Employee & Contractor Rostering Software for Councils and Local Government

RosterElf provides an innovative and cost-effective solution to managing your council’s workforce. 
Perfect for managing Contractors, Administration Staff, or Casual Staff RosterElf makes scheduling staff a breeze.

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Magically Simple tools for Councils to manage staff  

Whether staying on top of administrative tasks like payroll or keeping your staff engaged, RosterElf is the number one complete workforce management solution for Councils. 

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Roster management across multiple divisions

RosterElf makes it easy for you to build schedules across multiple departments within your Council, no matter how big or small.  

  • Seamless rostering in one platform 
  • Assign different roles and qualifications to staff for conflict-free schedules
  • Build staff schedules around your labour budget with live cost updates as you build

Track precise time and attendance 

The time and attendance feature records accurate hours worked and compare against hours scheduled to streamline payroll processing.  

  • Receive updates when employees clock in, clock out, take breaks and arrive late
  • Export digital timesheets directly to your payroll software with just one click
  • Avoid human error and manual data entry with digital timesheets and recorded hours
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Keep Council and Local Government employees connected with Mobile Apps 

Our focus on keeping employees connected helps attract and retain the best staff for your Council services. 

  • Empower employees with control over their schedule, shift swaps and updates with the RosterElf iOS or Android mobile apps
  • Keep staff informed of Council or LGA changes due to restrictions with immediate SMS, push notifications, and automated emails
  • Approve changes, availability and leave requests, and shift swaps on the go so things can keep moving

Stay on top of processing payroll 

With RosterElf seamless payroll integration, you can automatically calculate Council staff awards without manually entering data. 

  • Automatic award calculations to keep your Council Fair Work compliant
  • Integrate your payroll solution with RosterElf to expedite payroll processing
  • Export digital timesheets with just one click and pay employees on time
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Seamless Payroll Integration
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Council Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf to manage your council staff and contractors?

RosterElf makes it easy for Councils to manage staff with smart scheduling, quick and easy payroll processing and up to date communication all in one place. With the help of RosterElf, Councils can run smoothly.

Core Challenges

  • Assigning specific credentials to employees 
  • Rostering across multiple Council divisions 
  • Keeping employees informed and engaged

RosterElf Solutions

  • Update employee profiles with all of the necessary information, including credentials
  • Schedule staff across multiple Council departments
  • RosterElf’s mobile-friendly app helps you keep staff informed instantly


We have the answers.

How long does it take to implement RosterElf for a Council?

Our team understands the logistics and operating models of Councils. Plus, we understand the complexity and challenges that stakeholders face. So to make this process easy, we’re happy to guide you on the best way to implement and go live successfully.

A basic account can be setup in 15-20 minutes and advanced setups including Award Interpretation and Payroll Integration would take about an hour.

We also offer free onboarding support so we’re here and ready to help.

What types of councils does RosterElf help?

Our council industry software is great for metropolitan councils, regional councils, rural councils, waste management departments, social care functions, housing support groups, and planning departments.

We also help many other businesses and industries, so chances are RosterElf will be the right choice for you.

What payroll solutions do you integrate with?

RosterElf integrates with major Council payroll solutions, including Sage, MYOB and Xero

Can Council staff swap shifts with staff from other divisions?

As long as staff meet the same criteria (certifications, location, availability, etc) and they are running under the same account they can swap shifts successfully

Does RosterElf offer a time clock for staff to clock into their shift?

RosterElf’s digital GPS based time clock prompts staff to clock in when they’re on location. Management also receives a notification when staff clock in, arrive late, don’t show, or work overtime. 

How can my Council benefit from all of RosterElf’s features?

RosterElf is a complete workforce management solution with features for every industry. Speak with a member of our team who will make sure you’re making the most of your new account. 

How do I schedule staff based on my labour budget?

While you’re building your schedule, the live budgeting tool automatically updates the total labours costs of the schedule. You can then adjust each shift to meet your budget using our Magically Simple slide bar technology.  

Does RosterElf have a free trial?

Yes! We’d love to give you the chance to try our Council employee scheduling software first before you commit. However, we know you’ll have a hard time saying goodbye, so we’ll give you 30 days with no credit card needed to sign up.

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