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Employee Onboarding Software

Our Employee Onboarding Software helps you get new staff members set up quickly.

  • Fully automated employee onboarding software
  • Progress tracking for new employees
  • Configurable setup to suit business needs
  • Seamless data flow into Xero
  • Certification and qualification checks

Employee onboarding has never been easier. Sign-up for free and get Onboarding included in your account.

Fully automated onboarding process

Employee Onboarding Software

Employee Onboarding Software

Magically Simple, paperless new hire onboarding

Human Resources Onboarding Software

Employee Onboarding Software

Our fully automated onboarding feature helps you and your employees with the first steps of joining your business. 

All important employee documents and information are in one place: name, email, mobile, DOB, emergency contact, super and Tax File Number.

Manage new staff members with our open-source onboarding software and keep all information in one spot.

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Paperless Document Collection

Reduce the need for manual data entry

Paperless Document Collection

Save time and money with our rostering software by NOT having to add all employee information manually.  

Simply send an onboarding link to them on their first day or even before they start to fill out all information needed. 

This way, you can manage your Online Employee Onboarding and enter staff information once for the entire system. 

Put certification and qualification checks in place and ensure new employees provide all the data you need to set them up.

Paperless Document Collection
Streamline the onboarding process

Streamline the onboarding process

Progress tracking for new employees

Streamline the onboarding process

Track your employee onboarding process and see where they're at. 

Did they provide all the required information? Is something missing? Do they have questions?

Make sure you take care of your staff from day 1. Your team is the most important resource for your business.

Streamline your onboarding process and customise all employee induction programs.

Ensure compliance with regulations with our Xero integration

A seamless data flow into Xero

Did you know? Xero Customers can also create a staff member in their Xero account by clicking Create Staff in Xero button. 

To create staff in Xero, the personal information, bank details, and Tax File Number need to be approved by the HR manager. Once this is done, our rostering mobile app will track time and attendance, and our payroll integration takes care of the rest.

Make your onboarding process a breeze and use our Xero integration.

Note: Superannuation and Company Documents currently don't sync to Xero.

Customise employee induction programs

Customise employee induction programs

Configurable setup to suit Your business' needs

Customise employee induction programs

Another great thing about our employee onboarding software is that the whole process is customisable. 

Decide which certificates and what information is required and which is optional. 

Your new staff members will then update their accounts accordingly. This saves you a lot of time. Furthermore, you will always ensure compliance with all regulations with our rostering software and payroll integration.

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Employee Onboarding Software questions?

We have the answers.

How to set up my staff onboarding?

Staff onboarding streamlines the onboarding experience for RosterElf customers to efficiently onboard new staff into the business. You can collect information and copies of required documentation from new employees by simply adding them to your RosterElf account. Learn more about setting up your onboarding software.

How can I customise my employee onboarding with RosterElf?

RosterElf's onboarding software for new hires is really flexible so you can customise forms and documents to suit your business. Read more about how to manage your staff onboarding.

What are the 4 phases of employee onboarding?

Staff onboarding consists of 4 phases: Preboarding, onboarding, training and staff development. We have all the information you need to get your employee onboarding live.

What are the first steps of employee onboarding?

To start, you must set up what your company requires for a new staff member. This guide will walk you through what settings are available in the onboarding software.

I have already created staff in Xero. How does it work?

Xero customers can also create a staff member in their Xero account by clicking Create Staff in Xero button. To create staff in Xero, the Personal Information, Bank Details, and Tax File Number must be approved. Note: Superannuation and Company Documents currently don't sync to Xero. If you have already created the staff in Xero, this button will create a duplicate in Xero. In this situation, please use Employee Sync with Xero. Read more about the Xero staff onboarding integration.

What do new hires need from onboarding?

New hires need to provide all relevant information like personal information, emergency contacts, bank details, Tax File Number, super and documents and certificates that might be required. Set up staff onboarding with ease. 

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