Labour Budgeting

Save Big Bucks

Effective budgeting is vital in any rostering solution if you wish to maximise profits.

RosterElf’s budgeting tool is designed to be both simple and powerful to use, calculating costs live as you build and adjust your roster as well as before processing payroll.

Set business targets each week and watch our clever litter calculator present all the statistics you need to know including total hours, estimated cost and about percentage, live.

Penalty Rates

Factor Them In

Depending on your industry, penalty rates can make a massive difference to your total weekly labour bill and they need to be accurately calculated to get a full picture of your roster cost.

With our award interpretation tool, your business can ensure roster budgeting is super accurate by taking into account individuals loadings for weekends, late nights and even overtime.

Cost Per Shift.

Every Person, Every Day.

A simple rollover of any shift on RosterElf provides detailed information on the true cost of each shift. This data is based on individual employee awards and pay-rates to ensure super accurate costings.

As you adjust the start and finish time of each shift, the live calculator will adjust costings live to give you a complete picture.

Daily Targets

Set Your Sales Goal

If you’re business has a workforce that needs to adjust the roster to reflect fluctuations in sales, it can be a great idea to create rosters based on a percentage of sales calculation.

With RosterElf, you can set daily sales targets and see a labour percentage live for each day and the week as you create and adjust a roster.

Payroll Costing

Before You Process

At the point of reviewing your payroll for processing, RosterElf also gives customers the opportunity to enter actual sales results and see all the vital statistics before sending data to payroll.

This gives managers the ability to monitor weekly payroll costs live and adjust future rosters as necessary, avoiding any potential cost blowouts.

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