Improving business operations often hinges on finding the right tools. Regarding paying your employees and managing payroll, the compatibility between your scheduling system and accounting software can be a total game changer. RosterElf is a prime example of a platform that simplifies employee scheduling and payroll processes, particularly in its seamless integration with Xero. This combo is like having a smooth conversation between two smart friends - RosterElf and Xero - where details about employee information, schedules, salaries, and leave seamlessly transfer back and forth. 

Connecting RosterElf with Xero means everything from employee details to timesheets and leave requests are automatically in sync. This ease of information flow simplifies ensuring payments to employees are accurate and on time, keeping tax and employment regulations in check. Opting for RosterElf and Xero together sets a business up for a more streamlined, efficient payroll process, laying a solid foundation for making smarter financial decisions and staying competitive.

When you integrate your payroll system with Xero, a leading cloud-based accounting software, the Perks are Clear and Impactful:

 Efficiency: Simplifying tasks like data entry and calculations with Xero cuts down on time spent on payroll, letting businesses focus on bigger-picture strategies. Plus, it minimises errors, making payroll operations smoother.

 Accuracy and Compliance: Keeping payroll accurate is crucial. Xero does just that by updating payroll changes in real-time and staying on top of tax rates and regulations, ensuring businesses stay compliant and avoid fines.

Streamlined Operations: Linking payroll with Xero creates a seamless data flow, keeping financial records updated without duplicating data entry. This boosts efficiency and enables quick, insightful reporting on payroll expenses and financial health.

Cost Savings: The simplification and efficiency brought about by integrating with Xero can significantly reduce costs by cutting down manual labour and minimising errors that could lead to penalties.

Upgrading Your Payroll Game

Upgarde Your Payroll Game | RosterElf

Moving up your payroll to Xero is like giving your business's payroll system a major upgrade. This move makes the whole pay run process smoother and helps your business run more efficiently and stay on the right side of the law. The perks of automation, the precision it brings, and how it tidies up operations are game-changers for companies wanting to level up their payroll game.


  • It's a bit of a standout when meshing with Xero for payroll. Tanda brings to the party a proper system for managing your workforce that makes life easier when it comes to scheduling, keeping tabs on work hours, and getting new employees up to speed. 

  • But where it shines is making sure businesses play by the rules, covering everything from labour laws to pay rates without breaking a sweat. Tanda takes the headache out of calculating things like overtime and leaving by doing the heavy lifting for you, slashing the chances of mistakes and fines. 

  • Plus, its clock-in system doesn't just track time; it boosts how well your operation runs, day in and day out. Hooking up Tanda with Xero means your payroll data flows smoothly, ensuring everyone gets paid right and freeing up time you'd otherwise spend on admin.


  • This platform takes workforce management and cranks it up a notch with its flexible scheduling and communication tools, all while playing nice with Xero. This combo kicks your business operations up by making it a breeze to handle work schedules, see who's available, and swap shifts without a fuss. 

  • Planday's real gem is its knack for keeping everyone connected through messages and alerts, keeping the team looped in and morale high. By linking with Xero, Planday ensures payroll is a breeze by automatically moving hours worked into the payroll system, cutting down on mistakes and ensuring everyone's paycheck is spot-on.

  •  Plus, Planday is all about bending to fit your needs, offering customisable options that cater to different industries, making it a solid pick for any business after smoother scheduling and payroll handling.


  • Simplifying Your Workforce Management, Deputy shines with its straightforward yet powerful tools for scheduling, time tracking, and managing your team. It fits right into businesses with complex staffing needs, making everything from creating schedules to payroll a breeze, especially when paired with Xero. 

  • The easy-to-navigate interface means you can tweak schedules without breaking a sweat, keeping your team perfectly balanced at all times. Its time tracking is a dream for both managers and employees, making clocking in and out a snap and ensuring payroll is always on point. 

  • With a Deputy, juggling different shifts, managing time off, and keeping an eye on labour costs is no sweat. Plus, its built-in chat features mean everyone stays in the loop, helping your operations run like clockwork.


  • Payroll Management, Made Easy RosterElf strips payroll management back to the essentials, offering a straightforward, dependable solution that works hand in hand with Xero. 

  • It’s the go-to for businesses that want to keep staff scheduling, time tracking, and payroll simple yet effective. 

  • Despite its focus on ease of use, It’s got everything you need to put together rosters, track attendance accurately, and handle payroll without the hassle. 

Stop wasting time manually transferring data. Connect RosterElf and Xero for:

  • Effortless payroll processing: Send timesheets directly to Xero with one click.

  • Accurate calculations: Eliminate errors with automatic award interpretation.

  • ⏰ Save precious time: Focus on your business, not spreadsheets.

Choosing the Best Payroll System for Your Company

The Best Payroll System

Picking the right payroll system isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about understanding what your company truly needs, how big your team is, and the specific quirks that make your business unique. Let’s break down how you can make a smart choice:

1. Get to Know Your Needs: Start with the basics – how many people are on your team? Do their paychecks vary significantly because of different roles, benefits, or deductions? Don’t forget to think about any special rules your industry follows.

2. Size Matters: Your team size can influence the best payroll system. If you're a small shop, you might like something straightforward and user-friendly. Bigger companies might need a system that can handle more complex needs, like fitting in with your current HR software, giving you detailed reports, and growing your business.

3. What Makes Your Business Different?: Every business is unique. Maybe you work with many freelancers, or perhaps everyone is full-time. Look for a system that feels right for your work – think about how easy it is to use, whether you can run payroll from a phone, if it helps with taxes, and if the support team is helpful.

4. Must-have Features:  This could be things like running payroll automatically, handling taxes for you, offering direct deposit, keeping you on the right side of the law, and letting you dig into the details with reports.

5. Working Well Together: Your new payroll system should play nice with any software you're already using, like for HR, tracking time, or managing the books. This can make things run smoother and reduce mistakes from entering the same info more than once.

6. Keeping Things Safe and Legal: Make sure the system you pick is up-to-date on the latest ways to keep your team's info safe. It should also stay current with the rules and regulations where you do business.

7. Weighing the Costs: While you don't want to overspend, consider what you're getting for the price. Sometimes, paying more upfront can save you from headaches and extra costs.

8. Try Before You Buy: Test the system with a demo or a free trial. This allows you to see if it's a good fit for how your business runs and if it feels right for your team.

By taking the time to think through these points, you'll be in a great position to choose a payroll system that ticks all your boxes and makes running your business smoother.

In the search for the best way to handle payroll, picking a system that works well with Xero is crucial. It's more than just making things easier; it's about changing how businesses handle their money. A payroll system like RosterElf, which works smoothly with Xero, creates a powerful team-up that boosts how businesses run, making payroll more efficient, accurate, and rule-following.

This combo turns the usually tricky and lengthy payroll tasks into a more straightforward, mistake-free process. Sharing data in real time reduces the need to enter the same info repeatedly, which means fewer mistakes. It also helps businesses keep up with the constantly changing tax laws, which can be overwhelming without the right tools. Plus, saving time on payroll lets business owners and HR folks spend more time on big-picture things that help the company grow and make employees happier.

RosterElf is leading the charge with a solution that's efficient, user-friendly, and deeply connected with Xero. It's the top choice for businesses aiming to improve their payroll tasks. Ready to transform your payroll process with RosterElf? Experience unparalleled ease of use and efficiency. Click here to get started with RosterElf for free, or book a personalised demo today!


Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

What efficiencies can businesses expect from using RosterElf and Xero together?

Businesses can save time and reduce errors by automating payroll tasks and simplifying compliance with tax and employment regulations. This integration allows for more strategic focus and cost savings by cutting manual labour.

Why is choosing the right payroll system crucial for businesses, and how can RosterElf assist in this process?

Choosing the right payroll system is crucial for businesses to customise to their unique needs, ensure compliance, and optimize efficiency. RosterElf offers a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates with Xero, catering to businesses of various sizes and requirements.

How do RosterElf and Xero together transform the payroll process for businesses?

Automating data sharing between RosterElf and Xero streamlines the payroll process by reducing the need for duplicate data entry, ensuring real-time accuracy, and aiding in compliance. This results in more efficient payroll operations with fewer errors.

What steps should businesses take to select the best payroll system compatible with Xero, and why is RosterElf a top choice?

When deciding on employee scheduling software, businesses should evaluate their requirements, consider the size and specific needs of their team, prioritise must-have features, and verify software compatibility. RosterElf is a highly recommended option due to its effortless integration with Xero, user-friendly interface, and extensive range of features that facilitate scheduling, time tracking, and payroll management effectively.

What are the key considerations when choosing the best payroll system for your company?

Considerations for choosing payroll software include understanding team size and diversity, payroll complexity, software compatibility, feature requirements, security, legal compliance, cost-effectiveness, and trial options.

How can businesses get started with integrating RosterElf and Xero for their payroll needs?

Businesses can sign up for a free trial with RosterElf and explore its integration capabilities with Xero. This allows them to experience the benefits firsthand and assess the system's suitability for their payroll needs.

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