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Roster Labour Budgeting Software

Minimise labour costs and maximise profit.

  • See full labour costs, live during the rostering process
  • Optimise shift start and finish times with ease
  • View average pay rates to get the right mix of employees
  • Calculate labour percentage to sales targets
  • Full award interpretation
  • Labour cost reporting 
  • Save money and drive profit 

Roster Labour Budgeting Software

A fast and easy budgeting tool

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Labour Costs

Key to running a profitable business

Busy Cafe RosterElf

Let's face it; in addition to rent and suppliers, labour is one of most businesses, significant cost areas. In fact, in many businesses, employee wages are the highest cost.

Manage your labour costs well, and your business will go a long way to driving significant profits. On the other hand, get it wrong, and even the best sales results may result in a poor bottom line.

RosterElf provides one of the market's most powerful yet straightforward labour budgeting tools. 

Our rostering software is designed to give managers live labour cost visibility throughout the process, providing all the data to optimise the workforce to reflect sales trends and business needs. 

Real Labour Costs

Award penalties taken into account

RosterElf Award Interpretation

There is no point in budgeting labour costs without considering award penalties such as weekend loadings and overtime. But this can be a complex task to do accurately. 

RosterElf makes the process of award interpretation for budgeting easy. 

Our rostering software automatically calculates labour costs, including set award rules, considering all the penalty rates to give managers the complete picture.

Set awards up and have confidence your labour costs are 100% accurate. 

RosterElf Award Interpretation
RosterElf Daily Roster View with Budgets

Perfect Rostering

Optimise shift times to meet budgets

RosterElf Daily Roster View with Budgets

Minor tweaks to shift start and finish times can mean the difference between an unprofitable and profitable business.

RosterElf's rostering platform makes it easy for managers to see the costs live and adjust shift times to meet budgets.

Our drag-and-drop rostering view makes minor adjustments and changes easy to visualise, ensuring sufficient daily coverage. 

Optimise the roster, review costs and then publish. 

Rostering trends

Get all the data

RosterElf Budgeting Trends

Live roster and payroll data are essential, but long-term labour cost trends often tell the whole story.

RosterElf has a range of budgeting reports which will clearly show how your business is tracking over time, providing powerful insights. 

Reports include total rostered hours, estimated cost, average pay rate and even labour percentage. 

See the overall rostering and payroll trends to identify opportunities to optimise resource allocation that you can implement quickly in future planning. 

RosterElf Budgeting Trends

Budgeting App

See roster budgeting data from your pocket

RosterElf's apps are a great way for managers to view important budgeting trends on the go. 

Download and keep track of how you business is performing. 

Staff shifts available to edit on app

Discover more of RosterElf’s Features

Budgeting Really is Magically Simple!

5 Star Review

RosterElf is great.... simple, logical and intuitive. No complicated settings just easy setup, now rostering each week is a 2-3 minute task and weekly payroll is done in max 5 mins. 

The budgeting tool is powerful yet simple and have saved me money from day one.

Brad McMaster | Shaka Cafe

Manager’s online dashboard view

Roster Labour Budgeting Software

Common FAQs

Can you budget for full weeks with this budgeting software?

Yes, you can budget for full weeks with our budgeting management software. RosterElf has been designed by business owners for business owners, so we aim to make everything we do so magically simple.

Are the budgeting updates live?

Yes, the budgeting updates are live if you have good internet connection around you. The figures will update as you build out your staff rosters and ensure you’re scheduling to budget.

Can I input sales data in this budgeting app?

Yes, absolutely you can input sales data into the RosterElf budgeting app. Once you’ve added your sales data you can move straight to costed rostering, ensuring you’re building cost effective rosters that hit your labour cost targets.

What makes RosterElf the best roster budgeting software in the market?

The fast and easy budgeting process in our roster budgeting makes it the best software in the market. This fact means whether you are a tech-newbie or tech-savvy you can use the platform effectively whenever you need to.

Can I input sales forecasts easily with this software?

Definitely! Inputting sales forecasts is simple and easy to do with our software. With the aim of making the process Magically Simple you’ll find nothing is too much trouble when you’re using RosterElf.

What features should I look for in roster budgeting software?

The features you should look for in roster budgeting software is an automated system where you can add your customisable roster templates, view live budgeting information, automatically calculate employee award rates, and ideally the system has mobile rostering apps for managers and for staff.

Does RosterElf’s roster budgeting system share my personal information with anyone on the internet?

No, RosterElf believes in the importance of your personal information and your trust. That’s why we guarantee that we won’t share your business details with anyone on the internet.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with the roster budgeting app?

If you encounter a problem with our roster budgeting apps feel free to contact us via live chat, email, or phone. Our customer support team would be happy to help you out and give you answers to your queries.

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