Build a business budget while rostering your staff

RosterElf’s budgeting tool is simple and powerful to use, calculating costs live as you build and adjust your roster as well as before processing payroll.

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Key Features

RosterElf’s fast and easy budgeting tool

payroll template for budgeting

Employee awards calculated

RosterElf automatically calculates award interpretation. Award calculation will give you the full picture of labour costs for your roster on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Creating a budget where employee awards are automatically calculated, your business can succeed. This includes awards for weekends, late nights and overtime.

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Fixed costs and variable expenses

With RosterElf's built-in budgeting tool, you can see live statistics on rostered shifts just by rolling your mouse over. The information details the revenue and expenses of wage costs. This data is based on individual employee awards and pay-rates to ensure super accurate costings.

As you're building your roster, adjust the start and finish time of each shift to see the total labour costs. This gives you a complete picture for that budget period.

adjustable scheduling for staff rosters
review and publish roster online

Set realistic business targets

When budgeting your weekly or monthly wage costs, you can create rosters based on a percentage of sales calculation.

With RosterElf, you can set daily and weekly sales targets. Then as you create and adjust rosters, you can track the actual labour costs. By setting realistic targets, your small business budget will remain on track.

Seamless payroll integration

When processing payroll with accounting software, RosterElf allows managers to view sales results to payroll data.

With full visibility into profit and loss, managers can monitor weekly payroll costs live. You can then adjust future rosters as necessary. This will avoid any cost blowouts and keeping on track to your business plan.

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Staff Rostering App

The easiest roster management app for you and your business

RosterElf’s mobile app allows small businesses to manage staff availability, publish rosters, approve staff requests and request shift swaps.

Staff shifts available to edit on app

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