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Online Scheduling Software for Pet Stores

Manage full-time and casual pet shop staff all in one place with the complete pet store management software that allows you to build conflict-free schedules based on roles, process payroll and more.

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Pet Store Employee Rostering Software

Key features that enable you to build smarter staff schedules, improve employee retention and reduce time spent on administrative tasks so you can work on providing pawesome customer service.

Roster Software: Happy Staff, Happy Pets

Pet Store Success: Reliable Roster Software

Pet Store RosterElf
  • Pet stores often need to manage diverse roles such as retail staff, groomers, animal caretakers, and potentially even veterinarians. RosterElf's platform easily handles different roles, skill requirements, and location-based scheduling, ensuring coverage across all areas of your pet store operation.

  • Clear communication benefits pet stores. RosterElf keeps everyone on the same page with instant shift updates, availability changes, and time-off requests. This minimises scheduling confusion and fosters a more collaborative work environment.

  • By simplifying tedious scheduling tasks, RosterElf frees up pet store managers and owners to focus on their true passion: animals! This means more time is available for customer interactions, animal welfare, and business growth instead of being stuck in administrative work.
Pet Store RosterElf
weekly roster view

Simplify hourly worker scheduling

weekly roster view

Make scheduling your team of pet store managers, professional pet groomers, retail sales assistants and casual pet shop attendants fast and easy.                           


  • Make changes to the schedule and update your employees immediately via SMS and email notifications.
  • Fill shifts based on roles, availability and pet store locations.
  • Avoid conflicts while scheduling with real-time updates on employee availability.

Track hours worked without paper

Shift swapping capabilities

Stay on top of your teams time and attendance with the help of the RosterElf digital time clock app that produces digital timesheets for simple time tracking.                           


  • Staff can clock into their shifts digitally, so you know when they’re in-store.
  • Managers can export digital timesheets to a chosen payroll solution through the payroll integration feature.
  • Manage breaks and overtime compliance using the digital clock in and out tracking.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Keep your team engaged

Approved hours for payroll

Connect with your team of part-time, full-time and casual pet store employees with the RosterElf mobile app. Immediately update the team with SMS and email notifications.                           


  • Alert managers when staff request leave and swaps shifts with other employees.
  • All employees have access to update their availability and swap shifts.
  • Reduce employee turnover by releasing the schedule with enough notice and communicating changes.

Track labour costs

Seamless Payroll Integration

In addition to scheduling your employees, track operating costs and use the live budgeting tool to build schedules that keep you on budget.                             


  • Manage awards for your team of full-time, part-time and casual employees.
  • Export digital timesheets to your chosen payroll solution with the click of a button.
  • Compare staff hours worked to scheduled hours.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Pet Store Rostering Software

Pet Shop Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your pet store workers?

RosterElf for your pet store business means you can save time on administrative tasks like processing payroll, building schedules and approving leave requests. And make more time for providing exceptional customer service for your customers and their pets.

Core Challenges

  • Scheduling pet shop employees across more than one location.                                            
  • Recording accurate time and attendance for payroll.
  • Making schedule changes on the go.

RosterElf Solutions

  • Create more than one location for your business and schedule to all of them. 
  • The digital time clock app produces accurate digital timesheets.
  • The RosterElf app allows you to make schedule changes anytime, anywhere. 


We have the answers.

Can I build employee schedules based on the demand of my pet store?

RosterElf has a reporting feature that allows you to understand times when your business is busiest, so you avoid overscheduling or understaffing.

Can I integrate my payroll solution with RosterElf?

RosterElf’s payroll integration allows you to integrate your pet store payroll solution software such as MYOB and Xero.

Is the RosterElf app for Android and iOS?

Both the RosterElf mobile app and time clock app are available for Android and iOS.

Can my pet store staff swap shifts with staff at different locations?

Staff can swap shifts as long as they both meet the same requirements. So if staff can work at more than one location, they would be eligible to pick up shifts for each of those locations.

Can I automate scheduling for my team of dog groomers and sales assistants?

Using roster templates, you can easily copy and paste previous schedules to fit future demand and doggy needs.

Can I communicate real-time schedule updates and leave approval with my team?

You can immediately update your staff on any shift changes, new schedules, and leave request approvals via email or SMS notifications straight from the RosterElf mobile app.

How will I know if my employees have worked overtime or arrived late?

If staff work overtime, miss a break, or arrive late, they need to leave a note explaining why in the time clock app. You can then compare hours scheduled to hours worked.

How long does it take to set up RosterElf?

With the help of our rostering experts, you can get your RosterElf account set up for your pet store and start saving time within minutes.

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