Accurate staff availability to help you shift plan better

Staff can update their availability, shift swap and submit leave requests in real-time with RosterElf's mobile app. It's one of the best tools for shift planning you can find.

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Key Features

Keep track of staff availability

full customisable pay template

Stop Chasing Staff

Let them keep you updated instead

If you have casual or flexible employees in your business, identifying the days and times they are available to work can be a logistical nightmare.

Add to this the need to keep track of which employees are on approved annual leave at any one time and business owners have their hands full.

With RosterElf you will spend zero-time chasing employees for their availability to work and keeping records.

We put the responsibility on employees to both set as well as update their personal availability directly into RosterElf including requests for leave that require approval.

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Shift planning tool

Create the best roster for every shift

With RosterElf's shift planning software, staff are responsible for keeping their availability up to date, submitting leave requests on-time and finding the perfect shift match to fill their shift if needed.

Staff can input their availability directly into their RosterElf account using sliding bars to indicate the times and day they are available to be rostered and then keep this information updated as their situation changes.

full customisable pay template
accurate budgeting done online

Leave requests

Manage staff leave with ease

With RosterElf, staff can request leave directly through their online or mobile account. Once submitted, the manager is notified immediately and can review for approval.

Team members are required to set the date range and also provide a comment before submitting a request, so management has all the information needed to make a decision.

Automatic scheduling tool

Save time creating the perfect roster

RosterElf's perfect algorithm saves you the trouble of looking for the right staff member to fill any open shifts. Based on the information submitted by your employees into their account, availability and leave requests are considered when showing who can and can't work.

Our innovative algorithm automatically suggests perfect matches for each shift based on employees that are both available and qualified for the role.

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full customisable pay template
Manager’s online dashboard view

The best availability management software for large and small businesses

With RosterElf's employee scheduling software, managers can easily schedule staff without worrying about who's available and when. With our perfect match algorithm, we can share the managers scheduling workload.

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