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Employee Rostering Software for Childcare Centres

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Child Care and Day Care Rostering

Child Care Staff Scheduling Tool

Childcare employee rostering refers to the process of creating schedules for employees in a childcare centre or daycare facility. 

It involves determining the working hours, shifts, and responsibilities of childcare staff to ensure adequate coverage and smooth operation of the centre while meeting regulatory requirements such as child-to-employee ratios and employee award compliance. 

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Child Care Staff Scheduling Tool
weekly roster view

Day Care Rostering

Perfect Staff Scheduling for Child Care 

weekly roster view

RosterElf's scheduling tool makes planning and communicating childcare or daycare work rosters easy.

Choose to build and publish rosters using our cloud-based platform or our free range of iOS and Android apps while on the go. 

Always create rosters with the right mix of skill sets by considering operational requirements, and use our roster template system to drive consistency in worker-to-child interaction. 


Our 'Perfect Match' algorithm will automatically suggest the most suitable employees for each shift, considering a range of data, including employee leave, shift conflicts, availability to work, qualifications and labour cost.

Digital Time and Attendance

Employees Self Clock-in-out

Childcare Time and Attendance App

Say goodbye to paper timesheets or clunky time card systems with RosterElf's digital time and attendance apps. 

Employees can self-clock in and out for shifts at your childcare using either a tablet kiosk or smartphones, which managers can then review and approve during payroll. 

Ensure compliance and minimise time theft by implementing RosterElf's smart digital time and attendance solution in your childcare operation. 

Childcare Time and Attendance App
Approved hours for payroll

Process payroll with one click

Approved hours for payroll

With RosterElf’s seamless payroll integration, you can automatically calculate Children’s Services awards and eliminate manually entering data.                     


  • Avoid compliance issues and human error with automatic award interpretation.
  • Approve payroll on the go by comparing hours worked to hours scheduled.  
  • Seamless payroll processing with intuitive payroll software integration. 
Seamless Payroll Integration

Keep your employees connected

Seamless Payroll Integration

Most importantly, RosterElf allows you to keep your center’s employees engaged and up to date with any changes or updates.                     


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Childcare Center Staff Rostering Software RosterElf

Childcare Staff Scheduling Software

Top Tips for Child Care Employee Rostering

Rostering in childcare centres involves creating schedules for staff members to ensure adequate coverage and efficient operation.

By following these tips, you can create practical and efficient rosters that meet the needs of your childcare centre, provide adequate staff coverage, and support a positive working environment for your team.


Core Challenges

  • Understand staffing requirements
  • Plan for staff availability
  • Balance skill sets
  • Consider staffing levels throughout the day
  • Allow for breaks and rest periods
  • Communicate and involve staff
  • Anticipate staffing challenges
  • Use technology to reduce admin
  • Constantly monitor and adjust
  • Ensure compliance

RosterElf Solutions

  • Employees submit leave and availability information
  • Build rosters with the right mix of skill sets
  • Visualise rosters to ensure perfect coverage 
  • Set automatic break rules to allow employees to refresh 
  • Keep employees updated with any last minute changes
  • Quickly find replacement employees as needed
  • Access RosterElf 24/7 on cloud app or smartphone devices 
  • Keep on top of trends using our reporting features
  • Ensure compliance with Children's Services Award [MA000120]


Great functionality

5 Star Review

Very positive experience. 

It's easy to use, does everything we want and need it to, genuinely saves us time, and the support team are lovely, helpful, and attentive.

Becky Goschnick | Xero App Store 2023

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                  Childcare Rostering Tool


We have the answers.

What if I need to schedule staff across more than one childcare centre?

With RosterElf, you can designate specific locations and roles for each child care employee to build conflict-free schedules across all locations.

Can I see staff availability as I build the weekly schedule?

Yes, you can see staff availability as you schedule employees. However, availability is managed by the employees. Therefore, it’s their responsibility to keep it up to date.

How long does RosterElf take to set up?

With the help of our team, we can have you and your childcare centre set up with RosterElf in less than 30 minutes. We also offer free onboarding support when joining RosterElf.

How can I update staff immediately on changes?

With the RosterElf app, you can update staff and request changes with SMS and email notifications.

Does RosterElf help reduce time spent on admin?

With RosterElf’s seamless timesheet to payroll solution plus quick and easy scheduling, you can significantly reduce the time spent on admin tasks.

Does RosterElf integrate with my payroll software?

RosterElf offers payroll integration with significant payroll software, including Xero, MYOB, and Sage.

Can I schedule employees based on my labour budget?

Set budget targets and get a live update of roster costs as you build the schedule, so you never go over budget.

Does RosterElf have a free trial?

Yes! We’d love to give you the chance to try our childcare centre employee scheduling software first before you commit. However, we know you’ll have a hard time saying goodbye, so we’ll give you 15 days with no credit card needed to sign up.

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            Childcare Center Staff Rostering Software RosterElf