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Employee Availability Software for Effective Staff Rostering

Accurate Rostering tool to plan the perfect staff roster

  • Easily manage casual and part-time employee availability
  • Employees submit their availability to work using our apps
  • Staff set their time and day work preferences easily for staff rosters
  • Manage employee leave requests in a single platform
  • Automate employee shift swap applications
  • Complete management oversight and reporting

Employee Availability to Work

One simple tool

RosterElf Employee Leave Request

Stop Chasing Staff for Roster Scheduling

Let them keep you updated instead

RosterElf Employee Leave Request

If you have casual or flexible employees in your business, identifying the days and times they are available to work can be a logistical nightmare.

Add to this the need to keep track of which employees are on approved leave at any one time, and business owners have their hands full.

With our staff rostering software, you will spend zero time chasing employees for their availability to work and keeping records.

We put the responsibility on employees to set and update their availability directly into RosterElf for effective staff rosters, including requests for leave or time off requests that require approval.

Leave Management Software

Manage staff leave with ease

RosterElf Leave Management

With RosterElf, staff request leave directly through their online or mobile app, which then goes to managers for review and approval.  

Managers can quickly review all leave requests in one place, including a live feed of leave balances from Xero and a summary report of leave already approved. 

Employees are automatically notified once leave requests are approved or declined, and managers are warned when rostering employees on approved leave to avoid conflicts. 

RosterElf Leave Management
RosterElf Employee Availability System Staff Rostering

Automatic Staff Scheduling Tool

AI-powered employee rostering

RosterElf Employee Availability System Staff Rostering

Staff Rostering is quick and stress-free thanks to RosterElf's AI-powered 'Perfect Match' system. 

The scheduling tool automatically suggests the most suitable team members for each shift, considering a range of data, including employee leave, shift conflicts, availability to work, qualifications and labour cost

Let RosterElf do all the work for you. Select from a list of available employees to fill each shift schedule and publish. 

No more guesswork. Build the optimum roster for staff in minutes and communicate assigned shifts to employees with a click.

Shift Planning Tool

Create the best roster for every shift

RosterElf Daily View Scheduling Tool

With RosterElf's staff rostering software, managers can create and publish staff rosters without considering employee availability and leave. 

The staff scheduling tool automatically suggests the most qualified and available employees for each shift in real-time for efficient staff rostering. No more having to check leave reports or notes on changes to availability; let RosterElf automate the process. 

Add shifts, select from pre-determined suggested employees, adjust times, create schedules and publish.

Our Time and Attendance makes sure your employees will work their assigned shifts, and with the Time Clock App, they can clock in and out easily.

RosterElf Daily View Scheduling Tool

Discover more of RosterElf’s Features

Great Rostering Software!

5 Star Review

This is a great cloud-based system. 

It’s simple and easy to use, quick to Roster staff, and saves a heap of time with payroll. 

I also like the fact I’m not getting charged monthly fees when I’m not using it, the ability to only pay for what I use is super helpful. 

Well worth trying out if you’re looking for Rostering / Scheduling software.

Ilana Borsje | Decode

Manager’s online dashboard view

Employee Availability Software

Common FAQs

Does this software have a staff availability template?

Our workforce management software offers a staff availability system for managing staff rosters that empowers your staff to manage and update their availability. Once the availabilities are in RosterElf, our Perfect Match system ensures that staff with the correct skill set and availability are put forward for the right shifts in staff scheduling. However, if you need a simple Excel staff availability template, you can download it here.

Where can you find the best employee availability system today?

You can find the best employee availability system for any type of business in RosterElf. We offer an easy-to-use platform for both tech-newbies and savvy users that saves time, money and trouble and ultimately reduces labour costs.

How can I use the employee availability system?

To use our employee availability template, have your staff members set their availability in the app. Then they will automatically appear on your staff selection sheet when rostering. In this process, the Perfect Match algorithm will give you suggestions on the best matches for every shift depending on the availability provided by your workers.

You can also ensure that whenever your employees update their availability via the iOS or Android Staff Rostering Apps, it will automatically update in RosterElf.

What are the benefits of using a staff availability system in my business?

Whenever you use our staff availability system for your business, you can accurately schedule everyone’s work hours without needing to contact each staff member. 

With our system, your staff can conveniently submit leave requests or changes in availability using their phone, which means you can also approve them with just a few clicks - saving you more time in the long run.

Where can I find a free employee availability template online?

RosterElf offers a free 30-day trial of our employee availability system, which gives you more time to try out our services, to see whether or not we’re the right fit for your business. If, however, all you need is a simple excel staff availability template, you can download that here. Either way, we’re here to help.

How often does this app update its staff availability system?

We update your staff availability template every time you or one of your staff members make a change to it. Once your staff manually updates their availability, it will appear on your template.

As for system updates, we are constantly developing the web app and the iOS and Android Scheduling Apps, improving functionality, and stability and adding features reflected in the staff roster.

What is a schedule of availability?

A schedule of availability is a record that summarises the times and days employees are available to work shifts in a business. 

Online scheduling tools like RosterElf remove the need for manual schedules of availability, as the data is submitted by employees using online apps. Then the rostering system will automatically suggest available employees for each shift. 

What is staff availability?

Staff availability refers to the times and days employees are exclusively available to work for an employer. On the other hand, staff unavailability is when an employee prefers not to work – for example, Saturdays or Monday evenings.

How to make a Roster for Staff?

To create a staff roster, first sign up and add employee details. Then, set up roles, locations, and work times. Assign shifts, considering staff availability and qualifications. Publish the roster, allowing employees to view and swap shifts as needed. Click HERE

How to roster staff effectively

Effective staff rostering involves balancing staff skills, availability, and workload. It's crucial to consider staff preferences and legal requirements while maintaining operational efficiency. Using tool like RosterElf streamlines the process, ensuring a fair, compliant and optimal scheduling solution. Click HERE

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