Employee Availability

Stop Chasing Staff

Let Them Keep Us Updated

If you have casual employees in your business, identifying the days and times they are available to work can be a logistical nightmare.

Add to this the need to keep track of which employees are on approved annual leave at any one time and business owners have their hands full.

With RosterElf you will spend zero-time chasing employees for their availability to work and keeping records.

We put the responsibility on employees to both set as well as update their personal availability directly into RosterElf including requests for leave that require approval.

Time and Days

When Can You Work?

Casual employees often have other commitments such as study, family or second jobs so knowing the times and days they can be rostered is vital

Employees can input their availability to work directly into their RosterElf account using sliding bars to indicate the times and day they are available to be rostered and then keep this information updated as their personal situation changes.

Leave Requests

We Make It Simple

With RosterElf, employees can request leave directly through their account for approval by management.

Employees are required to set the date range and also provide a comment before submitting a request, so management have all the information required to make a decision.

Super Algorithm

Automatically Fill Shifts

Quite simply, you won't need to think about who is available for upcoming shifts.

RosterElf does all the thinking for you based on the information submitted by your employees into their account, both times and days of availab ility as well as leave requests are displayed in view.

Our clever algorithm automatically suggests perfect matches for each shift based on employees that are both available and qualified for the role.

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