Payroll integration that saves you time and money

RosterElf integrates with a host of payroll software solutions making it easy to stay on top of your wages and your profitability.

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Key Features

Full-service payroll system integration for small business owners

online payroll integration with roster software

Approve Payroll

Compare scheduled staff roster with hours worked

RosterElf's enables managers to review all the information needed to approve payroll in one place. The software displays the difference of rostered hours vs clock-in-out times in a single view, showing you the total cost.

Once the payroll processes are complete, you can select the approved times and run payroll no matter the number of employees.

Software integration

Integrate your chosen payroll services

RosterElf's platform integrates with a range of third party software solutions including Sage software, Wage Easy payroll software, Xero and MYOB integration.

With easy accounting software integration, there is no need to enter data manually. When hours are approved, you can export directly to the third party of your choice.

This eliminates manual payroll business processes and gifts you more free time to engage with your employees.

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Payroll Metrics

View extra costs hidden in your roster

Often approved hours will vary from what's scheduled on the roster and what was worked. RosterElf’s payroll solution enables customers to see approved hours for payroll and the actual cost of payroll, including any award interpretation calculations.

With RosterElf, you can also compare sales of your products and services vs wage costs to understand labour costs before processing. This enables greater transparency when forecasting expenses for your business.

Human Resources

Employees are responsible for their hours

With RosterElf’s time and attendance mobile app, employees can leave a comment for overtime hours or a late start. The comment is then recorded to assist in decision making when managers are finalising hours for payroll.

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Time and Attendance App

RosterElf's clock in apps for your business

Keeping track of overtime and late starts is now solved with RosterElf's free time clock app. If turned on, it will prompt employees to leave photo proof after commenting on their attendance. Photo evidence can then help when finalising payroll.

free time clock app

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