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We trialled all the employee rostering software and chose RosterElf because of its ease to use, the immediate costing function and the simple Xero payroll integration.

The bonus is that it costs less than many others, and the support team is always there to get you out of a tight spot. 

Highly recommend it!

Peisha McHeyzerz | Cygnet Old Bank

Manager’s online dashboard view

Business made easy

Your complete rostering software and payroll solution

RosterElf Employee Rostering Software

Built for small business

Simple design, powerful rostering

Our rostering tool has been designed for small business owners to make employee scheduling quick, efficient and flexible. 

  • Easily to use design and features
  • Daily and weekly rostering views
  • Copy rosters and upload templates
  • Drag and drop employee scheduling 
  • Colour-coded shifts 
  • Easily adjust shift times to meet budgets
  • Live roster budgeting 
  • Full range of rostering apps on the go 

Know your costs

Labour budgeting

RosterElf's labour budgeting tool is designed to give managers live labour cost visibility throughout the process, giving all the data to optimise the workforce to reflect sales trends and business needs. 

  • Optimise your roster to save money and drive profitability
  • View all labour costs live whilst building rosters  
  • Average pay rate and labour percentage statistics include
  • Award interpretation engine ensures all loadings included
  • Unpaid breaks automatically calculated 
  • Never publish a roster without knowing costs again 

Employee scheduling live budgeting
Xero RosterElf Award Interpritation

Payroll Integration

Best Xero rostering add-on

RosterElf is a powerful Xero payroll add-on that makes the payroll process a breeze and will ensure your business is Fair Work compliant. 

  • Connect RosterElf and Xero once
  • Sync employee profiles seamlessly
  • Setup Award Interpretation for your business
  • Approve timesheets in RosterElf and send them automatically
  • Send approved employee leave directly to Xero 
  • No more spending hours on manual Xero payroll
  • No more payroll errors and pay queries

Making it easy

Employee leave management

Managing employee leave and availability to work requests has never been easier with RosterElf. 

  • Casual and part-time employees submit availability
  • Employees can quickly request leave for management approval 
  • Staff iOS and Android apps 
  • Automate the process of shift swapping 
  • Approve leave for payroll and export to Xero, MYOB, Sage and Wage Easy 
  • Full management oversight and reporting
  • No more payroll errors and pay queries

RosterElf Leave Management Approval

Online rostering system built for your business

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Wendie Innes

We are a Disability Support Company and one of the main reasons for changing our rostering system was service and support when we needed it. From the first phone call RosterElf staff has been excellent in communicating, support and service. Especially Stacy, she went over and above to solve our problem, answer all our questions and help us set up our Pay Templates under our SCHADS Award. What a relief to know help is really a phone call away and that you won't be put through to a foreign country where the support team are unable to help you solve the problem. RosterElf is also compatable to Xero which makes timesheets and payroll so much easier. We are very happy that we made the switch to RosterElf.

-Wendie Innes

Renate Staudinger

Great to work with, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Rostering and payroll is so much easier now with Xero accounting integration. Highly recommended +++AAA+++

-Renate Staudinger

Admin Hello

Jaydon was super helpful and explained all of RosterElf's new features in a way that was easy to understand and will really help our business!

-Admin Hello

Staff Rostering App

Best employee scheduling app

RosterElf’s Staff Rostering App allows small business owners to manage staff availability, publish rosters, and approve staff leave and shift swap requests.

Staff shifts available to edit on app

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$4.00 +GST AUD

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Find out why RosterElf has the fairest pricing model for small and medium businesses. No hidden costs. Pay as you go. Cancel anytime.

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Online Roster Support

RosterElf has a dedicated team of Account Managers to assist you 7 days a week.

RosterElf's scheduling software experts are here to help you and your business with 24/7 unlimited support.

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Helen Thomson

Posted 8 Mar 2022

Fantastic Support

We have just started using RosterElf.

I am not tech savvy but have found this very easy to use. In addition, the ongoing support has been outstanding.

Thank you RosterElf!

RosterElf Offices


Perth, Sydney, Melbourne

Rostering and Payroll Software Questions?

We have the answers.

What is Rostering Software?

Rostering software allows businesses to plan and communicate shifts with employees. RosterElf’s scheduling software also offers employee availability management, digital time and attendance, and payroll integration to popular accounting software services such as Xero, MYOB and Sage.

What is Digital Time and Attendance?

With electronic devices such as tablets and mobile, employees can record attendance at work. Clock-in, break times, and clock-out times can all be digitally captured and stored, eliminating the need for manual paper time sheets.

What is Award Interpretation?

Award Interpretation is the process of calculating the minimum legal amount of pay for hours worked, during a specific period, based on the relevant legal agreement (this legal agreement is called an 'Award'). RosterElf handles all common awards, including those on the Fair Work website.

What makes RosterElf different?

Business owners have designed RosterElf’s staff roster tool for business owners. We understand the pains of managing a team manually and have built simple yet powerful software including all the must-have features such as live roster budgeting, clock-in-out, award interpretation and payroll integration.

What is Roster Management?

Roster management refers to employee schedule management or workforce management. Managing a roster typically includes scheduling employees based on their position, location, availability, and responsibilities. After the schedule has been built, roster management requires publishing the schedule and managing any shift swaps or sudden changes.

What is Electronic Rostering?

Electronic rostering (or e-rostering) is an online way of efficiently managing employee work schedules. The benefits include improved workplace planning and flexibility, employee accountability, and improved work-life balance.

Does RosterElf work with other software?

We sure do! RosterElf offers seamless payroll integration with accounting software, including Xero, MYOB, Sage and EasyPayroll.

Is customer support available for RosterElf?

Our scheduling software experts are available via phone, email, or live chat. Feel free to email us at help@rosterelf.com if you have any questions. Alternatively, go to our Help Centre to find all the information you need to know to set up your rostering tool and customise it for your business.

Where is RosterElf based?

RosterElf HQ is based in Perth, Western Australia, and we have teams worldwide servicing our diverse customer base. RosterElf has been designed to work globally; we have substantial user bases in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America (USA), New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and more.

How much does RosterElf cost?

Our pricing starts at just $4.50 per employee per month, making RosterElf one of the best value employee management tools available. You can read more about our subscription plans HERE.

What is Work Roster Software?

Work roster software helps businesses plan the labour requirements and communicate this regarding individual shifts to employees. Work roster software helps allocate shifts, budget for labour costs and handle last-minute changes and requests.

What is Employee Management software?

Employment management software allows business managers to organise their workforce better. It helps businesses better plan the labour requirements, communicate shifts to employees and manage workplace-related costs.

What is best Employee Scheduling App?

We may be biased, but we think the best employee scheduling app is RosterElf. We have simple yet powerful features for small businesses, including employee availability management, digital time and attendance, and payroll integration. RosterElf is fairly priced and has some of the best customer reviews.

What is an Online Rostering app?

An Online Roster App is a cloud-based software that allows business owners and managers to plan and communicate workplace shifts to employees efficiently. A good Online Roster App should be able to be accessed 24/7 on a PC or mobile device.

What is a Staff Availability App?

A Staff Availability App is software that lets employees update the times and days they are available to work live to assist managers with optimising the allocation of available shifts.

What is Rostering and Payroll Software?

Rostering and Payroll Software is an application that handles the planning and communication of employee rosters, digital timesheets, and award interpretation.

What is Employee Management Software?

Employee management software is an online platform businesses use to drive workforce efficiency and productivity through optimising processes such as staff roster planning, time and attendance and payroll. 

What does Rostering and Payroll Software do?

Rostering and Payroll software helps streamline workforce management processes, including roster budgeting, communicating schedules to employees, digital clock-in-out, shift swaps, leave management, award interpretation and timesheet export for payroll.  

What is an Automatic Rostering Tool?

An automated rostering tool allows businesses to plan employee shifts, budget labour costs and communicate rosters to employees. The best-automated scheduling tools are cloud-based applications, including iOS and Android employee rostering apps

What is the best Rostering App?

RosterElf is a super easy but powerful rostering app for employees and managers that can be accessed on the cloud or using free iOS or Android apps.

What is a Workforce Management Software?

A workforce management software helps you optimise employee scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and labour cost management. It can also include time clock tracking, onboarding, payroll management, and performance evaluation. Workforce management software helps you improve efficiency and productivity by automating and streamlining HR processes and providing insights into workforce data for informed decision-making. RosterElf is Australia's best workforce management software. 

What is a rostering and time and attendance software?

Rostering and time and attendance software like RosterElf helps businesses to schedule staff and trick time with a time clock app. Manage your employees, build rosters and see who is working with the time and attendance app. 

Is RosterElf an automatic rostering software?

With RosterElf you can build rosters, save templates and automate staff communication. Let them know when there are open shifts or schedule availability and send them roster updates automatically. Save time with our automatic rostering software.

Why is RosterElf Australia's best rostering software?

We are Australia's best-rated rostering software on Xero and Google. RosterElf is easy to use and more cost-efficient than other rostering software. Read more about why RosterElf is Australia's best rostering software.

What is a Roster Management System?

A Roster Management System is a software tool or platform designed to automate and streamline the process of creating, managing, and updating work schedules or rosters for employees.

What is a Staff Roster System?

A staff roster system, also known as an employee scheduling system or workforce management system, is a software tool designed to help organisations efficiently manage and schedule their workforce. 

It is commonly used in industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and many others where employees need to organise and coordinate shifts and work hours.

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Why is RosterElf Australia's best rostering software?

We are Australia's best rostering software. Our Google and Xero reviews prove us right, and we work hard daily to deliver the best service and outstanding customer support. Try RosterElf for free for 15 days and see it for yourself!

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