again in the future. Save as many templates as you want. Read more HERE.

Can roster days be copied when building a roster?

Our easy drag and drop system allows managers to copy shifts from one day to another then make adjustments and publish. This saves a lot of time. Read more HERE

Can I copy previous rosters?

Any previous roster can be copied at a click of a button. Simply select the previous roster week to copy, upload it, make changes and publish.

Will I be notified during rostering if employees are unavailable to work?

If employees are unavailable to work during a proposed shift time, our rostering system will automatically warn managers and suggest alternatives to select. Read about how to find available and qualified employees for a shift HERE.

Will I be notified during rostering if employee are on leave?

Employees on leave will be highlighted during the roster process and our system will automatically suggest alternative employees who are available and qualified to work.

Can I update a roster that has already been published?

RosterElf allows managers to edit and republish rosters as many times as needed. Once a roster is re-published, only employees who have had new or updated shifts will be notified to avoid confusion.

Does the software have a roster budgeting tool?

Our rostering software has a powerful budgeting tool to help managers manage weekly labour cost. As rosters are created, estimated cost, labour percentage, average pay rate and total hours for each shift, day and week are presented.

Does RosterElf integrate with Xero?

We sure do. RosterElf has a deep integration with Xero to sync employees, pay-items, leave balances as well as the ability to send approved timesheets directly from RosterElf to your Xero account. Read more about how to setup Xero integration HERE

How do I create a roster on my iphone?

Managers can download our iOS app and create and edit employee schedules on the go. Simply go to the roster tab, add a shift, select position, select start and finish time and then publish.

Can I save my roster as a draft.

Created a roster and not ready to publish? Easily save the employee schedule as a draft to review later for publishing. Read more HERE

Do my staff see the whole roster?

You can customise your RosterElf account to either allow staff to see the full roster or just their shifts. It's your choice. Learn how to customise HERE.

How does the roster budgeting tool work?

The rostering labour budgeting tool displays hours, labour cost and average pay-rate by shift, day and for the week. You can even add in sales targets and view labour percentage data live! Read more about it HERE

Can I set un-paid breaks in the roster?

Un-paid breaks can be set as business rules on your account. Once a shift meets the min length requirements (eg. 5 hours) an un-paid break will automatically be applied. Find our more HERE how to set un-paid breaks. 

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