Payroll Integration

Roster to Payroll

Super Simple

RosterElf isn’t just a rostering solution, we also have full payroll integration to make the process of paying your employees pain-free.

After publishing a roster and your employees have clocked in and out for shifts using our digital time and attendance apps. Managers can then review all the data including photo proof and staff comments, make a decision on approved hours and export them directly to payroll.

All The Info

Roster vs Actual

RosterElf enables managers to review all the information needed to approve payroll in one place.

The software displays a simple comparison of rostered vs clock-in-out times in a single view including a variance calculator to display differences between rostered hours planned and actual hours worked.

Managers simply need to select the approved times for payroll based on the information and export.

Payroll Integration

Your Way, Your Format

Once payroll data has been reviewed and approved hours finalised by management, this information can be exported to your chosen accounting or payroll provider with award interpretation calculated automatically.

RosterElf integrates with a range of third party software solutions including Xero, MYOB, Sage and Wage Easy which eliminates the need for manual data entry therefore reducing the chance of potentially costly errors.


Payroll Calculator

Are You Within Budget?

Often the approved hours will vary from what was planned on the roster and what was actually worked.

RosterElf’s payroll solution enables customers to see live, as they select approved hours for payroll, the actual cost of the payroll expenses including any award interpretation calculations.

Customers can even add actual sales results on this screen to understand final labour percentage results before processing. This enables greater transparency for forecasting expenses for your business.

Staff Comments

Reasons Are Important

Employees have the ability to leave comments when using RosterElf’s time and attendance apps which is then recorded to assist decision making when managers review information for payroll.

If an employee works overtime or is late for work, they can leave a comment which managers can then take into account when finalising approved hours for payroll.

Photo Proof

Smile For The Camera

If this feature is activated on the time and attendance apps, employees will be prompted to leave photo proof of their attendance which can be viewed by managers as another record of correct attendance on shift.

This is an optional feature that is useful for managers to create accountability in the business.

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